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Popular Flower Meanings and Symbolism

Have you always been intrigued by the beauty and charisma of flowers and what they stand for? Well, we all have. Flowers represent our emotions in a beautiful way. Not only do different flowers stand for different emotions, but even flower colors and the count of flowers in a bouquet can have beautiful messages hidden in them. People who practice Floriography, or the study of flowers, can explain flower meanings and symbolism in an effective way. And it can be helpful for us to know more about flower symbolisms and what each flower represents in order to use them more meaningfully. After all, you don’t want to send the wrong message by using the wrong type of flowers for an occasion.

Below we have explained in detail about all the common and unique flower meanings and symbolisms to help you out.

Flower Meanings and Symbolism Based on The Type of Flowers

Flowers are infused with symbolism and meaning and our flower meaning guide is designed to unravel these hidden mysteries. Hanakotoba, is the Japanese word for symbolism where we can express what we want to say with flowers. Different types of flowers mean different things in a different context. We use our intuition to choose some flowers over others according to the mood and occasion and tried to explain each flower meanings & symbolism in the most comprehensive way possible.

Here is our guide to understand the meaning & symbolism behind the most popular pretty flowers in USA.


Sunflower, a species of Helianthus, is a bright yellow flower native to North and Central America. Sunflowers were first grown in Central and South America more for their usefulness than beauty. This flower derives its common name Sunflower from its resemblance to the glowing sun. Sunflowers are generally cultivated as both food crops and as decorative flowers.


Sunflower meaning:

Although Sunflower symbolic meaning vary from culture to culture. In general, symbolism of sunflowers are youthfulness, affection, and life. The yellow color of flowers stands for friendship. So, the sunflower also symbolizes loyalty. In the Asian culture the meaning behind sunflowers is vivacity, good luck, and long life. Meaning of sunflowers flowers in the western culture is often associated with affluence and bright life.

When to Gift Sunflowers:

Nothing says Good Luck as brightly as the sunflowers do. You should gift Vibrant Sunflowers when you are celebrating life and luck. A beautiful sunflower wedding bouquet for bride, birthday celebration, a get-well-soon message, or wishing someone All-the-Best are the best occasions to gift sunflowers.

Rose Flower

Rose flowers are perhaps what can be described as the ‘Queen of flowers’ for their stunning beauty and intoxicating fragrance. It is one of the oldest-known flowers used, admired, and commercially cultivated by humans. There are hundreds of different species under the common name ‘Rose’ and they vary significantly from each other in terms of appearance, color, size, and aroma. While a large number of species come from Asia, some also originated in Europe and America.

Rose Flower meaning
Rose Flower meaning

Rose Meaning and Symbolism: 

Every color of rose means something different, and rose color meanings vary significantly from one culture to another. The roses were associated with goddesses of love – Aphrodite and Venus. However, the most common rose meaning accepted all around the world is ‘Love’. Roses in general symbolize for romantic flowers, affection, love, romance, passion, and intimacy. If you want to know more about different colors of roses and what each one of them meaning and symbolize for, keep reading.

White Rose Meaning and Symbolism:

White Rose meaning
White Rose meaning

When it comes to discovering rose color meanings, the first color that comes to mind is White as it’s the lightest color of roses. White Roses symbolizes spirituality and peace. It has also been associated with new beginnings and is very popular as a wedding flower delivery. In western culture, white roses also symbolize respect and honor and are used for saying good-byes, as in funerals and memorial services.

Yellow Rose Meaning and Symbolism:

Yellow Rose Meaning
Yellow Rose Meaning

Yellow roses were not very well-accepted in the past because they had been associated with jealousy and rivalry. However, in modern times, the color yellow has been accepted as the color of friendship. That’s why the meaning of yellow rose has also changed and evolved into a more positive one. A yellow rose symbolizes admiration, closeness, friendship, kinship, and neighborly love. In some cultures, yellow roses stand for remembrance too. Yellow Rose Garden make excellent gifts for friends and companions, and when you want to express your admiration and happiness.

