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What are Winter Flowers for Weddings?

Winters are the perfect season for almost all your favorite winter wedding flowers that make stunning winter flowers wedding bouquet. Summer weddings are beautiful, but don’t you think winter weddings are much more pleasing and gorgeous-looking, especially with winter flowers and place with pleasantly cool winters and hot summers. Cool-weather means you don’t need touch-ups that often, you can enjoy an outdoor wedding under the sun without the fear of being drowned in your own sweat, and so on.

Besides, winter season weddings are just so perfect for pictures with beautiful winter wedding flowers. Snow-capped mountains in the background matching your snow-white dress will make your wedding photographs worthy of page 6 in your local newspaper!

Wedding Winter Flowers

And did we mention flowers? Winter season is perfect for almost all your favorite flowers that bloom in winter and make excellent winter wedding flower bouquets. If not for anything else, then marry for the beautiful flowers that grow in winter! SnapBlooms online florist shop offers excellent deals on winter wedding floral arrangements. Check it out before you book your winter wedding bouquet flowers anywhere else.

Now that everything else is sorted out, you must be wondering which winter season flowers will be the best for your wedding! Here we have compiled a list with 7 winter flowers for wedding of the most gorgeous and attractive. The flowers in winter season will take your wedding decoration to the next level.

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Winter Flowers Meaning and Symbolism

Winter Flowers are extra special because they not only look good but they have several awesome symbolisms and meanings attached to them. The flowers in season for winter weddings are Roses, Anemone, Amaryllis, Casablanca Lilies, Camellias, Forget-me-nots, Gardenias, French Tulips, Holly, Orchids, Jasmine, Paperwhites (Narcissus), Mini Gerberas, and Poinsettias. Understanding those will make any occasion, including your wedding in winter season more meaningful.

RoseRomance, beauty, love
OrchidsUniversal love, charm, abundance, thoughtfulness, elegance
TulipsPassion, royalty, deep love, rebirth, hope
HydrangeaUnderstanding, honestly, gratitude
CarnationsGood fortune, long-lasting love, passionate love
Baby’s BreathPurity, unconditional love
SunflowerLoyalty, longevity, adoration

7 Perfect Winter Wedding Bouquet Flowers Ideas

Now that we know what these flowers symbolize, let’s learn a bit more about some of these winter plants and cold flowers, when and where you should use them, in what colors you can create your winter flower bouquets and more.

Rose Flowers

Bouquet of Roses
Rose – winter flowers wedding bouquet

Most of us know roses are the classic and universal symbol of love. This is why they come out as one of the best choices from the winter wedding flowers for a bridal bouquet. You can get these flowers for winter weddings in various colors like red, yellow, orange, pink, and many more. All these rose colors individually meaning have various unique and beautiful, but as a whole, they represent passion, romance, beauty, admiration, warmth, and happiness.

Rose is a very versatile winter season flower that you can use as a gift for everyone and on any occasion. Other than weddings, you can use them for birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, anniversaries, etc.

Orchids Flowers

Wedding Flower-Orchids
Orchids – winter wedding bouquet flowers

These gorgeous winter flowers are extremely delicate, graceful, and exotic that go on to represent strength, love, abundance, thoughtfulness, and many more. Orchids are one of the best winter wedding flower ideas as they show that you are wishing for the couple to have a happy and healthy life ahead. Furthermore, you can get these flowers in colors like red, purple, orange, white, pink, and many more.

Tulips Flowers

Tulips winter blooming flowers

These classic blooms loved by almost all flower lovers for many centuries go on and symbolize deep love, hope, rebirth, royalty, and many more. And in the winter season, you get to see this flower in colors like purple, red, orange, etc. Also, Tulip is one of those flowers that you can gift to someone whom you have unconditional love for, be it your partner, siblings, parents, grandparents, friends, or anyone else.

Hydrangea Flowers

Wedding Flower-Hydrangeas
Hydrangea flowers for winter wedding

Representing honesty, harmony, gratitude, peace, and understanding, hydrangea is an impeccably pretty bloom that comes in blue, pink, white, and several other colors. Along with using these flowers in your winter wedding as the wedding flower bouquet, you can also gift these to your loved ones on whichever occasion you want, be it birthday, mother’s day, anniversary, or simply to lift their mood and make them feel even more special.

Carnations Flower

Carnations-Winter wedding flower

Carnations are one of those flowers that symbolically bless you and your partner with everlasting passionate love. Carnations are extremely popular in Europe and North America because they are hardy, fragrant, low-maintenance, and very affordable. You can get this flower in green, white, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and several other colors.

The availability of a wide range of colors of carnations makes it very versatile. You can have a wedding flower bouquet made of carnations, wear it as boutonnieres (for grooms), as corsages (for bridesmaids), as crowns and tiaras (for anyone attending the wedding, including the bride herself), or just decorate the wedding venue with them.

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Baby’s Breath Flowers

winter wedding flowers in season
Baby Breath winter wedding flowers in season

The name of this flower itself gives away the meaning, that is, unconditional love, purity, sincerity, happiness, compassion, and trust. These flowers are charming flowers that are available commonly in white and pink colors. A bridal bouquet made solely of Baby’s Breath will look ethereal in your winter wedding. This flower makes the perfect gift for any happy occasion, and a wedding ceremony is one of them.

Sunflower Flowers

Sun Flower wedding flowers for winter

Don’t you think the presence of these bright and happy flowers is enough to lift the mood for anyone and brighten up any place? These gorgeous flowers in bright yellow color represent inspiration, adoration, longevity, happiness, joy, and a new beginning. Sunflowers can be included in your winter flower bouquet for weddings to add a dash of brightness to them. Wedding hall wall decorations such as floral wreaths also look great with sunflowers. 

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