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Top 5 Flowers to Send for Mother’s Day

She is the woman who kept you warm for months before introducing you to the rest of the world. So, this Mother’s Day -which approaches on the Second Sunday of May every year. Show her how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you by surprising her with Mother’s Day flower arrangements this special day.

We’ll go over our top five flowers for Mother’s day so you can send the perfect bunch with some to melt your mum’s heart this Mother’s Day.


Sunflowers for Mother’s Day

Nothing quite brightens up a room like a vibrant Sunflower. Got a mom in your life whose shining energy brings light into the lives of those around her? Sunflowers are the blooms for her. And this tops the Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Across the world, sunflowers represent positivity, strength, admiration, and loyalty. In fact, sunflowers were held in high regard by the Incas as they resemble the life-giving sun. And nothing means life-giving like mothers, right?

Sunflowers come in over 80 species, but the ones we’re most used to are definitely the classic Taiyo species, which have bright yellow petals and can make exquisite cut bouquets.

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Hydrangeas are a beautiful flower to send to moms, as their playful balls of petals immediately lift spirits and elicit feelings of joy. Hydrangeas come in many different colors, including blue, which symbolizes gratitude, white, which represents purity and grace, pink, which sends a message of sincere emotions, and purple, which shows pride and royalty.

Sending this striking bouquet of white hydrangeas flowers will be sure to not only put a smile on your mom’s (or the person you’d like to treat this Mother’s Day!) face but also show her how grateful you are for the grace and beauty she adds to your every day.


Rose Flowers for Mothers Day

Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day—their classic blooms which come in an array of colors will no doubt express your deep love and appreciation for a special mom too. Instead of the usual red rose, which is gifted to romantic partners, go for pink rose which symbolizes gratitude, admiration, and joy, orange ones which show enthusiasm and passion, or yellow roses which represent friendship. What better way to show our mothers and family members that we see them as our friends, too, not just a parent?

Roses will delight any mom in your life as their striking beauty not only brings life to a home, but their sweet fragrance offers moments of pure joy. Take a look at this beautiful bouquet with a mix of hot pinks, oranges, whites, and yellows to truly surprise a special woman this Mother’s Day.

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Lilies are a classic option to gift on Mother’s Day to those you want to pamper as well. This elegant flower was first discovered over 2,400 years ago and was heralded as a majestic flower in Ancient Greek mythology, as Zeus’ wife Hera is believed to be the creator of Lily.

Lilies come in an array of colors, so it’s important to know what color flowers for mothers day can send the right message. White lilies represent purity and modesty and are often associated with funerals or condolences, so it’s perhaps better to stick to pink hues which signify love, admiration, and femininity, or yellow lilies, which evoke happiness and joy. Alternatively, orange lilies symbolize energy and warmth, while purple ones convey pride and accomplishment. These fabulous yellow lilies are a perfect splash of vibrance for Mother’s Day this year.


Carnations are the official January Birth Flower and also represent Zodiac Sign Birth Flower for Sagittarius. It is an ideal bloom to send for Mother’s Day! The various colors of this lovely cut flower each have a different meaning.

• Carnations in pink symbolise gratitude and love.

• Carnations in a light red color symbolise admiration and adoration.

• Carnations in dark red express love and affection.

• White carnations are a traditional flower to give or wear in honor of a mother who has passed away.

This Mother’s Day, there’s no better way to show your appreciation and gratitude than with an exquisite bouquet of flowers Online Delivery, the best place for mothers day flowers indeed. Looking where to order flowers for mothers day? Check out the rest of our range on SnapBlooms.com to get flowers delivered for mothers day!



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