Pink Rose Meaning and Symbolism:

Pink Color Rose meaning
Pink Color Rose meaning

Thanks to its sweet fragrance and soothing color, the popularity of pink flowers come second only to red ones. When it comes to decoding rose color meanings, pink takes up a distinctive place in the book. It is prettier and more intimate than a yellow rose, and yet not quite loud and fiery like the red ones. This is why floriographers have placed it in-between yellow and red. A Pink Rose symbolizes affection, admiration, even romantic interest in a person who is not quite there yet to be called ‘love’. So, now you know which color roses will make the perfect gift to your crush 

Red Rose Meaning and Symbolism:

Red Rose Meaning
Red Rose Meaning

Red, the king of all roses, most commonly symbolize love and romance. It also stands for intense passion, and feelings of eternal love, a strong relationship, and a sense of admiration. Needless to say, Red Roses make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for the special person in your life. Long-stemmed red roses are even more beautiful as a romantic gift. 

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Black Rose Meaning and Symbolism:

Black Rose Meaning
Black Rose Meaning

Black is not a natural color in roses and black roses are typically made artificially, just like their blue and rainbow counterparts. However, black roses are gradually gaining popularity in the flower market for their unusual and rare beauty. Being somewhat unnatural, black and other artificially-made roses have been associated with mystery and secrecy. Black in particular stands for rebirth. However, in some cultures, black is considered the color of tragedy, and so is a black rose. 

Daisy Flower

The common daisy or English daisy is a beautiful flower with yellow stamen and white petals and is native to Europe. It is a perennial plant with big round flowers. The name daisy is derived from the phrase ‘day’s eye’. 

Daisy flower meaning
Daisy flower meaning

Daisy Flower Meaning

As mentioned above, the name Daisy literally means day’s eye. Daisy Love symbolizes innocence, and this flower is often associated with children, purity, and truthfulness. Daisy also stands for hopefulness and new beginnings. This meaning of Daisy comes from the Norse mythology which says God creates daisies to console the parents who have lost their children recently. 

When to gift Daisy

Daisies make excellent gifts for birthdays, housewarming, baby showers, Christmas, and any other joyous occasions. You can also use them for Christmas gifts.

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Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemums belong to the Asteraceae family of flowering plants. It is an official November Birth Flower. A large number of species are found under the common name Chrysanthemum. The flower is big, round, and can be of many colors including white, yellow, pink, orange, and more. Some species of Chrysanthemum flowers are native to East Asia, while some others are native to Europe. 

Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning
Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning

Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning:

Chrysanthemum meanings vary a lot from culture to culture.  In Chinese culture, this flower signifies births and beginnings. In Japan, chrysanthemums symbolize the transfer of energy. In western culture, especially in America, a chrysanthemum stands for sympathy, condolences, respect, and honor. Chrysanthemum meaning also varies depending on its color. While a red chrysanthemum symbolizes Love, a yellow chrysanthemum means sympathy or condolences. The white ones symbolize loyalty and respect. Mythology is filled with many stories related to chrysanthemums and symbolism. It is adorned with Greek prefix “chrys” meaning golden. In general, chrysanthemum meaning is linked with life, a new beginning, and respect.

When to gift Chrysanthemum

As the meaning of chrysanthemums changes from culture to culture, it is important to know the intended meaning before gifting them to others. In western culture and in Japan, chrysanthemums can be gifted while offering condolence and sympathy, for example, at a funeral or memorial service. In other eastern countries such as China, it can also be used for happy occasions.

Iris Flower

Iris is a group of perennial plants that have showy flowers, and are generally native to Europe and Asia. The name ‘Iris’ is derived from the Greek Goddess Iris who is the Goddess of rainbows. It is one of the most popular garden flowers in the world.

Iris Flower Meaning
Iris Flower Meaning

Iris Flower Meaning

Iris literally means rainbow. Iris meaning in a cultural aspect is associated with wisdom, hope, and faith. Named after the goddess Iris, who personified the rainbow and acted as the link between heaven and earth. Blue Iris in particular symbolizes royalty and aristocracy. In Egyptian culture, Iris symbolizes power, and in Japan, it is associated with heroism and bravery. 

When to gift Iris

Iris can be gifted to wish ‘Get-well-soon’, or convey other hopeful messages, especially when the receiver is recovering from an adverse situation. It can also be used for Birthday Arrangements, Anniversary Flowers Delivery, and romantic gifts.

