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April Birth Flowers: Daisy and Sweet Peas

As April arrives, so does the sun and Spring is in full swing. It’s the transitional time of year when cold, dark, and bleak days are leaving. The light begins to shine which is when we stop bundling in our cozy blankets and greet spring. As warm sunny days & welcoming evenings, the sun shines all year round. As April brings an expression of joy & action. It reminds us of the vitality and youthfulness present in our souls. In this season, why don’t we plan to surprise our loved ones? Do it with a Birthday Flower Delivery. And there’s no better way to say it than with Daisies and Sweet Peas. They are the birth flowers for April, ready to express their happy plans and intrigues.

April Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism

Let’s read along for everything this month has to offer because it is the perfect April flower of the month for any flower arrangement online. It has so many options for you to convey a special heartfelt message to that special someone. It’s giving us just the perfect weather to go out and have that iced orange bar. Everything enters a state of renewal, now of the year, and affects our mentality. They communicate the signs of new beginnings and journeys, with fresh ideas. And if that isn’t reason enough to celebrate, we don’t know what is. This month reminds you of blooming flowers, freshly baked bread, and everything summer!

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What Are the April Birth Flower?

April’s birth flowers are The Daisies and Sweet peas.

The Daisies

Originating from Europe and temperate regions of Asia, daisies were eventually introduced to Australia and North America. They are now found everywhere, thanks to their adaptive nature. The word “daisy” comes from an Old English phrase “Daes eage,”. It means “day’s eye” manifesting them glowing in the sunny days and shutting their petals at night. Daisies are some of the first flowers that bloom when the sun shows up wishing you a good morning. It is this photosensitive nature of the flower. It communicates how people born in this month and they only accept positive energy and try to avoid the negative.

April Birth Flower - Daisy
Daisies Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The Daisies Flower – Meaning & Symbolism

They are known for their delicacy because of their white petals and bright gold centre. And they are related to sunflowers, reminding you of summer sun and positive hopes, more than anything else. The white in their petals screams innocence, virtue & morality and are what you can get for someone you look up to.

The yellow center epitomizes childlike joy, happiness, and playfulness. It is inspired by the summer breezes, yet another perfect way to tell your special one that you cherish the joyous bond you share with them. In folklore, daisies are believed to bring abundance, prosperity, and financial balance. They are considered a sign of good wishes and luck. It makes them an excellent choice to bring to housewarmings and familiar get-togethers. While usually, daisies are white, other species are occurring in red, yellow, and purple. Each communicating emotion holds a special meaning. Hence, it can be an amazing choice to be given as birthday presents for April borns. Gift these bouquets to moms or sisters on their day idealizing them. It could be also for bridal corsages for their virtue, chastity, & simplicity.

Sweet peas

This beautiful spring flower for April birth month originates from southern Italy and Sicily where the plant grew wild. The sweet aroma and simple yet hypnotizing blooms thrilled a monk who sent the seeds to plant collectors. And nursery owners across the globe, thereby making it available universally. They have a buttery soft texture with a strong yet pleasant scent of honey & citrusy jasmine. This makes it irresistible and reminds you of summer like nothing else. It depicts all the warm emotions of hope, strength, wisdom, and immense cherishment. This blissful garden bloom symbolizes gratitude and pleasure. It is a perfect way to thank someone whether for huge gestures or for the little things they did for you. They associate with summer and tend to protect you from evil eyes. Hence, making them an excellent choice for housewarming presents.

April Birth Flower - Sweet peas Flower
Sweet peas Flower Meaning and Symbolism

With 5 unsymmetrical blooming petals mimicking the butterfly wings, they bloom in clusters of 10-12. Having spread across the world, this flower has various species occurring in all shades. It includes white, pink, purple, blue, red, peach, and sometimes even in multicolor swirls and stripes. Particular flower colors attach further meanings to the pretty blooms.

