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Forget Me Not Flower – Myosotis Scorpioides

As beautiful as the name sounds, Forget Me Not Flower tiny blooms with powder blue petals and a yellow center is a beautiful flowering plant that bloom in clusters and look awesome in your garden flowerbed. 

Here in this article, we have discussed everything about these amazing beauties. Keep reading to know more.

What is Forget Me Not Flower?

Forget me not, or Myosotis as it’s scientifically known, are bushy plants that grow up to 2 feet in height. They are available in more than 70 accepted subspecies and most of them are perennial or annual plants.

  • Scientific Name: Myosotis Scorpioides
  • Order: Boraginales
  • Family: Boraginaceae
  • Subfamily: Boraginoideae
  • Genus: Myosotis L.

Which State Flower is the Forget Me Not?

Forget me not is the official state flower of Alaska.

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Forget Me Not Flower History

Among all the officially recognized species of Forget me nots, around 60 are native to Eurasia, around 40 are from the Americas and Papua New Guinea, and a few others originate from Asia. These flowers are equally popular in Europe and the US in modern times.

There are many legends and folklores associated with these impeccably pretty, delicate-looking yet sturdy flowers. Some of them are given below:

  • When God was naming all the creatures and plants in the Garden of Eden, a tiny plant with blue flowers shouted from an obscure corner: “Forget me not, Lord!” And so, God named this tiny plant Forget me not.
  • Another Greek legend goes:  A man was roaming around with his lady love besides the river Danube when the lady saw a bush of bright little blooms across the river. The man swam across the river to fetch it for his lady but while returning, the strong tide swept him away. He, however, managed to throw the bunch of flowers at the feet of his beloved and shouted “Forget me not”. The lady kept the flowers with her till the end of her days, and the flower came to be known as Forget me nots.

How to Grow Forget Me Nots?

Forget me nots grow quite well on their own when they get suitable soil and climate conditions. Forget me nots are free seeding plants. If you plant a few saplings of Forget me nots in your garden, they’ll quickly spread by themselves and within a few months, you’ll have a whole new bush of Forget me nots. So, it’s best to leave them alone for the most part.

Forget Me Nots Plant Cultivation

The best temperature for Forget me not plants is mild to cold winter because they don’t do well in excessive heat. You can choose a partially covered spot where the sun doesn’t hit the plants directly. The soil needs to be moist but drained. You can plant seeds by first putting them in a planter or a pot, and then transferring the saplings into your garden flower bed.

Tips to Take Care Forget Me Not Plants

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to do a whole lot of things to keep your Forget me not plants thriving. Occasional watering, fertilizing, and using proper medications to prevent from bacterial or pest attacks will be enough for forget me not care.

Forget Me Not flowers Meaning and Symbolism

Forget me not flowers are an important element in floriology. People have associated this flower with many positive feelings and emotions throughout the ages and across cultures. 

Forget Me Not flowers Meaning and Symbolism
Forget Me Not flowers Meaning and Symbolism

1. Love

The most common and widely accepted symbolism for Forget me not flowers is love. As the mythological stories and folklores tell us, Forget me not is the symbol of true love that transcends life. Gifting Forget me not flowers to your beloved signify your commitment towards them.

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2. Loyalty

Forget me not flowers also mean loyalty and gifting them is a gesture that suggests fidelity and faithfulness. With this flower, you are declaring your everlasting commitment and love towards someone.

3. Remembrance

It is also associated with remembrance and the feeling of missing someone. When your near and dear ones are away from you, you can send these flowers to convey that you miss them.

4. Eternal connection

Finally, Forget me not flowers signify an eternal connection with someone, which can never be destroyed.

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Forget Me Not Colors and their Meanings

  • Blue forget me not flower meaning: love, loyalty, trust, and remembrance
  • White forget me not flower meaning: spirituality, honesty, and faithfulness
  • Pink forget me not flower meaning: romantic feelings towards someone
  • Purple forget me not flower meaning: respect and recognition
Forget me not plant

Forget Me Not Flowers Uses

Forget me not flowers are not only pretty, but they have medicinal uses as well. The extracts from the roots, barks, and flowers of the Forget me not plant are used in various medicines that are used to treat conditions like nose bleed, asthma and allergy, lung diseases, and more.

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Occasions where you can gift Forget Me Nots

You can gift forget me not flowers to your beloved on any occasion that you deem fit. However, it is the most appropriate romantic flower to express your love, or when you miss someone.

Did You Know?

  • Myosotis in Greek literally means ‘Mouse’s ears’. This name is attributed to the flower because of the foliage’s resemblance to a mouse’s ear.
  • Forget me not flower can also be grown in a pot.
  • Forget me not flowers are the birth month flower for September.
  • Forget me not tattoo is the most popular flower tattoo. Forget me not flower tattoo meaning is true love, hope, and courage.
  • Forget Me Nots FAQs

    What months do Forget Me Nots bloom in?

    Forget me not flowers generally bloom in spring-summer months of March to June.

    Which colors do Forget Me Not flowers come in?

    Most species of Forget me not flowers come in Blue. However, white, pink, and yellow flowers are also available, albeit rare.

    Do Forget me not flowers comeback every year?

    Yes. They are self seeding plants. They grow on their own and come back every year.

    Can I gift Forget me not flowers to someone’s wedding?

    It is not the most appropriate flower to gift to someone’s wedding

    Are forget me nots poisonous?

    No. they are 100% safe and non-toxic to humans.

    Do forget me not flowers have fragrance?

    No. They have no fragrance.

    What does the Forget Me Not flower symbolize?

    Forget me not flowers symbolize undying and everlasting love. As the name suggests, this flower is a symbol of eternal faithfulness and remembrance.

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