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Amaryllis: Origin, Meaning, and Symbolism

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the meanings and symbolism behind some of the flowers in your garden? No? Well, common blooms that pop up during the winter months have intriguing histories and associations that go beyond just looking pretty. One flower in particular that carries significant symbolism is the amaryllis.

The Origins of the Amaryllis Flower

It is believed that amaryllis flowers first originated in Peru as well as in tropical regions in South America and Central America. The amaryllis genus includes various species of flowering plants including bulbs. Some of the most common amaryllis species seen as houseplants include Hippeastrum, Lycoris, and others in various amaryllis colors. The name “amaryllis” derives from the Ancient Greek verb amarýssō meaning “to sparkle”. These beautiful flowers were later introduced to Europe and other parts of the world in the 17th century.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Amaryllis Flowers

Amaryllis Flowers

One amaryllis flower meaning is “Horseman’s Star.” This is because the flowers have star-shaped petals that look like a star. People also think Amaryllis means “shiny” or “shining.”

What the Amaryllis flower can symbolize depends on where it is grown. For example, people from Greece connect the flower with being successful. In Greece, an Amaryllis flower is often given as a prize to the winners of competitions and tournaments. Its Greek name means “to sparkle,” which goes back to the earlier mentions of stars.

In Victorian England during the past, different things were seen in this beautiful plant. Since Amaryllis are tall and sturdy (and maybe because people from England were thought to be stiff, too), they connect the flower with strength, pride, and not giving up. This meaning is still strong today in places like the United Kingdom and makes sense. Typically, an Amaryllis stands tall and strong compared to other common winter flowers.

The amaryllis can also symbolize hope. In fact, the Huntington’s Disease Society of America has chosen this specific flower as a sign of strength, determination, and hope. There are many types of Amaryllis and each variety can have its own amaryllis flower symbolism.

Care and Cultivation of Amaryllis Plants

Amaryllis Flower Plants

Amaryllis bulbs are reasonably simple to care for and can last for many years when looked after properly. They thrive in sunny window spots and need well-drained potting soil. Water the soil when it is partially dried out, but do not let it become soggy. Occasionally feed them with a balanced houseplant fertilizer during the growing season.

After blooming, allow the leaves to die back on their own before removing any foliage. The bulb will then go dormant in late summer. Rest it by keeping it dry and in a cool spot for around 8 weeks. You can store the bulbs in a paper bag in a cool basement or refrigerator. Then, repot it in early fall to encourage new growth and more flowers the following winter. Proper care means an amaryllis plant can rebloom year after year.

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Benefits and Uses of Amaryllis Flowers

Amaryllis flower symbolism

Aside from being a beautiful addition to any home, amaryllis has practical uses too. Do you know a bouquet of amaryllis can last for two weeks? This makes Amaryllis an excellent cut flower choice for indoor floral arrangements and Christmas gifts–they add festive color and charm to holiday decorating as well.

Medicinally, amaryllis bulbs contain lycorine – an alkaloid that has shown anti-microbial properties. Some research indicates it may help combat certain infections and inflammations. However, amaryllis bulbs also contain toxins, so internal consumption is not advised. But overall, online flower delivery of Amaryllis can provide visual enjoyment and also natural disease-fighting compounds when grown.

Amaryllis Flower Facts

To conclude, here are some fun facts about amaryllis:

  • The largest amaryllis bloom ever recorded was over 20 inches wide with 3-4 blooms per stem.
  • It takes about 10-12 weeks for amaryllis bulbs bought in stores to sprout, grow, and flower.
  • Amaryllis plants have many colors including various shades of red, pink, orange, and even white amaryllis. Some have multi-colored blooms or stripes. There is also Worsleya procera- a blue amaryllis that is actually rare.
  • The bulbs can live for many years and rebloom annually if given proper care and conditions.
  • There are over 500 known species of amaryllis flowers worldwide.

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