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Lucky Bamboo Care and Growing Guide

In Feng Shui, the Lucky Bamboo plant is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to those who grow it. Its resilient and persevering nature, ability to grow with just water, and upright stalks are said to represent good luck. The number of stalks of lucky bamboo plants has meaning – two stalks for love, three for happiness, five for wealth, and six for health.

The plant is one of the most popular houseplants in the world because it is extremely easy to grow as long as you follow some basic care instructions. In its native habitat of Southeast Asia, Lucky Bamboo grows in water, so caring for it as a houseplant involves keeping the stems in water and providing bright, indirect light. With just a little effort, you can keep your Lucky Bamboo thriving for years.

Selecting Healthy Plant

When ordering plants online, look for stalks that stand upright and are vibrant green in color. Avoid any plants that seem limp, yellow, or brown as this indicates the plant is stressed or unhealthy. The stalks should be straight, without any bends or curves. Pick a plant with stalks of varying heights and widths for visual interest.

Pick the Right Pot

Plant lucky bamboo in a pot with drainage holes at the bottom. Choose a pot that is just large enough to fit the root ball, as bamboo dislikes sitting in wet soil. Glass or ceramic pots look lovely but may need more frequent watering.

Lucky bamboo plant

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Water Quality and Changing Schedule

Lucky Bamboo grows hydroponically, meaning the stalks should be placed in water rather than soil. Use distilled, filtered, or bottled water only as tap water contains minerals that can build up on the stalks. Change the water every 2-4 weeks. Keep the water level high enough to cover the entire root system. If the leaves turn yellow, increase the watering frequency. Leaving the stalks in old water will cause them to rot.

Ideal Temperature Range

Lucky Bamboo prefers average room temperatures between 65-75°F. Avoid placing them in drafty areas or near heating/cooling vents. Cool temperatures below 60°F may cause leaf yellowing while excessive heat over 80°F leads to accelerated growth that depletes the plant’s resources.

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Use Diluted Liquid Fertilizer

While fertilizer is not necessary, a diluted houseplant fertilizer every few months ensures your Lucky Bamboo receives nutrients missed from growing in water. Look for a balanced liquid fertilizer. Remove from the water, dilute to half strength, and water once monthly in the spring and summer. Discontinue fertilizing in the fall and winter.

Pruning of Leggy Growth

Trim off any dead, diseased, or damaged stalks at the base using sterile pruners. Pruning leggy growth to keep it compact. Pruning stimulates dense growth. Propagate cuttings in water to create new plants.

Troubleshooting Problems

If your Lucky Bamboo leaves turn yellow or brown, it usually indicates a cultural issue. Yellow leaves mean too much or too little water. Brown crispy leaves show underwater. Leaf drops and mushy stalks are caused by rot from poor water quality. If growth is leggy with small leaves, increase light. Stalks that are leaning or curving need more sunlight. Solve most issues by improving care.

Propagating New Bamboo From Cuttings

Indoor house plants are easy to propagate by taking cuttings. Use a clean, sharp knife or pruner to remove the stalks. Cut at an angle to increase the surface area for water intake. Bamboo cuttings should be kept in clean water and changed frequently. Roots will sprout in a few weeks, and new tops will begin growing. Once established, plant in containers.

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Give Your Lucky Bamboo Bright Light

Bamboo plants that are indoors thrive in bright, indirect light. An east-facing window filtered by a sheer curtain provides ideal lighting conditions. Rotate the plant periodically so all sides get sunlight. Supplement with a grow light if natural light is insufficient. Insufficient light causes leggy growth.

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