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Flowering House Plants

Looking for a little bit of greenery to spruce up your home décor? From classic favorites like roses and tulips to more unique options like orchids and bird of paradise, SnapBlooms got something to suit every taste. So brighten up your space with a little bit of nature with free delivery– order a flowering house plant today!

We start looking for the best gifts to give to our loved ones whenever we have to attend a birthday party, a wedding function, or an anniversary celebration. On special occasions, you can send flowering indoor house plants as a gift of greenery and freshness to your family members and friends. And SnapBlooms will undoubtedly take its toll on the excitement of having such a large selection of flowering houseplants to choose from.

Common Flowering House Plants

Consider adding some colour to your home with these low-maintenance flowering houseplants: African violet, Begonias, Bromeliad, Christmas cactus.

White flowering house plants

If you adore white, these house plants with white flowers will entice the gardener in you to cultivate them:

Peace lily

Moth Orchid


Madagascar jasmine

Pink flowering house plants

It's a good idea to grow houseplants with pink flowers to add a dash of rose hue to your home design. These are some of them:


Pink Orchid

Rosalea plant

Orange flowering house plants

Introduce the colour orange to your home to elicit sentiments of happiness, joy, and enthusiasm. Orange flowered house plants include:

Orange Ixora



Red flowering house plants

Roses fade quickly, but these red-flowered indoor plants will keep you blooming for weeks, if not years:

Flame of the Woods



Yellow flowering house plants

Yellow flowering indoor plants are fantastic for lighting up your home, and there are a variety of yellow flowering pot plants indoor to choose from. They include the following:



Lollipop plant

Flowering House Plants Delivery

SnapBlooms' selection of home plants is sure to feature flowering indoor house plants you and your dear ones will adore, no matter the taste or occasion. Take a look at our selection of home plants to determine what makes the finest gift. You simply place an order for a plant from our online store, and the gorgeous gift of nature will be delivered to the specified location on time.


1. What is a good flowering houseplant?

The best house plants that flower is the peace lily. It can withstand your negligence and will even inform you when it is thirsty if you watch how it droops. Drought tolerant, the peace lily only has to be watered once a week.

2. Which indoor flowers bloom all the year-round?

Plants like Hibiscus are house plants that bloom almost throughout the year, making them technically year-round blooming plants.

3. Are there any flowering indoor plants?

Yes, there are a lot of house plants with flowers that can be kept indoors. Hoyas, gloxinias, Poinsettias, and Hydrangeas are among them. There are a variety of flowering succulent home plants as well.