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Most Popular Houseplants that Require Minimum Maintenance

Isn’t it true that there are several people out there who, despite their strong desire to have some plants in their home, or start a terrace/balcony garden, fail to do so? Most of the time, it is because we are hesitant to take the very first step towards owning a plant, that is, purchasing it. And the reason behind this is, most of us think that having plants in your home is a laborious and time-consuming daily job. We sometimes also hold our atmosphere responsible as an excuse for not having enough plants around us thinking: “Maybe the plants will not get enough sunlight”, “maybe I’ll forget to water it every day and accidentally kill it”, and so on.

Well, good news for you all! Here in this article, you will get to learn about some of the plants that ask you for minimal care, can grow indoors and are some of the most popular indoor plants for beginners. They require minimal sunlight, watering sparingly, and next to no other care.

But before we bring to you the list, here are some reasons why you should surround yourself with plants, in case you need more convincing!

Why should we keep houseplants in our homes?

It is common knowledge that indoor plants make our house look spectacular. But do you know they also make us feel good and boost our mood? Houseplants positively affect our lives in many ways. It’s believed that- 


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  • Indoor plants help us sharpen our attention and reduce stress levels
  • They improve the quality of indoor air by producing oxygen, increasing humidity, and by absorbing the toxins, hence, they help you recover from illness faster
  • They also boost our productivity, creativity, concentration and improve our outlook on work
  • Taking care of the houseplants in itself is therapeutic.

Low maintenance houseplants that anyone can nurture in their home

Now that we know about most of the benefits we get from keeping indoor plants, let’s look at a list of indoor plants. These plants are low maintenance and easy plants to grow indoors.


Pothos Houseplant
Pothos Houseplant

Originating from the Society Islands of French Polynesia’s, Mo’orea, Pothos, belongs to the arum family Araceae. This plant earlier was considered to be one of the most popular indoor plants in the temperate region. But nowadays it has become a plant that is neutrally popular in the sub-tropical and tropical areas including Australia, South Asia, the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, and more. Pothos is known by various names and one of them is devil’s ivy or devil’s vine. This name highlights its quality of being one of the best indoor plants for beginners as it requires minimal maintenance and is almost impossible to kill. Some of its other names are Ceylon creeper, money plant, silver vine, hunter’s robe, taro vine and others. It has various attributes but one that stands out the most is that this plant doesn’t require much sunlight and its leaves stay green even when kept in dark spaces. Pothos purifies the indoor air and makes a great addition to your office, bathroom, and balcony.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Houseplant
Aloe Vera Houseplant

This succulent belonging to the genus Aloe has around 500 species all over the world. Aloe Vera originally originated in the Arabian Peninsula but now it mostly grows in the arid, sub-tropical, and tropical climates. This succulent has various benefits and two major among them are- skincare and health benefits. Aloe Vera also is one of those house plants that are best for beginners as one of its key tips for its better growth is neglect. It like cactus doesn’t require much water or care and grows best in dry conditions. Furthermore, you can grow this succulent outdoor as well as indoors, you just need to place it in a space that gets plenty of sunlight. Although it can be kept inside the whole year but for an even better result, it is advisable to place it outside during hot and sunny days.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Houseplant
Snake Plant Houseplant

Snake plant is one of the easy house plants that along with being low maintenance indoor plants and it also is beginners friendly. This plant belongs to the Asparagaceae family that is native to the region from Nigeria east to Congo. This flowering plant has various other names and some of them are – Saint George’s sword, viper’s bowstring hemp, mother-in-law’s tongue and others. Snake plant lifts the ambience of your house and acts as a strong defender against airborne allergies. It is also a great air purifier that absorbs cancer-causing pollutants and other harmful gases. This plant can be kept in almost any room be it, bedroom, office, living room, and others. You can also keep it on your balcony or terrace. And for its longevity, you just have to keep it in a place with partial or indirect sunlight and pot it in a well-drained pot.

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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Houseplant
Lucky Bamboo Houseplant

Native to Central Asia, belonging to the family of Asparagaceae, this plant, commonly known as Lucky Bamboo, is named after Henry Fredrick Conrad Sander, the German-English gardener. This plant requires minimal maintenance, can grow without soil, keeps your surroundings clean, as it is a natural air purifier. Furthermore, it is widely known to bring good luck and enhance the flow of positive energy. You can place this place anywhere you want, be it your drawing room, kitchen, study room, and anywhere else. This plant is also known by several other names like- curly bamboo, Belgian evergreen, Goddess of Mercy’s plant, and others. Because of all these qualities of lucky bamboo, this plant makes a great gift for beginners.


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Cast-Iron-Plant Houseplant
Cast-Iron-Plant Houseplant

Cast-iron-plant, also known as the bar-room plant, Aspidistre elation, and baran, is a flowering plant that belongs to the family of Asparagaceae. Along with that, Cast-iron-plant is native to the regions of Taiwan and Japan. It is among one of the best plants that are widely used as a houseplant and are best for beginners. Cast-iron-plant is tolerant of neglect and it’s also widely known for its ability to survive in various other adverse situations. This flowering plant asks for low-maintenance along with low humidity, low sunlight, and irregular watering. This easy caring process comes out as one of the major benefits of this plant and the other one is its ability to soak in harmful chemicals from the air and purify the air. You can keep this plant in your office, kitchen, balcony, drawing room, and others.

So, now you know that having a few indoor plants is not as difficult as you used to think! And now without wasting any more time, it is time for you to nurture the plant lover in you. get going and fill your house with these awesome houseplants today!

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