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Zodiac Flowers: The Ultimate Guide to Astrological Sign Flowers

If you are an ardent believer or follower of zodiac signs, the chances are that you will be excited to discover zodiac sign birth flowers. 

Believe it or not, birth flowers correspond to your star signs. Your zodiac is represented through stars, and each of these stars aligns with a specific type of flower. Just like your zodiac or birthstone, these astrological birth flowers portray your traits, mindset, likes, and dislikes. Specific flowers are said to appeal to individuals belonging to a star sign. Therefore, it makes sense to find out what flowers for each zodiac sign should be gifted to your loved ones with respect to their star sign. 

What flower represents your zodiac sign?

Astrological Sign Birth Flower
Aries (21st March – 20th April)Honeysuckle
Taurus (23rd April – 23rd May)Lilies
Gemini (22nd May – 21st June)Lavender
Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)White Rose
Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)Sunflower
Virgo (23rd August – 23rd September)Chrysanthemums
Libra (23rd September – 23rd October)Roses
Scorpio (23rd October – 23rd November)Dark Red Flowers
Sagittarius (23rd November – 23rd December)Carnations
Capricorn (23rd December – 23rd January)Pansy
Aquarius (21st January – 19th February)Orchid
Pisces (23rd February – 23rd March)Water Lilies

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Flowers for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries Birth Flower : Honeysuckle

Aries Zodiac Flower-Honeysuckle
Aries Zodiac Flower-Honeysuckle

Being the first astrological sign in the zodiac list, Aries marks the new beginnings and ability to cope up in difficult times. In addition, Aries are go-getters and tend to exhibit exceptional enthusiasm. The endeavoring attributes of Aries correspond with the aromatic honeysuckle flower. This flower blooms during the early spring season – the season portraying rebirth and new experiences. Popular for its cheery reddish-pink color and sweet fragrance, Honeysuckle is the perfect flower for youthful, spirited Aries zodiac flower. 

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Taurus Birth Flower : Lilies

Taurus Zodiac Flower-Lilies
Taurus Zodiac Flower-Lilies

People having the Taurus star sign are considered to be sensual, compassionate, and loving. Moreover, these people cherish being surrounded by loving people to rejoice in the feeling of being greatly loved. Also, these individuals tend to gravitate towards glamour, luxury, and beauty. For that reason, the charismatic Lily is the perfect match for the Taurus zodiac sign. Standing out for seductive appearance and smell, this flower wonderfully encapsulates all bold traits of Taurus astrological star sign. 

Gemini Birth Flower : Lavender

Gemini Zodiac Flower-Lavender
Gemini Zodiac Flower-Lavender

Geminis are fun-loving, social people. They are basically energetic personalities who grab attention. Loaded with mind-boggling fragrance, Lavender is the typical Gemini zodiac Flower. The trademark fragrance of this flower can grab the attention of people far and wide. Besides an essence of subtle elegance, this flower exactly matches the vibe of Geminis.  Thus, Lavender’s online flower delivery is a wonderfully unique, personalized present for Geminis astrological sign. 

Cancer Birth Flower : White Rose

Cancer Zodiac Flower-White Rose
Cancer Zodiac Flower-White Rose

Cancers are known to be moon-babies; therefore, they deserve to be pampered with something pure and white like the moon. Well, the white rose fits perfectly in cancer zodiac flower. Symbolizing purity, innocence, and youthfulness, this delicate flower for cancer zodiac is the best. Its delicate petals highlight the sensitive side of people with this star sign. And its pure white canvas offers them the opportunity to explore their creative instinct. 

Leo Birth Flower : Sunflower

Leo Zodiac Flower-Sunflower
Leo Zodiac Flower-Sunflower

Leos are confident, more social, and bold personalities. So, for their happy and cool behavior, the Leo birth flower that corresponds to their star sign must be an instant attraction. The Sunflower is a big nod to the LEO vibe. Featuring generously sized bloom, this flower is easily recognizable. By always heading towards the sun, these flowers grab all limelight, just like Leos. Moreover, exuding sun-like aesthetics, sunflower symbolizes potential to grab attention. 