Daffodil Flower

Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, come from a perennial plant that generates trumpet or cup-like flowers with six petals. Daffodil Online Flower Delivery Services are generally white or yellow, although orange and pink flowers are also available. In the ancient period, daffodils were used for medicinal purposes; however, nowadays it’s a common garden flower.

Daffodils Flower Meaning
Daffodils Flower Meaning

Daffodil Flower Meaning

Daffodil is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring after winter. Synonymous with spring the Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. That’s why Daffodil is associated with new beginnings, rebirth, and the spring season. Daffodil meanings also include creativity, energy, remembrance, happiness, and inspiration.

When to gift Daffodil

Daffodils will make great gifts for any cheerful occasion in spring, or in the month of March. It can be a suitable gift for friends and acquaintances to wish them good luck.

Carnation Flower

Carnation is one of the most widely popular flowers in the world. For the last 2000 years, carnations have been cultivated and enjoyed by people belonging to a wide range of locations. The name ‘carnation’ is derived from the Latin word ‘corona-ae’ which means a garland-like shape or a wreath. 

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Carnation Flower Meaning
Carnation Flower Meaning

Carnation Flower Meaning

In Christianity, the carnation meaning is associated with motherly love because it is believed that when Mother Mary saw Jesus carrying the cross on his shoulders, her tears turned into a carnation. Different color carnations symbolize different things. While in some countries, the red color of carnation is associated with socialism, and red carnations are used on May Day to show support to the labor movement, in other cultures, red carnation symbolizes passion and romantic love. The French people use purple carnations in funerals, and in the Netherlands, white carnations are used to remember and celebrate war veterans. In the USA, carnations are official mother’s day flowers, while in China, carnations are the most popular Wedding Anniversary Flower.

When to gift Carnation

Colorful carnations can be the chosen flower for a lot of happy and joyous occasions including wedding ceremonies, Valentine’s Day, any romantic event, birthdays, and other celebratory occasions. Carnations flower are appropriate for gift for birthday as it is an official Birth Flowers for January.

Lily Flower

Lily flowers come from a kind of herbaceous flowering plants and the flowers grow from bulbs. Lily flowers can be found all over the world, although they are native to the northern hemisphere. The fragrant and large flowers come in many different colors like white, yellow, pink, red, and purple. 

Lily Flower Meaning
Lily Flower Meaning

Lily Flower Meaning

The most common Lily meaning accepted worldwide is associated with purity, innocence, fertility, and birth. White lilies are considered to symbolize sympathy. Orange lilies stand for confidence, courage, and hope. Pink lilies symbolize fertility, femininity, and admiration. Red lilies symbolize passion and love. Fabulous Yellow Lilies flowers also mean vivacity and freshness.

When to gift Lily

Lily flowers are very versatile as gifts and are used both in weddings and funerals. Depending on the color, lily flowers can be gifted to your friends, family members, someone you admire or respect, and to your love interest. 

Peony Flower

Peony flowers are native to China, where it is called the ‘king of flowers’. Some species of peonies are also native to Europe and America. Some peonies come from woody shrubs while some of the species are perennial herbaceous. Peony flowers are round and large and are available in a wide range of colors including pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. Peonies typically bloom at the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

Peony Flower Meaning
Peony Flower Meaning

Peony Flower Meaning

In Chinese culture, peonies are associated with luck. While a bush full of peonies is considered good luck, withered peonies or peonies in odd numbers are considered bad luck. Peonies are used in Chinese New Year. 

When to gift Peony

In western culture, peonies are gifted as Anniversary Flowers presents because they symbolize a strong relationship filled with honor, respect, and happiness. Peony flowers are also used in weddings including wedding decoration and bridal bouquets. 

Hyacinth Flower

Hyacinths are perennial flowers that bloom in spring. Hyacinths are native to the Mediterranean area, although it is widely cultivated all over Europe, Asia, and America. Although the flowers are pretty beautiful, the bulbs of Hyacinths contain oxalic acid and are poisonous. Common hyacinth is a garden flower and it is enjoyed by people from all over the world. 

