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How Buying Flowers Is a Form of Self care?

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? I hear you. You have a lot of plans, deadlines to meet, and problems to solve. You’re busy. But, you’ve got to take a moment to breathe. Today, let mother nature take care of you with her source of happiness – flowers.

It’s scientifically proven that the presence of flowers triggers positive emotions and intensifies feelings of life satisfaction. Still not convinced?

Think about your own experience with flowers. Remember when your partner gave you a lovely bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day, or your friends sent you a basket of your favorite flowers for your promotion. Or, if you haven’t received flowers, just imagine the beautiful lavender fields in France or the famous daffodil scene in Big Fish. You can’t help but feel positive vibes.

Famous Daffodil Scene in Big Fish

Now, ask yourself this. Why wait for someone else to give you flowers? 

Buying yourself flowers is a form of self care. Let’s explore how.

Farewell, Stress

A nicely arranged bouquet is the easiest way to reduce stress and anxiety levels. The power of flowers can boost the energy in both your body and mind. Chrysanthemums, for instance, have an uplifting effect, known to relax our bodies and lessen our worries. Besides, they naturally light up any room they’re in with their bright and delicate petals.

Flowers turn your home into a cozy den where you feel comfortable. Aside from feasting your eyes, you can seek stress relief with flowers. Why not go for chamomiles? Alternatively, lilacs are a good option to get rid of worries since the smell helps to release beta-endorphins that help us cope with stress and pain.

After a long day, when you feel like you can’t do anything else, spoil yourself with a nice bath of rose petals. Known to be great mood enhancers, rose petals also carry skincare properties, combating any blemishes and acne that generally come from stress.

When you are in warm water with rose petals, listening to a calming song in candlelight, you simply have no other choice but to let go of your troubles. Besides, you deserve to feel pampered every once in a while.

Sweet Dreams

If you are one of those people who say, “Please brain, shut up so I can sleep,” you’d better read this.

In his TED talk, Matt Walker emphasizes the importance of sleep and how sleep deprivation can impact your health. Sleep is your superpower. But forget sleeping pills:  Instead, you can use the medicine nature provides. Flowers in all forms—tea, essential oils, or fresh flowers—can help to bring a good night’s sleep. 

As we all have heard, lavender is an excellent aid for relaxation. By lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, it helps you relax and fall asleep in peace. The lavender’s soothing purple combined with its subtle yet therapeutic scent makes the flower the best option for your bedroom.

Poor air quality worsens allergies, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep when your symptoms are at their worst. Once again, flowers are ready to help. Some flowers, such as bromelia, peace lilies, and gerberas can purify the air by removing harmful toxins from the air. They also give off oxygen, energizing the air and helping you sleep better and feel rested as a result.

Activate Brain Power

Do you know that some flowers and plants can actually boost your brainpower?

Stress makes us forgetful and affects our brain functions. It keeps us from being productive and making healthy decisions. Keeping flowers and plants in your office space can help to relieve anxiety and boost problem-solving thinking and creativity. Apart from contributing to a nicer work environment, flowers can indirectly improve your productivity.

For example, roses and rosemary can increase your concentration, focus, and memory. Studies report a significant increase in learning success by 30% if a person is exposed to the smell of roses during both learning and sleep phases.

As Luther Burbank, a famous American botanist, says “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.”

If you decide to stop and smell the roses, visit SnapBlooms to find the right flower for you.



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