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Mother’s Day Activities: 3 Ways to Put A Smile On Her Face

The best way to honor the special moms in our lives is to show them how much we appreciate what they do for us every day. That’s what makes Mother’s Day so special, it’s that one memorable day to really go the extra mile and express our love.

Mother’s Day activity ideas to help bring a smile to her face

1. Flower Arranging Class

Mother’s Day Activity: Flower Arranging Class

A flower arranging class is a fun and unique way to spend quality time with your mother (or grandmother, aunt, stepmother, or any other mom in your life!) on this special day. Combining the different colors and scents has a positive effect on our emotions and definitely helps bring a smile to her face. These classes are often used as floral therapy, helping to release stress by learning new skills and improving overall mood. As part of this experience, at the end of the day, your mom can show off her very own Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

These classes can also be taken virtually, so it doesn’t matter if your mom is long-distance or you can’t travel to meet her yet, you can still celebrate together.

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2. Visit A Botanical Garden

Mother’s Day Activity: Visit A Botanical Garden

A trip to a botanical garden is like heaven on earth. Aside from being in such a relaxing environment, away from all the daily chaos, you and your mom can learn all about the Mixed Plant Basket that isn’t usually found during any old outdoor walk.

Just like floral therapy, “nature therapy” also reduces stress levels, anxiety, and any other mental health issue.

Adding to the soothing change of scenery, botanical gardens provide the opportunity to gaze upon and smell unique flowers as they often conserve endangered plant species. Many gardens house plants from all over the world, which help transport you to different countries and regions, making this day unforgettable.

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3. Plant Something

Mother’s Day Activity: Plant Something

Speaking of unforgettable memories, spending a day with your mother in the garden is just like a gift that keeps on giving. Mom will always be reminded of this special moment as she sees her plants grow day after day.

Bonding activities, such as gardening together, help strengthen relationships while building new skills. Why not develop a green thumb and possibly a new Mother’s Day tradition this year, adding to your display of affection and appreciation?

Don’t know what to grow? Carnations are widely associated with Mother’s Day and are a beautiful representation of sweetness and love. This variety is very easy to care for and can be grown right in her backyard or even her front lawn, wherever your mom can enjoy the best!

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There are countless ways to pamper and honor our moms on their special day, from the traditional bed in breakfast to a family lunch or dinner. Spending quality time and sharing new activities is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime, but no Mother’s Day will be complete without a beautiful mothers day floral arrangement! Start planning your activities and begin her day by putting a smile on her face with One of a Kind Bouquet for Mother’s Day



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