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Red Roses: Meaning, Symbolism and History

Red roses are the epitome of romance. Imagine any romantic occasion, and you’re bound to think of red roses, right? Red roses symbolize all that’s associated with love, passion, and romance since time eternity. The red rose meaning actually comes from the Greek and Roman legends associated with them (we’ve discussed it below). The meaning of roses colors are different and are used to express a range of feelings. Giving red roses to someone is considered to be a significant gesture. In order to make your gift-giving more meaningful, you should know about the several meanings and symbolisms attached to the red roses flower.

History of Red Roses

Red roses are one of the three primary rose colors naturally growing in nature, along with white and pink roses. Fossils suggest that red roses were in existence about 35 million years ago.

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There are many legends and myths associated with red roses. It is said that Goddess Venus was in love with Adonis. Once, there was a conspiracy to kill Adonis. Hearing that, Venus was rushing towards him to alert him, and on her way, she cut her feet onto the thorns of white roses. And the white roses turned to red ones when her blood touched them. Another legend says it was Aphrodite and Adonis, and Adonis was indeed killed. Red roses came into existence when his blood drops touched the ground.

These legends, along with the flower’s intoxicating aroma and breathtaking beauty are responsible for its association with love and passion.

What do Red Roses Mean?

The red rose means romance, love and  Passion. 

Red Roses Meaning and Symbolism
Red Roses Meaning and Symbolism

What does a Red Rose Symbolise?

Red Roses symbolize Love and Passion

It comes as no surprise that the meaning of red roses symbolizes love and Passion. Timeless Red Roses depict romantic love and passionate feelings towards someone. It is the symbol of commitment, faithfulness, and loyalty. 

Red roses also denote long-lasting love. It is used as a symbol of strong and long standing relationships. Red roses also represent reciprocated love, and the triumph of love over everything else.

What do red roses mean in the language of flowers?

In the language of flowers the meaning of red roses is love.

What do giving red roses mean on different occasions?

Red roses symbolize different things on different occasions. Here’s a quick guide for you that will make gifting more meaningful:


Red roses are almost as popular in weddings as white roses, and red roses are extensively included in the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, the bouquet toss, corsages, boutonnieres, and also in decorations. Red roses symbolize the union of two souls and eternal love.

Anniversary & Valentine’s Day:

These are perhaps the two best occasions to shower love towards your significant one, and give red roses as presents. Red roses symbolize intense love, passion, and dedication towards someone, in short, all the emotions that you want to express!


When it’s the birthday of your crush, or someone you love, giving red rose bouquet is the perfect gesture of love.

Marry Me:

Yes, red roses are also perfect for when you’re about to pop the question!

Meaning of red roses when combined with other rose colors:

When combined in a flower bouquet with other rose colors, together they create a special new meaning of red roses, such as:

  1. A combination of white and red roses means: union of two souls, perfect for weddings.
  2. A combination of pink and red roses means: admiration, affection, and happiness, great for anniversaries and birthdays
  3. A combination of yellow and red roses means: happiness, joy, love, perfect for date nights, gifting to friends or close ones

Meaning of Numbers of Red Roses

The number of red rose flowers in a flower bouquet or a flower arrangement also plays a significant role in determining their meanings.

  • A single red rose means Love at first sight
  • 2 red roses flower symbolize reciprocated love, mutual love
  • 3 red roses mean I love you
  • 4 red roses meaning is we are meant to be together for life
  • 5 red rose symbolize you are special
  • 7 red roses mean we complete each other
  • 10 bouquet red roses represent you are perfect
  • 12 red roses meaning is to be mine
  • 13 red roses stand for – You are all I need
  • 15 red roses flower represents Long-lasting love
  • 20 red rose flower numbers meaning is We are together forever
  • 25 red colors of roses meanings is Congratulations
  • 30 red roses represent I am committed to you
  • 50 red rose number that represents We live together forever
  • 70 red color flower meaning is My love for you is everlasting
  • 75 number of red roses meaning is You are my soul-mate
  • 99 red roses number means I want to grow old with you
  • 100 bouquet red roses represents commitment, forever love.

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