Hyacinth Flower Meaning
Hyacinth Flower Meaning

Hyacinth Flower Meaning

Hyacinths symbolize spring and rebirth. Hyacinth meaning also includes playing sports or being active. However, different colors of Hyacinth symbolize different things. Purple hyacinths mean apologies for a mistake, and blue ones mean sincerity. 

When to gift Hyacinth

Depending on the color and the associated meaning, gifting hyacinth for different purposes such as apologizing to a friend or acquaintance, with red hyacinths symbolizing being active or play a sport, therefore making an all-the-best gift for players.

Tulip Flower

Tulip is a perennial herbaceous plant originating from Central Asia that blooms in the spring season. Tulips are bright, showy flowers that come in many different colors such as white, yellow, pink, orange, and red. The cultivation of tulips goes back to as early as the 11th Century, and tulips were the official symbol of the Ottomans. Nowadays, hundreds of hybrid tulips are available which are made by horticulturists.

Tulip Flower Meaning
Tulip Flower Meaning

Tulip Flower Meaning

Tulips are the symbol of pure and true love. The Victorians also associated tulip meaning with charity. As Tulips bloom in the spring, it is associated with rebirth and new beginnings too. Different colored tulips denote different things, for example, orange tulips express joy, happiness, and enthusiasm, while red ones mean passionate and deep love. Yellow tulips denote bright and cheery time, sunshine, and a new beginning, while white ones mean sympathy, respect, and honor.

When to gift Tulip

Tulips can be given as gifts on all and any joyous occasions like birthdays, friendship days, celebrating success, wishing good luck, and congratulating someone.

Dahlia Flower

Dahlia is a perennial herbaceous plant that has big, bushy, tuberous flowers. It is closely related to species like Daisy, Chrysanthemum, and sunflower. Dahlia has more than 40 different species under its name and it is a very popular garden plant. Some species of Dahlia have gigantic flowers with a diameter of up to 1 foot. Dahlia colors include white, yellow, orange, pink, lavender, peach, red, and more.

Dahlia Flower Meaning
Dahlia Flower Meaning

Dahlia Flower Meaning

Dahlia meanings are interesting and pretty unique on their own. While in some cultures, Dahlia signifies creativity, confidence, dignity, and elegance, in other cultures, it is associated with negative connotations such as treachery, untruthfulness, and instability.

When to gift Dahlia

While Dahlias are best seen as garden flowers and not as gifts, you can still Plant Gift Delivery them to your family and friends if you want. Any happy occasion will be befitting.

Lilac Flower

Lilacs come from short woody flowering plants and are currently divided into more than 10 species. They are native to Asia and Europe. As the name suggests, the flowers are most commonly lilac in color, but pink, purple, and burgundy colors are also found.

Lilac Flower Meaning
Lilac Flower Meaning

Lilac Flower Meaning

Lilac meanings include confidence, purity, and pure joy.

When to gift Lilac

Lilacs are a very popular flower for graduation gifts. Apart from this, it can also be used as birthday gifts, congratulatory gifts, and any occasion symbolizing a new beginning.

Aster Flower

Aster Flower meaning
Aster Flower meaning

Aster are considered to have magical powers and mythology has it that perfume from their burning leaves could drive the evil forces away.

Birds of paradise

Birds of paradise flower Meaning
Birds of paradise flower Meaning

Brightly colored and known as Crane flowers, these flowers represent joyfulness and paradise itself.

Delphinium (Larkspur) Flower

Delphinium flower meaning
Delphinium flower meaning

Other names of this Dolphin shaped flower are Larkspur, Lark’s Heel, Lark’s Claw and Knight’s Spur.


Freesia Flower meaning
Freesia Flower meaning

Their bell-shaped blooms and sweet and citrus scent is very popular.

Gladiolus Flower

Gladiolus Flower Meaning
Gladiolus Flower Meaning

Gladiolus Flower Symbolizes strength and moral integrity in the shape of a sword. It is the official August Birth Flower that symbolizes Strength Of Character, Moral Integrity, Sincerity, And Honesty.

Heather Flower

Heather Flower Meaning
Heather Flower Meaning

Heather twigs were once used for making brooms.

Hydrangea Flower

Hydrangea Flower Meaning
Hydrangea Flower Meaning

The name means “water barrel,” referring to the hydrangea’s need for plenty of water.

