What Can You Gift Along With Flowers?

Gift Along With Flowers
Gift Along With Flowers

The tradition of gift-giving is as old as the human civilization itself. In the language of Sheldon Cooper, it’s a “non-optional social convention” that must be followed in all circumstances. However, choosing the right gift can be a formidable task for most of us. After all, there are so many factors to consider such as the taste, need, and preference of the receiver, your budget, and accessibility of the items.

Although flowers make pretty neat gifts for all occasions, sometimes you need some more items to accompany the flowers. And here comes the dilemma!

Fret not! Here comes an all-inclusive gift guide exclusively for you. This guide is all you’ll need to select the perfect gift along with a bunch of pretty flowers, irrespective of the occasion.

Gift Ideas for Birthday

Gift ideas for birthday

Birthdays are one of the major occasions that require you to compose a well-thought gift. It is only normal that you don’t want to falter in your task and end up spending money on a gift that will not be well-received by the birthday girl/boy.

Flowers make excellent birthday gifts for all, but when you need to add something more to it, that decision must be based on the receiver’s relationship with you above all. Personal preferences will come second. 

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Here are some gift ideas to accompany with flowers.

Birthday gifts for Mum

Birthday gifts for Mum

What can you gift the person who gifted you life and everything else in it? Flowers, of course. But if you want to make her feel even more special, choose items that she can use and enjoy.

If your mom enjoys dressing up, you can gift her accessories like watches, belts, shoes, or purses. If she enjoys music, you can buy her a music player, a headphone, or Bluetooth speakers. If she enjoys cooking, you can gift her cool kitchen gadgets. You can also think of unique items like the DVD set of her favorite TV show or movies. And last but not the least, chocolates and books make excellent last-minute birthday gifts for mom. 

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Birthday gifts for Dad

Birthday gifts for Dad

Most dads are not as vocal as moms in declaring their love or emotions. That doesn’t mean you can get away with buying him anything out of the blue. Birthday gifts for dads should also be just as thoughtful as moms. Along with a bunch of his favorite flowers, you can gift him things like a set of books from his favorite author, or gadgets like a wireless charger. Shoes, belts, and wallets are also good choices for dads. And if you accidentally forgot to buy a present, there’s always the option of buying a nice bottle of wine along with a bunch of flowers with same day delivery option.

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Birthday gifts for a Sister/Brother

Birthday gifts for a Sister/Brother

Choosing gifts for a sister or brother is a whole other deal altogether, especially because they won’t shy away from calling you out for gifting them something that they don’t like. But don’t worry, here are some ideas that will work for even the toughest crowd of brothers and sisters. However, if you’re wondering what to send instead of flowers, you can go with fruit baskets, chocolates, scented candles, or gift cards.

Gifts for sister from brother or sister:

Buying gifts for sisters should be something unique, creative, cute, and also useful. Most young girls love dressing up. Buying her favorite dress or shoes, or taking her to Sephora for makeup shopping can be a great birthday gift for 21 year old girls (or younger). Buying online subscriptions of her favorite online platforms or gifting a set of camping gear for the adventurous sister are some creative birthday gifts that you can try out. And for some last-minute gifts and flowers, there’s always the option of a big box of chocolate along with a bouquet of pink flowers.

Gifts for brother from sister or brother:

The art of gift-giving lies in understanding the personality of the gift receiver. Got a fitness freak brother? Buy some good-quality dumbbells, a yoga mat, or a gym ball for him. Or is he a nerd? Cool gadgets like wireless headphones for Xbox, smart monitor, or a cool soundbar will be good choices. Video game gifts are also very popular birthday gifts for boys and are not going out of fashion any time soon. 

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Birthday gifts for a Friend

Birthday gifts for a Friend

When it comes to choosing a birthday gift for a friend, you are almost spoilt with choices. Depending on the taste of your friend, there are so many things that you can buy along with flowers.

Birthday gift for a female friend:

Does your friend have gorgeous hair? You can make her curls even more beautiful by gifting a good quality hairdryer, flat iron, or a hair curler. Makeups and accessories are also great gifts to give along with flowers. If she’s into arts, you can get her arts and crafts supplies or something creative like a tie-dye kit, a sculpture kit, or a pottery kit. Or how about some useful stuff for her new home, like a cool beanbag, a recliner, or a futon bed! Really, when it comes to gifting a friend, sky (and your budget) is the only limit!

