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September Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

Do you know the Birth Flower of September? If not, then we have gathered all the information about the September birth flower and stone.

Collecting Information about zodiac signs and individual personality traits crosses every human’s mind once in a lifetime.

Most people find zodiac signs and symbols fascinating as well. There are also many who swoop into a newspaper or online daily for their respective zodiac traits as they get up from bed. Birth flowers also have a special space for birthdays, as they always spark a sense of curiosity.

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However, some people are aware of the symbolism and significance of birth flowers and birthstones. In this blog, we have collected all the information regarding the September birth flower and birthstone.

What is the Birth Flower for September?

The birth flowers of September are Aster and Morning Glory.

Aster flower contains a star-shaped head and looks similar to a Daisy. It blooms in an array of colors such as white, purple, pink,and red where different colors of Aster flowers signify some unique meaning.

In Greek Mythology, Asters came into existence from the tears of the Greek Goddess, Astraea. One day, she looked at the sky and could not find any stars except the dark vacant sky. She became upset and started crying. Her tears fell on the ground, turning into star-shaped flowers known to be called “Aster” since then.

What do Aster Flowers Mean and Represent?

Aster Flowers Meaning and symbolism
Aster Flowers Meaning and symbolism

Aster flowers have a lot of meanings and symbols. It commonly represents “love and wisdom”. These flowers also represent different other symbols such as purity, royalty, undying devotion, innocence, love and sensitivity. These symbols make Asters flower perfect for gifting it to family, friends, or relatives on their birthdays in September and would convey each of the meanings to the person it is gifted.

How to Give Asters as a Birthday Gift in September?

The September month expects the beginning of autumn or the month of fall. Birthdays in the month of September have the warmth of summer evenings and the shade of winter mornings. Thus, we need gifts that can complement a soft and simple season.

Here, Asters are a perfect choice, as it signifies the birth flower and also adds a touch of innocence. They look similar to daisies. Thus, they can be gifted by including other flowers as a bouquet or as a single big bunch of Asters. If you want to create a gorgeous fall bouquet, choose purple, white and pink color Asters to create a contrasting effect.

Asters Birthday Gift in September
Asters Birthday Gift in September

Along with your autumn flower bouquet, you can add a vintage book or a teddy to create a complete birthday present. You can also combine Asters with Orchids or Gerberas to add some volume to your beautiful flower bouquet. Avoid having asters bouquets with bright colors like orange or red. Instead, choose pastel shades like coral, ivory, and pink. You can check out our Online flower shop, where you will find a variety of Aster bouquets to choose from. Now you can easily opt for birthday flowers delivery for your loved ones and help them celebrate their special day.

September Zodiac Sign and Birth Stone

September Zodiac Horoscope

The two zodiac signs Virgo (23rd august – 22nd September) and Libra (23rd September- 22nd October) fall under September. According to the Virgo and Libra zodiac sign horoscopes, the September born are going to have a very successful career this year and face a lot of positive opportunities. As well as, this year might take them to fresh paths that they have previously not explored. And all this will not happen by chance but because of the hardworking nature of the Libras and Virgos.

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September Birthstone

Sapphire is the birthstone of September. Sapphire is a gemstone that donnes a bright deep blue color. The gemstone name comes from the Latin word “sapphirus,” which means “blue stone.” Sapphire signifies truthfulness, nobility and sincerity.

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