Types of Flowers for Wedding

Types of Flowers for Wedding
Types of Flowers for Wedding

When it comes to choosing best wedding flowers, there are so many things to consider, like the types of wedding flowers, the color, the seasonal availability, the size of the flowers, the kind of arrangements you fashion with the flowers, and so on. Some like red, some white and others blue. There are different hues that you can look out for considering your preference, of course.

Picking wedding flowers is not as easy as you think it to be. There are so many options to choose from and all you have are questions like which flowers to choose for decoration, which flower will be in my wedding bouquet, what the bridesmaids will carry, what to choose for the centerpiece, etc. Getting your hands on the best wedding flower arrangements requires knowledge, inspiration, and a vivid idea about flowers and their symbolism.

And to help you in this difficult task, we have compiled this guide for you. Here you’ll get a thorough idea about the best flowers for wedding while you walk down the aisle.

10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

1. Roses

Wedding Flower – Rose

Good-old roses aren’t really old. They always look beautiful whatever may be the shade. Since roses are always available and in a variety of shades, you can always pick your favorite color. If you are looking for red flowers for wedding, you can go for a bunch of red roses. Also, if you are a fan of pastel hues and want pink and white wedding flowers, carry an arrangement of delicate pink and white roses.

2. Calla Lilies

Wedding Flower – Calla Lilies

Who can say no to a bunch of elegant calla lily wedding flowers? These trumpet-shaped blossoms have an amazing color that makes it magnificently beautiful. Calla lilies also come in yellow, orange, dark purple, and mauve pink. If you prefer plum flowers for weddings, then definitely go for the rich purple calla lilies to add a modern and stylish touch.

3. Lily of the Valley

Wedding Flower – Lily of the Valley

If you’re more inclined towards white flowers for wedding, you can choose the lily of the valley instead of white roses. It is slightly uncommon and the tiny florets have a fresh, lingering fragrance that is unmatched. You can also mix it with other flowers like tulips or lilies of different colors to make it more vibrant. You can also choose a slightly different option with white and green wedding flowers to make it edgier.

4. Hydrangeas

Wedding Flower – Hydrangeas

These bushy little flowers are available in blue, white, pink, purple, and burgundy shades. So, if you love wine-colored wedding flowers, go for the burgundy shade of hydrangeas. Not just this, the variety in the colors of hydrangea gives you multiple options, like if you are a lover of light blue wedding flowers, then try the blue hydrangeas or pick the white ones if you are looking for white wedding bouquet flowers.

5. Peonies

Wedding Flower – Peonies

These delicate and impressive beauties can never fail to turn heads. Peonies look extremely good as wedding flowers. So, you can use only peonies or you can also combine it with another shade. If you love blue and white flowers, white peonies and blue hydrangeas can be your favorite for your special day.

6. Tulips

Wedding Flower – Tulips

Tulips are common but you cannot deny that they are amazingly lovely. Available in a variety of colors, tulips are one of the best flowers for a wedding. If you prefer a flower arrangement with a dash of bright colors, then tulips are the best for you. If you like unique combinations like purple and yellow wedding flowers then go for purple tulips combined with yellow lilies or roses. Add some baby’s breath to the mix and it will be the perfect bridal bouquet to carry.

7. Ranunculus

Wedding Flower – Ranunculus

Budget is indeed an important factor and if you are looking for wedding flowers on a budget then ranunculus is something you should go for. Ranunculus flowers look cute in any color. These flowers are available in white, orange, pink, and yellow. If you like purple and white wedding flowers then we suggest the unique combination of white ranunculus and purple lily of the valley. Lily will enhance the look while ranunculus will make it easy on your pocket.

8. Sweet Peas

Wedding Flower – Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are ruffled blossoms that have a fragrance like candy. These flowers have been used in bouquets for long. The rich purple share of sweet peas really does catch attention. There is a range of sweet peas – from white to rich pinks and purples. So, if you are looking for blue and purple wedding flowers, then combine purple sweet peas with blue hydrangeas.