Lisianthus Flower

Lisianthus Flower meaning
Lisianthus Flower meaning

Lisianthus Flower Symbolize an outgoing nature. This flower descended from a North American wildflower.

Orchid Flower

Orchid Flower Meaning
Orchid Flower Meaning

The delicate, exotic and graceful orchid epitomize love, luxury, beauty and strength. Orchids were associated with virility, in ancient Greece.

Protea Flower

Protea Flower Delivery
Protea Flower Delivery

According to a Greek legend, protea were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon.

Ranunculus Flower

Ranunculus Flower meaning
Ranunculus Flower meaning

Also known as Buttercup, it is celebrated for its medicinal properties.

Flower Meanings by Birthday Month

In Floriography (Language of flowers), every flower is associated with a birth month. It is believed that the flower matching your Birth Month Flowers symbolizes your personality. Find out your birth month flower below.

Birthday MonthBirth FlowersMeaning of Birth Flowers
JanuaryCarnation, SnowdropLove, Admiration, And Devotion
FebruaryViolet, Primrose, IrisLove, Faithfulness, Modesty, And Virtue
MarchDaffodil, JonquilProsperity, Rebirth, And Cheerfulness
AprilDaisy, Sweet PeaPurity, Blissfulness, Loyal Love, And Innocence
MayLily Of The Valley Flower, HawthornHumility, A Fulfilling Life, A Return Of Happiness, And Motherhood
JuneRose, HoneysuckleLove, Devotion, And Beauty
JulyLarkspur, Water LilyLove, Happiness, Fickleness, Dignity And Grace
AugustGladiolus, PoppyStrength Of Character, Moral Integrity, Sincerity, And Honesty
SeptemberAster, Morning GloryLove, Wisdom, Faith, And Affection
OctoberMarigold, CosmosDetermination, Optimism, And Prosperity
NovemberChrysanthemum, PeonyFriendship, Happiness, And Honesty
DecemberNarcissus, HollyGood Wishes, Wealth, Respectfulness, And Hope

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Flower Color Meanings

Flower color meanings and symbolisms also depend largely on their color. Here are some of the common meaning of flowers by color and the symbolism associated with them.

Flowers colorFlower Color Meanings
White FlowersMotherly love, honor, calmness, peace, respect, purity and feelings of sympathy and condolence.
Yellow FlowersHappiness, life, sunshine, new beginnings and joy
Orange FlowersEnthusiasm, hope, and liveliness.
Blue FlowersRoyalty and long-term relationships
Purple FlowersCourage, wisdom, and admiration
Pink FlowersAdmiration, innocence, love and romance
Red FlowersPure love, courage and passion
Meaning of flower Colours

Meaning of Flowers by count

Did you know that the count of flowers in a bouquet also signifies special and different meanings? Well, numerologists and floriographers agree on the significance of the count of flowers.

Generally, the count-of-flower rules are particularly applicable to roses, however, the same theory can be applied to other flowers too, especially in the case of romantic associations.

So, here are the meanings of flower counts in a bouquet:

  • 1 count: a single flower means love at first sight
  • 2 count: two flowers symbolize reciprocation in love, i.e. we love each other
  • 3 count: three flowers mean the three magical words: ‘I Love You’
  • 5 count: whereas, 5 flowers in a bunch indicates strong feelings towards the person
  • 6 count: 6 flowers in a bouquet means ‘I want to be yours’
  • 9 count: 9 flowers together symbolizes deep mutual feelings that say ‘we will be together forever’
  • 10 count: a bunch of 10 flowers means ‘you’re 10 on 10’ i.e. perfection!
  • 12 count: a dozen flowers indicates a sweet gesture that says ‘please be mine!’
  • 13 count: the baker’s dozen number indicates either you have a secret admirer, or the more anticlimactic ‘we’ll be friends forever’
  • 15 count: a big bunch of 15 flowers means ‘I’m sorry’
  • 20 count: an even bigger bouquet with 20 flowers denote ‘my love for you is real and sincere’

So, these are the most commonly accepted flower meanings and flower symbolisms that are followed today. Did you find it intriguing? Let us know!



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