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The Top 4 Flowers to Have in Your Bedroom

There’s one sentiment we all share when it comes to our homes: The bedroom is our sanctuary. Going to bed, we seek to restore our minds, recharge our batteries, and get energized for the next day.

Your bedroom is your haven, so it’s important to invest some time in its decor and design. A great way to create a powerful Zen atmosphere is arranging bedroom flowers.

In fact, bringing greenery into your bedroom does not only beautify it. Flowers can also positively affect your sleep quality. As studies have proven, plants can have a therapeutic effect, remove toxins and boost air quality – all key to getting a good night’s rest.

Let’s dive into which flower arrangements are the best to help you detox your bedroom, induce feelings of calm, and restore your energy for the next day.


Lilies in bedroom

Lilies are by far the most popular bedroom flowers. Not only can lilies fill whole rooms with their subtle but fragrant scent, they also have an eye-catching quality. In fact, in Chinese Feng Shui, lilies are said to bring gratitude and inner peace. According to the Asian philosophy, these beautiful blossoms help us to refocus ourselves and direct our attention towards new opportunities.

Lilies come in many variants, such as the pretty Oriental Stargazer Lilies or the romantic white lilies, which symbolize love and passion. If you want to transform your bedroom into a Zen oasis, we recommend the beautiful Rose & Calla Lily Bouquet.

The best lilies for a good night sleep are undoubtedly Peace Lilies, which are known to keep the air moist. Humidity in the air helps keep our bodies hydrated and provides a vital recovery treatment for our skin while we sleep.

The good thing about lilies is that you don’t have to worry about them as much as with other flowers. They’re long-lasting and will stay looking fresh for as long as two weeks. Just keep the soil moist, not soggy, and make sure they have indirect sunlight exposure.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos in bedroom

If you want to keep your flower decor simple and low maintenance, Potted Golden Pothos Ivy are the way to go. Golden Pothos is also known as “Devil’s Ivy” and is considered to be the perfect air purifier. It filters toxins such as carbon monoxide and humidifies the air, helping your lungs, eyes and skin to recover overnight.

To keep the plant away from pets and small children, consider using it as a beautiful bedroom design feature by hanging it down from the ceiling or alternatively place it on the windowsill. These plants are extremely easy to look after, needing only little sunlight and watering once a week.

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Orchids in bedroom

Another beautiful flower that creates a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom is the orchid. According to ancient philosophy, orchids create an energy of purity due to their exotic beauty. And if this wasn’t enough already, these stunning plants are also said to induce feelings of joy, creativity, and passion.

One orchid type most flower lovers like to have next to the bed is the Elegant Double Stem. This pretty blossom fits perfectly into any existing bedroom decor and gives your room an elegant touch. If you are looking for a more exclusive model, we recommend the Enchanting Orchid Plant.

It’s a common mistake to believe orchids are care-intensive plants. If you follow just a few simple rules, your orchid will bring joy to your life for many years. Keep in mind to mist the plants with a spray can instead of watering them completely. And remember, orchids prefer places with indirect sunlight instead of direct exposure.

Money Trees

Money Trees in bedroom

There’s one tree that’s certain to help you sleep better at night: The famous Money Tree or Guiana Chestnut. The plant received its name from Feng Shui because its intriguingly shaped leaves are said to bring prosperity, good fortune, luck, and wealth. What’s more, the tree’s fresh scent can provoke a positive mental state and energize the mind.

The Money Tree is popular among the air-purifying plants, reducing unhealthy toxins while you sleep at night.

Adding vitality to rooms, the Money Tree is a great accessory for any bedroom. On top of its lucky qualities, it’s also easy to care for as it grows indoors and can tolerate even low light exposure.

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Inspired to decorate your bedroom with beautiful, mood-boosting plants? Get your favourite bedroom flowers hand-delivered to you by your local florist today.



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