Sweet peas Flower- Meaning & Symbolism

The purple sweetpea means nobility, power & strength. It is given to boost a friends’ confidence or a new mom appreciating her strength and vitality. It can be given on an occasion special to your mother to appreciate her merit, loyalty, thoughtfulness, and dependability. The white and peach colors signify modesty and purity. They are usually preferred to be given to brides as corsages, a flawless way to symbolize chastity. While the pink ones signify gracefulness and liveliness and can be a perfect gift to your daughter or wife. This proves to communicate how you cherish the bond you share with them and are often used on auspicious celebrations to show your sincerity & deep love towards someone. White ones are considered a color of innocence and purity and eternal faithfulness.

Although this flower is among the sweetest smelling flowers on the planet, it does have a bittersweet connotation to it. It means remembrance of fond memories and a goodbye. Gifting this to a loved one signifies that you miss them.  This would want them around or a goodbye to someone who’s leaving. Let them know that you’ll miss them, no matter where they go. It is a finer way of telling someone they are in your mind. This works like a charm & speaks about the thoughtfulness you put behind getting them this flower.

When you want to convey an emotional and passionate message, sending across these happy blooms is your answer. Sweetpeas of all colors have a symbolic meaning. It’s an oath of faithfulness in affectionate relationships. The richly colored blooms & delicate petals have an elegant aesthetic. It pairs well with every other flower or even individually.

April Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac Sign for April is Aries (March 21 – April 19), which is the first astrological sign of the year. Considering Aries people are very competitive and have amazing leadership skills. Like the kind of eternal commitment the diamond, the birthstone of the month symbolizes, the people born in this month are very firm. What they commit to and never run from it. No matter how hard it gets and will dive headfirst in dealing with every situation. Being ardent, they are committed to creating a better space for people that matter to them. They have amazing governance and supervision skills.

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Then comes the Taurus, the second Zodiac Sign for April, (April 20 – May 20). The sign shows the bull’s head with two strong and curvy horns symbolising steadfastness & stubbornness. It also suggests that Taureans are a symbol of strength, firmness & power. Their personality is calm and peaceful but can have a fiery temper when provoked. Although they are goal-oriented, they understand the virtue of patience. They are extremely loyal friends and you don’t want to get on their opposing side. They love being pampered and still have the ability to see things from a rational perspective. They are the most spontaneous, thoughtful, and affectionate beings who will go to any lengths to save meaningful relationships.

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April Birthstone

The birthstone of April is a Diamond and is a precious stone which makes it the most popular ring stone option in the world. This stone sparkles brightly as though with its internal fire and is priced for its dazzling beauty and clarity. This scintillating gemstone, due to its hardness and durability, is associated with deep everlasting love, royalty, and faithfulness. As much like the stone’s shine, that never fades. People believe that it strengthens relationships and provides courage to the person wearing it. No wonder they are given by partners to each other for both engagements and weddings, making it the most coveted gemstone to date. Folklore believes diamonds have healing powers and provide inner strength. They are also believed to have an effect on an individual’s balance and clarity. It boosts their overall energy and vibe when combined with rare crystals like the Amethyst.

April birth month flower FAQs

What is my birth flower of April?

Daisies and Sweetpea are the natural birth flowers of April. They symbolize purity, innocence, and eternal loyalty. It is much like the birthstone of April, the diamond, that never loses its spark and is also a promise of eternity.

What is the birth flower for April 1st?

Daisies and sweetpeas are known as birth flowers for April month. They bloom on the arrival of the spring season. As marking the beginning of happy, longer days. It is a remarkable way to show affection to someone you care about.

What is April Taurus’ birth flower?

The bright and cheerful shades of daisy match the nature of a Taurean, i.e. happy, graceful, easy-going, and fun-loving being.

What is April Aries’ birth flower?

For Aries, the birth month is April and the birth flower is Daisy. The dairy with its hues of white and yellow resembles a sun, symbolizing the onset of summer taking over.

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