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Flower Delivery in Washington, DC

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Washington, DC is the capital city of the USA and quite a unique area of the country. It serves as an independent district—not a state on its own, but also not considered inside of any other states.

This district is located on the Potomac River, with borders to Maryland and Virginia. The city is known for being the seat of the US federal government. It also serves as the headquarters and satellite office location for various international organizations.

Additionally, there are dozens of companies serving as federal contractors or in some type of government-supporting role. Plus, there are lobbying firms and other entities looking to influence legislative activity that find a home in DC, as well.

There is a constant influx of visitors to the city, whether it be for business, political activity, or just for pleasure. It is one of the most highly visited cities in the US, with nearly 22 million domestic tourists in 2018 alone.

With all of these key government agencies, contracting companies, and international programs in the area, there is constant activity in this city.

There is always something being celebrated or mourned—leaving open a wide demand for the services of a florist in Washington, DC.

Flower Delivery in Washington, DC

The combination of business, political, and tourist activity within the Washington, DC city limits is unmatched.

But a profile of the city would not be complete without mention of the various historical locations in the area. Just about every area of the city has some sort of landmark or monument.

In particular, the presidential monuments are very highly-trafficked. This includes the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the National Mall.

Other locations that receive a lot of attention include the White House, the Capitol Building, and the US Supreme Court. These are the buildings in which the active government operates as we speak.

All of these above areas are prime locations for deliveries of flowers in Washington, DC.

However, not all flower delivery services are created equal. Many of the big, well-known companies are much more predatory on small business than consumers might expect.

Snapblooms provides all the services of a large flower delivery platform, without the steep fees.

They work hand-in-hand with local Washington, DC flower shop owners to provide all of the marketing and technological benefits of national flower delivery companies.

But instead of taking almost half of the profits, Snapblooms only takes a modest share. This way, there is more money in the pockets of small flower shops in Washington, DC.

They are not stretched too thin with slim margins, as they may be with the other larger retailers. Instead, they can put more effort and care into your handmade arrangement.

This makes all the difference for florists in Washington, DC!

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