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9. Gardenias

Wedding Flower – Gardenias

Sultry fragrance with waxy leaves, gardenias are simply exquisite. These simple flowers can really amp up your entire wedding flower arrangement. If you like to mix up different colored flowers, then pick your favorite colors and place few white gardenias in between. It will make the colorful bunch more vibrant.

10. Orchids

Wedding Flower – Orchids

Orchids are beautiful and exotic flowers. You can use orchids in different and unique arrangements. One such unique idea is for the brides who love teal and purple wedding flowers. Get your hands on few purple delicate orchids and you can combine it with teal dahlias or even succulents. Add baby’s breath for contrast and you are all set to walk down the aisle with this amazingly unique arrangement.

Top 5 Fall Flowers for Wedding

Fall is beautiful. If you are looking forward to marrying in your favorite season, then you should ensure choosing wedding flowers that will perfectly fit the orange autumn surroundings. From golden ranunculus to flower arrangements of the sunset hue, we give you popular fall flowers for your wedding.

Fall Flowers for Wedding

1. Traditional Roses and Hydrangeas

White roses or pink roses with white hydrangeas can be your perfect flowers for your fall wedding. You can create a carefree, loosely tied bunch of these flowers and add seeded eucalyptus and hanging Amaranthus. You can also add some dark red colored leaves and your unique fall flower arrangement will be ready to turn heads.

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2. Dahlias and Anemones

For brides who love an edgy look, you can go for dahlias and anemones with your white wedding dress. Combine white anemones and maroon dahlias with some vines to make that perfect flower arrangement for your wedding day. This arrangement is sure to match the autumn feelings.

3. Roses

Since roses are available in so many colors, you can combine different colored roses to bring that look that matches fall. Combine maroon and white roses with few pink ones and use light green leaves as fillers to complete the beautiful flower arrangement.

4. Orchids and Sunflower

We know it sounds a bit off when you hear this combination. This is indeed a unique combination that you can carry in your fall wedding. What you do is take one sunflower and two to three orchids In blue or purple shades. Add some baby’s breath and purple allium to make the perfect bouquet for your fall wedding.

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5. Roses and Dahlias

Both these beauties can make your fall wedding an awesome one. Peach roses or pink roses will be the perfect colors for a fall wedding. So, pick some of those and combine it with red or maroon dahlias. Add some dark green leaves and red hypericum berries to ensure that the arrangement looks completely out of this world.

5 Best Way to Use Paper Flowers for Wedding

As you carry the fresh blooms, you may consider paper flowers for decorations. Paper flowers can actually be your supplement for a fun-filled wedding celebration. It brings a quirky and chic look to the entire function.

Way to Use Paper Flowers for Wedding

1. Aisle Decorations

Aisle decorations require a good quantity of flowers and here you can easily use paper flowers. Decorate the aisle with white and pink paper flowers or white and blue, yellow, to make your wedding venue look perfect.

2. Decoration of the Ceremony Arch

With paper, you can create whatever shape and color flowers you want to. You can create quilling flowers of different colors like blue, white, pink, yellow, purple, peach to ensure that your ceremony arch looks colorful as the event take places.

3. Chair Decoration

As you decorate the entire venue, no one likes to keep the chairs empty and without any decorations. So, paper flowers are the best to decorate the chairs. Use some white dahlia or golden flowers of paper and decorate with some ribbons to make the chairs look beautiful.

4. Suspended Flower Decorations

If you want to decorate the venue in a unique and creative way, you can suspend the paper flowers from the ceiling. You can use pink and yellow paper flowers or white and purple ones. Add some green wires or ribbons to make the venue look amazingly perfect.

5. Centerpieces

Centerpieces are so important at weddings. You can easily use paper flowers to make your centerpieces look attractive. You can use mason jars and put in some white paper flowers with pearls in their center. You can also use white and pink paper flowers with some light green leaves to make the centerpieces look brighter.

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Flowers are an integral part of wedding ceremonies. Whether you want to carry a bunch of different hues or make the venue look amazing, you always need flowers. So, go ahead and shop for some of the perfect flower combinations for your special day!


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