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Become a SnapBlooms Florist

Snapblooms is a market place for florists like Amazon market place. Retail florists are featured on our website with products of their choice. Our website visitor review your unique designs and place orders directly with you. SnapBlooms not only gets you orders, we also get you customers. SnapBlooms is 100% FREE to join and each florist who joins this platform is also entitled to a FREE florist website. You ONLY pay for the orders that our platform generates for you. Otherwise it is 100% FREE.

We are the only major floral service that channels 100% of all orders to local florists. We have disrupted the floral industry like no one has, and we’ll continue to support you for years to come. Let’s build our future together.

We believe in creating sales through the best of the technology and innovative marketing. We work with the florists to make sure they have what they need to grow their business profitably and sustainably. And by supporting local businesses, we strengthen entire communities. That’s the Snap Blooms difference.

Key benefits of Snap Blooms membership:

  • 100% of the orders in our network go to local florists like you—we guarantee it.
  • Our network is growing with more shops to send and receive your orders.
  • Our world-class point-of-sale technology Hana Florist POS helps you run your shop smoothly and efficiently.
  • We invest in digital marketing and social media to help drive orders to local florists.
  • We provide marketing tools to help you build your business, like our automated reminders and email marketing tools.
  • Our dedication to florist education and support of the floral industry helps you remain competitive in your local market.
  • Join Snapblooms today and start receiving more orders and customers immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to sign any contract? 
    There is no contract to sign for any local florist to join the platform. It is FREE listing on our site. Any florist who joins our platform is also entitled to a free website. We will set up and market the website for you.

  • Is there a monthly cost to this?
    Zero cost. We will never ask for your credit card information and you will never pay for anything until we actually get you orders. 

  • How do you pay the florist for the orders filled?
    You will have several options. Receive your payment check each week or have next day ACH payment. 

  • How long does it take to get started with our site and market place listing?
    It is actually very quick and there is zero effort on your part. We ONLY need your consent to get added to the marketplace. If you want to use your FREE website, you will need to provide us access to your domain and google business listing. your account manager will handle the rest of it. No change to your business and no effort on your part. 

  • Do you actually market our website?
    Absolutely. Our digital marketing experts do a comprehensive review of your local market and we try our best to get you to rank high in your local market. We do local SEO and email marketing on your behalf. If you want, we also manage your Google Adwords at no cost to you. You just pay Google for the ads.

  • How do I manage my products?
    Our software CMS features allow you to control many aspects of your website and your market place listing directly from within our portal. You are free to upload your own products, use SnapBlooms product catalog, change pricing, set up Add-ons  and manage several other aspects of your website.

  • Is there any risk to adding our site to SnapBlooms?
    No contract to sign, no payment to make. What is there to lose in getting new customers and more orders? You will ONLY be giving us consent to be added to our market place and you can choose to withdraw anytime.

  • Is SnapBlooms doing order gathering?
    Absolutely not! SnapBlooms does not tolerate order gathering or profit from any order placed on this marketplace, unlike other wire services. We solely create listings for florists and direct them to our florist partners who can fulfil orders independently.

    Snapblooms Guarantee
    : We neither indulge in order gathering nor we profit from any order placed on this marketplace. We guarantee this and any florist is free to request a written legally binding contract assuring that this platform is not used for diverting orders from florist nor is it used to take away customers from florists. Read More

  • How listing on SnapBlooms helps SEO?
    With listings, SnapBlooms help local florists receive orders as we spend on digital marketing and social media activities. We also offer marketing solutions such as SEO and content marketing to assist you in growing your business. Our commitment to florist education and industry support helps you stay competitive in your local market. Read More