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International Women’s Day Flowers – March 8th

International Women’s Day (IWD) dates back to 1911, and is now honored yearly on March 8th to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

We all have special women in our lives – whether it’s our mothers, partners, daughters, or even coworkers. On this day dedicated solely to women, it’s important to value the powerful roles they play in the lives of everyone around them. What better way to show it than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on International Women’s Day that light up the room almost as much as they do.

Yet you might be left wondering which flowers to send on International Women’s Day. Well, worry not. We’ve compiled a list of the best flowers to send to the women in your life this March 8th.

What is the Official Flower of International Women’s Day?

The Mimosa Flower is the Official Flower of International Women’s Day

Mimosas Flower Meaning and Association

The Combination of mimosa flowers with International Women’s Day originated in Italy by the political party UDI (Unione Donne Italiane, the Italian Women’s Union).

Mimosas flower meaning and symbolizes
Mimosas flower meaning and symbolizes

In 1946, feminists in Italy decided the mimosa flower was the one to mark International Women’s Day, and what a great fit, as the Mimosas flower symbolizes strength, sensibility, and sensitivity. Though the exact reason for choosing the mimosa isn’t known, it is thought that its yellow color Mimosas Flower represents cheerfulness and that the flowers’ abundance at this time of year plays a role too.

If you want to stick to tradition and honor the fight for the equality of women – this is the one to go for. Every year, the practice of giving mimosas to women on IWD is not just limited to Italy, but is commonly seen in other countries, too.

List of Flower to Send on International Women’s Day Flowers

Orchids Flowers

Orchid flowers for International Women's day
Orchid flowers for International Womens day

Do you have a woman in your life who oozes elegance and sophistication? If yes, then orchids are the perfect gift for her on International Women’s Day. Orchids in pink tones symbolize femininity and grace, while yellow orchids represent vitality and new beginnings. Each orchid flower truly has its own personality, so make sure to pick out the color that best matches its receiver.

For example, this beautiful double stem orchid plant would be a great option for your significant other, or this exquisite yellow zen orchid plant is perfect for brightening up the day of a female family member.

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Roses don’t have to be limited to just Valentine’s Day – these beautiful shrubs are available in an array of colors, and are another top choice of flower to send on International Women’s Day.

Send Roses on International Women's day
Send Roses on International Womens day

Roses make a perfect gift for the inspiring women in your life, and can represent anything from purity, to wisdom, to balance. The classic red rose is the clear option to send your romantic partner, while pink roses symbolize gratitude and admiration – perfect for a family member. For a close confidant, opt for yellow roses, which symbolize friendship, to show them how important they are to you.

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These Ambrosia roses will be sure to put a smile on a family member’s face and there’s no better way to show your appreciation for your most inspiring woman friend or coworker than with this fresh bouquet of yellow roses and daisies. And if you’re staying traditional, these timeless red roses are the ultimate gesture for your loved one on IWD.


Lilies are an excellent choice for International Women’s Day, as they are associated with purity, motherhood, devotion, and love. The classic white lily symbolizes purity and virtue, whereas lilies with pink hues are known to represent prosperity and abundance. Their strong fragrance and long-lasting nature make them not only a beautiful flower to look at, but also one that’s perfect for having at home.

Send Lilies flowers on women's day
Send Lilies flowers on women’s day

For International Women’s Day, we’d recommend sending this colorful mix of lilies to signify joy and happiness, or this beautiful Calla lily bouquet for a more classic option.

Still seeking more ideas for the perfect flowers to send on International Women’s Day? Check out the array of options on SnapBlooms.com and show the women in your life how important they are.

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International Women’s Day Flowers & Gifts FAQs

What color represents International Women’s Day?

The Colors of International Women’s Day are purple, green and white. Where Purple Color represents royalty, signifies dignity and justice. The color green means hope and White associated with purity.

What is the symbol of International Women’s Day?

The Mimosas flower symbolizes sensitivity, strength, and sensibility. They associated the yellow color Mimosas Flower with cheerfulness.

Which is the most feminine flower to send on International Women’s Day? ?

The orchids flower, as these are associated with femininity.



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