Virgo Birth Flower : Chrysanthemums

Virgo Zodiac Flower-Chrysanthemums
Virgo Zodiac Flower-Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are the Virgo star sign Flowers. The perfectionist and detail-oriented Virgos are likely to be fascinated by the sophisticated appeal of chrysanthemum. Also called chrysanths, these virgo zodiac flowers bloom before winter and stand strong during extremities of cold weather. Virgos, too, are very strong and resilient. They tend to find perfection in every job they undertake. Moreover, they have a keen eye for the smallest of details, similar to intricate and detailed chrysanthemums. 

Nevertheless, these flowers are available in various colors, so you will definitely find the perfect match for the perfectionist Virgos in your life. 

Libra Birth Flower: Roses

Libra Zodiac Flower-Roses
Libra Zodiac Flower-Roses

Being impartial, composed, and balanced is the Librans life objective.  These individuals are inclined to promote love and harmony. That’s why the classic rose is their astrological flower. Representing unconditional love, romance, and beauty, Roses are best to pick for Libras. Roses are universally loved flowers, and because of their outstanding traits, they truly represent the community-loving Libra people. 

Thus, birthday flower arrangements featuring red roses make an ideal Zodiac Flower gift for Libras in your life. 

Scorpio Birth Flower: Dark Red Flowers

Scorpio Zodiac Flower-Dark Red Flowers
Scorpio Zodiac Flower-Dark Red Flowers

Scorpios are mysterious personalities; you can never know them completely. Living up to Scorpio’s spirit, stand tall the dark red flowers. Encapsulating a mystique essence, rich-hued red flowers such as garden roses and geraniums truly resonate with the very nature of Scorpios. These people can hurt you when you least expect them to do so. 

Hence, concerning their innate qualities, they tend to be fascinated by dark red flowers.

Sagittarius Birth Flower : Carnations

Sagittarius Zodiac Flower-Carnations
Sagittarius Zodiac Flower-Carnations

People with the star sign of Sagittarius are cheerful, happy, strong, and confident, just like Carnations Flower. These people are known for their lovable nature, so they connect with this popular wedding flower

Carnations symbolize love and adventure. Moreover, they are the lasting flowers in an arrangement. Thus, just like vibrant Sagittarius Zodiac star sign, these flowers are sturdy in their growth. 

Capricorn Birth Flower: Pansy

Capricorn Zodiac Flower-Pansy
Capricorn Zodiac Flower-Pansy

Capricorns are legends; they don’t age instead get better year by year.  People born under this Zodiac star sign are tenacious, determined, and love showing off the outcomes of their hard work, just like showy pansies. 

Pansies fit perfectly with the unwavering determination of Capricorns. Exhibiting longevity and trueness, these are rightly the Capricorn Zodiac flowers. 

Aquarius Birth Flower: Orchid

Aquarius Zodiac Flower-Orchid
Aquarius Zodiac Flower-Orchid

Exhibiting grace, delicacy, and yet being strong, Orchid is the trademark of true Aquarius spirit. These are forward-thinking individuals who prefer traversing the paths less traveled. Similarly, the sturdy, yet delicate-looking orchids are distinguishable and in tune with their surrounding environment. This fits the individualistic nature of the Aquarius with Orchids. 

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Pisces Birth Flower: Water Lilies

Pisces Zodiac Flower-Water Lilies
Pisces Zodiac Flower-Water Lilies

Water lilies are the official Pisces star sign Flower. Intuitive and delicate-natured, beautiful water lilies represent the Pisces’ personalities. These people are known to be very artistic, dreamy, and sensitive. Their perception towards life is just like the environment water lily thrives. They go with the flow of life’s river and share their sense of playfulness with everyone they meet through the path. 

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