Birthday gift for a male friend:

A new game, a cool electronic gadget, a nice leather jacket, all of these can be great choices for birthday gifts for friend’s birthday. Other than these common and popular choices, you can also go with items like a mini-fridge for his car or bedroom, a toolbox, fishing gear, some good perfume, wallets, or instruments for exercise. Things like superhero merchandise, travel grooming kits, or a snack box can also make great gifts for best friend’s birthday.

Birthday gifts for Girlfriend

Birthday gifts for Girlfriend

Now, this is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, i.e. choosing the perfect gift for the girlfriend, especially when the relationship is still in the blooming phase. If you plan ahead, you can try some DIY gifts by yourself. Along with a bunch of colorful flowers, a handmade gift is almost fail-proof. However, if you don’t have the time, and still want to make it personal, there’s the option of personalized gifts. Customized gifts are all the rage right now. You can choose anything from digital-printed pillows, bed covers, or T-shirts, to wall clocks with a romantic picture of you two, to coffee mugs and personalized pens and notebooks.

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Birthday gifts for Boyfriend

Birthday gifts for Boyfriend

You can apply the same formula mentioned above to choose gifts for boyfriends too. Hand-made or personalized gifts like custom-made keychains, Pendrive, drinking flask, or accessories like caps, belts, or jackets are some of the items that are well-appreciated by the boyfriend lot. Apart from that, things like a beer lover’s box set, a liquor flask, an on-the-go charging system for his gadgets, some nice fragrances, etc. are some inexpensive gifts for men.

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Some other special Birthday Gift Ideas

Special birthday gift ideas

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are so many other relationships in your life that you might need to buy birthday gifts for. Here are some ideas:

Teacher’s birthday gifts: Books, pens, school supplies, tote bags, a printer 

Birthday gifts for neighbors: A good bottle of wine, toolbox, garden supplies, binoculars, coffee mugs

Birthday gifts for a boss/senior at work: Showpieces, scented candles, wine glass set, a comfortable office chair

Birthday gifts for grandma or grandpa: Cookie jar, sweater or comforter, recipe book, slippers, nightgowns, gloves, tea kettle

1st Birthday gifts for a baby: Learning toys, musical toys, garments, teddy bears

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Gift ideas for Special Occasions

Gift ideas for Special Occasions

Now that we’ve got all kinds of birthdays pretty well-covered for you, it’s time to cover some of the other occasions that require gift-giving. Here are some all occasion flowers and gifts ideas that will help you choose the perfect gift every time.

  • What gifts to buy along with flowers for a housewarming party?

Things that a family needs on a day-to-day basis will make great gifts for housewarming parties. If you buy them useful household items, it will really help the family out since they will probably have very little time and resources to shop for everything they need in the new house. Some of the items that you can gift are Personalized nameplates, crockery and cutlery sets, dinner plates, toaster, coffee machine, or other kitchen gadgets, home décor items.

  • What makes great first time dad gifts, or baby shower gifts?

First-time dads and moms will be the happiest if you gift them items related to babies. Some of the items to consider are diaper genie, a big box of diapers, pacifiers, strollers and perambulators, baby journals, baby storybooks, or baby clothes. Sounds too overwhelming?  You can also gift something to pamper the new mom or dad, like an expensive bottle of massage oils to calm them down and cure all kinds of baby blues, a sleep mask, a gift basket with bath and body items, or some comfortable blankets.

  • What makes the most useful wedding gifts for bride and groom?

When it comes to choosing wedding gifts for bride and groom, you can either choose fancy items that they will enjoy having or useful items to help them start a new life. In the first category, jewelry, dresses, and accessories are good choices. In the second category, you can choose any household items, kitchen gadgets, or home décor items.

  • What are some of the most unique thank you gifts that I can give along with flowers?

Thanking someone from the heart? Flowers are the best thank you gift choice for that. However, if you think that’s not sufficient, personalized items will be great choices, including coffee mugs, throw pillows, clocks, and calendars, or photo frames. You can also choose items like an expensive pen set, imported chocolates, or bottles of wine.


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