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Yellow Rose Meaning, Symbolisms, and History

A hue so bright that it resembles the blazing sun! When we see a yellow rose, that’s what comes naturally to our mind, doesn’t it? Indeed, there are very few flower colors that cheer us up like a bright and shiny yellow bloom. And when the bloom is rose, things can hardly get any better!

Yellow rose flower meanings are mostly associated with happy and cheerful feelings. Yellow rose color meanings include joy, peace, affection, and friendship.

Yellow Rose Meaning & Symbolism

The most dominant Yellow rose meaning is that it’s the symbol of friendship. Yellow is the color that evokes warmth, affection, and tenderness in us, which are precisely the feelings that we associate with friendship. Using yellow roses is the perfect way to celebrate your friends and tell them how important they are for you.

Yellow Rose Meaning & Symbolism
Yellow Rose Meaning & Symbolism

Yellow rose symbolisms also include joy, happiness, and celebrations. It brings out the cheerful side in all of us and instantly brightens up our mood on a gloomy day. The meaning of giving Yellow roses also includes optimism, hope, and happiness. It is a great gift to offer someone when he/she is going through a tough phase in life.

History of Yellow Rose

Roses, being the most popular flower in the world as they are, come in every possible shade. Yet, the yellow rose is the perfect emblem of everything that we adore about roses. On the one hand, it reminds us of the purity and subtlety of white roses, and on the other hand, the bright and cheerful appearance competes with the beauty of reds and pinks.

In short, yellow roses are the perfect middleman in the world of roses. Although the rose flower itself was discovered thousands of years ago, yellow roses are a pretty new member of the rose family. Yellow rose was discovered in the 18th century in Southeast Asia, and was brought to Europe soon after that. Yellow roses come in various shapes and sizes, and are available in many different subspecies.

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What Occasions are Yellow Roses used for?

Yellow roses are associated with happiness and joy. They bring a sense of cheerfulness to anyone who receives them. That is why one can give these flowers to various people at various events. The following are some of the best yellow rose occasions:

Yellow roses for friendship day

Yellow Rose Friendship Day Bouquet is an excellent way to cheer up a friend on this special day. You can use a Friendship Day Yellow Rose as the perfect add-on with chocolates, cards, or any other gift. For a ‘special’ friend, you may also get Yellow Rose Arrangements Friendship Day combined with some elegant red roses!

What do Yellow Roses mean in friendship?

Yellow roses symbolize true friendship. They are lighthearted, warm flowers that don’t imply any kind of romantic intention.

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Yellow roses for wishing get well soon

A Get Well rose as a gift is certainly a joy to any person who has been sitting sick in their bed for quite a while now. You can just buy a fresh Yellow Rose get-well bouquet, mixed with other bright colors if you wish, for your friend or family member and inspire them to get better. Yellow Rose Arrangements Get Well Soon when simply kept beside an ill person in their hospital bed or bedroom will constantly make them feel delightful.

What do Yellow Roses mean in a get well bouquet?

Yellow roses in a get well bouquet are meant to cheer the person up as sickness can be highly depressing for many. Thus, these flowers bring warmth and joy.

Yellow roses for congratulations

Yellow rose congratulations bouquet is one of the nicest ways to congratulate your dear ones for a variety of special occasions. You can get Yellow Rose Arrangements for Congratulations in combination with white or red roses for anniversaries, birthdays, etc. An elegant congratulations yellow rose alone can also be a decent option.

What do Yellow Roses mean in a congratulations bouquet?

In a congratulations bouquet, Yellow roses signify cheerfulness, brightness, and happiness.

Yellow roses for good luck

A Good Luck Yellow rose is a great way to cheer someone up. You can use these Yellow Rose Arrangements for Good Luck solely created with elegant yellow blooms or combined with some other flower kinds of colors. Whatever you may choose, a yellow Rose Good Luck Bouquet is promised to evoke warmth and optimism.

What do Yellow Roses mean in a good luck bouquet?

In a Good Luck bouquet, Yellow roses convey radiance and optimism.

Yellow roses for a new beginning

New beginning yellow roses are a considerable symbol of festivity and joy. Especially when combined with red roses, Yellow Rose Arrangements for New Beginning signify celebrations and everlasting love for occasions such as weddings, new babies, etc.

What do Yellow Roses mean in a new beginning bouquet?

Yellow roses in a new beginning bouquet are highly refreshing and great to mark fresh beginnings.

Other times to gift Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are excellent for many other occasions as well including graduations, weddings, farewell, or simply cheering up a loved one.

The significance of the number of Yellow Roses

The significance of yellow roses also depends on the flower count. Here’s a quick guide on the meaning of the number of yellow roses:

Rose Flower NumberMeaning & Symbolism
1 countLove at first sight
2 countReciprocated love, mutual love
3 countI love you
4 countWe are meant to be together for life
5 countYou are special
7 countWe complete each other
10 countYou are perfect
12 countBe mine
13 countYou are all I need
15 countLong-lasting love
20 countWe are together forever
25 countCongratulations
30 countI am committed to you
50 countWe are together forever
70 countMy love for you is everlasting
75 countYou are my soul-mate
99 countI want to grow old with you
100 countCommitment, forever love

Yellow Rose Meanings when combined with other roses

Yellow roses signify different meanings when they are combined with different colors. The following are some popular color combinations: 

What do red and Yellow roses mean?

When used together, yellow and red roses convey compassion, celebration, and happiness. You can use them for many special occasions without the sole overtones of red roses.

What do pink and Yellow roses mean?

Pink roses add a touch of femininity to yellow roses and exemplify elegance, admiration, and gratitude. 

What do white and Yellow roses mean?

White and yellow roses together symbolize honesty and friendship. 

What do orange and Yellow roses mean?

Yellow roses, when combined with orange, exemplify more fierce and passionate sentiments.

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Yellow Rose Meaning FAQs

What does a single Yellow rose mean?

A single rose exemplifies friendship and happiness.

What does a dozen Yellow roses mean?

A dozen yellow roses are one of the brightest flower options. They signify warmth, joy, and cheerfulness.

What are the common types of Yellow roses?

‘Graham Thomas’, ‘Sunshine Daydream’, and Julia Child Rose are some common kinds of yellow roses. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a Yellow rose?

In the spiritual sense, yellow roses signify wisdom as well as spiritual enlightenment.



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