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How to Host a Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! If you’re hosting friends and family at your house this year, it’s time to start planning. However, hosting can seem like an overwhelming task if you don’t break it down into smaller steps.  So here is a guide on how to prepare for your Thanksgiving party over the 3 weeks leading up to the big day.

3 Weeks Before Thanksgiving

Send Out Invitations

Ask your guests to RSVP at least 3 weeks in advance so you know how many people to plan for. You can send formal printed invitations or casual invitations. Having a headcount early will help with your shopping for food, Thanksgiving flower decorations and meal prep.

Make a Guest List 

Once the RSVPs start coming in, keep a running list of who’s coming. Note any dietary restrictions, food allergies, or preferences. This will help you plan the menu. And don’t forget to send flowers online to those friends who cannot come this time to the celebration.

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Menu Planning

Now is the time to draft your Thanksgiving menu. Plan on classic dishes like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce etc. But also include some crowd-pleasing sides like green bean casserole or mac and cheese. Decide who will bring what to share some of the cooking responsibilities. 

Pick up Any Special Ingredients

Check your pantry and fridge to see what ingredients you’ll need to pick up for your Thanksgiving dishes. Shop early to get the best selection and avoid last-minute shortages. Consider ordering a freshly baked pumpkin or pecan pie if you don’t have time to bake.

1 Week Before Thanksgiving

Clean Your Home 

Do a full cleaning of your home before guests arrive. Clean bathrooms, vacuum, do laundry, and put out fresh linens. A clean home with a little bit of Thanksgiving party decorations sets the stage for stress-free hosting.

Plan Table Settings

Decide on your tablescape—what dishes, glassware, linens, and flower centerpieces for the Thanksgiving party you’ll use. Lay it all out or at least pull items together, so setup is a breeze the day of.

Prep Ahead Recipes

Make anything you can ahead of time like baked goods, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. Portion and store properly so reheating is simple on Thanksgiving. Homemade cranberry sauce can even be made a week or more in advance.

Organize Your Kitchen

Do a full content inventory and organize your kitchen so you can find everything easily when prepping multiple dishes. Group like items together for an orderly work zone. 

Happy Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Day

Prep Ingredients 

On Thanksgiving morning, chop any remaining vegetables, measure out ingredients, and marinate meats for easy assembly later. 

Roast the Turkey

Allow at least 3 hours of roasting time for a large turkey. Stuffed or not, get it in the oven early. For a stress-free morning, consider bringing the turkey the night before.  

Assembly Line Cooking

Once the turkey is in, turn your kitchen into an assembly line station. Have helpers baking sides, mash potatoes, and reheating dishes in shifts to minimize clutter and maximize efficiency. 

Set the Table

After the food is hot and ready, transform your dining area with your chosen linens, flowers, and centerpieces. You can get same-day online flower delivery from a reliable florist near you. Light candles to welcome guests to the feast.

With proper planning, your Thanksgiving party is sure to be a success. Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family to lend a helping hand. Working together will make light work of hosting the holiday. 

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