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5 Ways Flowers Help Improve Our Well-being

A flower’s beauty is so captivating, that you can just gaze for days and still feel mesmerized. However, their charm goes beyond just feasting your eyes. Flowers have constantly been linked to studies proving that receiving and/or being in their mere presence hold great emotional benefits and help to relieve stress. It is easy to be surrounded by stunning bouquets from local florists or any online flower delivery nowadays, so you too can enjoy increased life satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at five ways flowers help improve your well-being.

Brighten your Room, Brighten your Mood!

Many different types of flowers, such as chrysanthemums, are known to relieve stress and boost your mood. The bright colors play a powerful role in bringing a sense of joy, happiness, and calmness. The best part is that the impact can last for days, not only beautifying your home but also brightening your mood.

Flower - Brighten your Mood
Flower – Brighten your Mood

Improve Productivity and Concentration

Have you ever noticed plants in your office? This is no coincidence: indoor plants boost productivity and concentration by 47% as well as boost memory up to 20%. These effects stimulate creative thinking skills and give you the sense of going out for “fresh air” right at your desk. Air purifying principles and soothing subtle scents help ease worries and make room for memory retention and hard work in progress.

Grows Your Sense of Responsibility

Looking after a plant and seeing it bloom into a beautiful flower gives you a sense of responsibility and helps boost your self-esteem. The feeling of accomplishment in helping to nourish a new growth brings value and tranquility to your days, not to mention beautifying your space!

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Relax and Sleep Better

Flower helps to Relax and Sleep Better

If you can breathe easily, you can sleep peacefully. Did you know that flowers like lilies help purify the air in a room and rub off a sweet, subtle fragrance, making them one of the most popular flowers to keep in the bedroom? Lavender also has a similar effect inducing calm and warm feelings, helping you relax more, consequently leading to better quality sleep.

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Relieve Anxiety

A high-paced environment may very easily agitate your senses or those of a loved one. A flower delivery, a bouquet, or a quick visit to your local florist can help ease your worries and relieve anxiety. Jasmine and lavender are known to help reduce stress and anxiety levels by lowering your heart rate and reaching a state of peace, making them great flowers to keep in the bedroom or workplace.

In the end, the impact of having floral arrangements at home or in your workplace goes beyond just beautifying your space, you are also doing your mental health and well-being a huge favor! Taking care of yourself and those around you can easily become a part of your weekly routine and be incorporated into your life by regularly sending floral arrangements, bathing with floral essences, caring for a houseplant, and overall treating yourself with occasional floral deliveries. If you want to add to your self-care routine, visit SnapBlooms and check out our huge varieties of stunning house plants today.



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