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U.S. Spring Flower Fields to Visit

The United States is home to some gorgeous botanical displays, with countless spring flower fields that burst into bloom across different regions and seasons- especially in spring. From California’s sun-drenched valleys to New York’s pastoral farms, there are spectacular spring flowers well worth visiting for any nature or photography enthusiast. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most stunning and worthwhile flower fields across the United States that welcome visitors each spring and summer.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm 

One popular spot is the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Clackamas County, Oregon. Flower lovers from near and far attend the annual Tulip Festival here each March and April. Acres of brightly colored tulips spring up from the ground marking the season of renewal. The festival begins with a Tulip Trail Run through the colorful flower fields in Oregon. After looking at the pretty tulip flower fields, visitors can also go wine tasting at the vineyard on the farm. Sometimes you can even go on a hot air balloon ride depending on the weather conditions.

Tulip flowers field

Borrego Springs 

Another destination is Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, the largest state park in California. While the park is mostly desert, the right temperatures and rainfall in spring cause an amazing display of wildflower fields. Different flowers like desert sunflowers, sand verbena, lupine, brown-eyed evening primrose, desert lilies, and yellow desert dandelions explode in a colorful array. If you stay in California, just search ‘spring flower fields near me’ and you will find the address.

Valley of Arts and Flowers

The Lompoc Valley in California has a reputation as an artistic and flower-filled area. From April through September, fields of flowers bloom all over the valley. These fields are private property, so people cannot walk into them. But travelers can pull over and take photos of the flowers from the side of the road. A few of the common flowers grown in Lompoc are stocks, larkspurs, Queen Anne’s lace, bupleurums, bells of Ireland, and sweet peas. The Lompoc flower fields provide beautiful scenery for people driving through the valley during the spring and summer months. While visitors cannot enter the flower fields themselves, they can still enjoy seeing the fields from their cars as they pass by on the road.


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Pelindaba Lavender Farm 

On San Juan Island in Washington, Pelindaba Lavender Farm covers 25 acres filled with stunning rows of fresh lavender as well as views of the mountains and a small lake. Visitors can tour the organic Washington flower field, nursery, and distillery and learn about lavender products. During July, there is an annual lavender festival on the Island.

Carlsbad Ranch Flower Field

One of the top spring destinations in California is the 50-acre flower fields in the north of San Diego, which open from March to May. Thousands of giant ranunculus flowers bloom here announcing the arrival of spring. Visitors can enjoy wagon rides, a flower flag, a sweet pea maze, and more while taking in the spectacular colorful scenery of this California flower field.

Crested Butte

Parts of Gunnison National Forest near Crested Butte, these flower fields in Colorado see blooms of yellow sunflowers, purple arnica, sneezeweed and more earning it the title of Colorado’s wildflower capital. The annual Crested Butte Wildflower Festival celebrates natural blooms through guided hikes and workshops.

Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park in southern California is known for its hillsides covered with poppies. Typically these poppies bloom from late March to early April. The park has a system of trails for seeing wildflowers. Some of the trails include Aliso Canyon, Bane Ridge Trail, Bovinian Delight Trail, Telegraph Canyon Trail, and Little Canyon Loop Trails. These Chino Hills flower fields are usually open from sunrise to sunset allowing visitors access to the beautiful poppies and wildflowers during their spring bloom season.

Antelope Valley 

In the western Mojave Desert, this flower field near Orange County comes alive with bright orange poppy Flower in spring. Visitors can explore hiking trails but must stay on marked paths to avoid damaging the delicate flowers and environment. For the best poppy flower field view, plan your visit for mid-morning when the poppies are open.

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Holland, Michigan

The city of Holland plants over 6 million tulips throughout its parks, gardens, and fields that typically bloom in April and May. Popular tulip spots include tours of Veldheer Tulip Gardens and Window on the Waterfront downtown. Windmill Island Gardens hosts Tulip Time with attractions, food, displays, and over 100,000 blooms for visitors to enjoy the flower fields in Michigan.

Horton’s Flower Farm

Horton’s Flower Farm is a U-pick flower farm located in Riverhead, New York. This flower farm on Long Island has over 100 varieties of cut flowers that customers can pick themselves. However, it is not a good idea to bring kids or adults who have strong allergic reactions to bee or wasp stings, as there may be some insects around the flowers.


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