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What Are the Best Indoor Flowering Plants to Grow?

There are many wonderful flowering plants well-suited to growing successfully indoors. Added such blooming beauties to our living spaces provides countless benefits. Beyond their natural aesthetic appeal, flowering plants also improve air quality by emitting oxygen and filtering out toxins. The sheer act of cultivating such lush greenery within our abodes has shown positive effects on mood and wellbeing too.

Whether looking to brighten an office desk, dress up a living area, or enliven a windowsill, indoor flowering plants can furnish our dwellings with vibrant seasonal color. With minimal upkeep, some species reward us with continued interest and greenery year-round. This makes including flowering houseplants a sustainable decorating choice. Here we highlight a selection of top house plants with flowers well-adapted for home cultivation.


Orchids Flower Delivery

Orchids are truly unique and exotic flowering plants. With their intricate blooms appearing in colors ranging from warm pinks to vivid purple flowering plants, orchids instantly create a lush tropical vibe. What’s great is there are many orchid varieties adapted to perform well inside. Phalaenopsis or moth orchids are especially easy to care for and will rebloom periodically if kept in bright, indirect light.

African Violets

African Violets

African violets’ dainty, funnel-shaped blooms make them a favorite flowering houseplant. Available in an array of colors from white to fuchsia, African violets thrive in low-light areas and produce a steady display of blooms. They’re also quite compact, so African violets fit well on windowsills or tabletops. Regular pruning keeps plants bushy and encourages repeat blooming.


November birth flower - Chrysanthemum Flower

With their full, mounded form and cheerful daisy-like blooms, chrysanthemums add a lovely pop of seasonal color indoors. Varieties bred for indoor growing like ‘Glass Gem’ will bloom from winter through spring. Chrysanthemums do best in sunny windows and average indoor conditions. Pinch back stems to encourage branching and keep plants bushy.


Begonias come in a wide assortment of types suited to indoor growing. Wax begonias like B. semperflorens-cultorum have colorful succulent-like leaves and flowers abundantly spring through fall. Tuberous begonias carry flashy blooms atop thick, fleshy stems. No matter the variety, these flowering indoor plants thrive in humidity and require only moderate light.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies produce extravagant blooms reminiscent of roses. Their oversized blooms make them appear as bright reds, yellows, and orange flowering plants that add vibrant pops of color. Gerberas prefer warm temperatures and moderately moist soil, though there are cultivars bred for indoor cultivation that remain more compact. With proper care, perennial flowering plants will rebloom repeatedly.


Cyclamen plants bear heart-shaped green leaves adorned with cheerful blooms in pinks, whites, and reds. Although native to the Mediterranean regions, some hybrids make excellent winter-flowering plants in a home setting. Cyclamens tend to bloom longer when given nights around 60°F and days of moderate warmth. They also appreciate humidity and can be the best flowering plants for pots. A lovely flowering bulblet may result after blooming.


Kalanchoes come in a lively assortment of blooms and leaf textures to choose from. The blooming kalanchoe is a colorful succulent that develops tight clusters of pastel blossoms from spring through summer. Leaves often occur in shades of gray, pink, red, and rarely blue, making them blue-flowering plants. Succulents including kalanchoe make manageable houseplants that need occasional water and bright, indirect light.

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Incorporating flowering plants around your indoor spaces enlivens them with beauty and charm. Many species have evolved to thrive on natural elements like the light and temperature we can easily provide. For quality plants delivered fresh, explore the wonderful options at SnapBlooms. Our chain of expert florists can help pick the perfect blooming beauties to brighten any home. Order Flowering House Plants Online today!



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