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Freesia: Origin, Meaning and Symbolism

The lovely flower known as freesia was initially seen in South Africa in the late 1700s. Let’s discuss this pretty bloom’s history in more detail, as well as its significance and meaning. We will also discuss the benefits of using freesia flowers and how to take care of these plants.

The Origins of the Freesia Flower

The Origins of the Freesia Flower

The German physician and botanist Dr. Friedrich Freese (1785–1876) is credited with giving the freesia flower its name. Around 1830, a botanist named Christian Ecklon, who had gathered species in South Africa, named the bloom honoring his friend Dr. Freese. Because of this, the flower’s main meaning is now trust and friendship.

Since then, these pretty flowers have spread in popularity across Europe, Asia, and the Americas as prized ornamentals. Today, freesias are grown commercially in places like California and the United Kingdom to supply the cut flower industry. The freesia cut flowers you find at your local florist or order online for same-day flower delivery likely originated from these ideal growing areas.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Freesia Flowers

The Meaning and Symbolism of Freesia Flower

In the language of flowers, every bloom carries its own special meaning and symbolism. As for the freesia flower’s meaning, it represents friendship, trust, and innocence.

Giving someone freesia flowers conveys a message of platonic love and being carefree. This freesia flower symbolism makes it a fitting flower for friends, children, sweethearts, or even yourself! Their childlike appeal and trilling citrus scent evoke youthful joy and boundless imagination.

In color meaning, each shade of freesia brings its own freesia flower colors and meaning:

  • White freesia flowers mean purity and innocence
  • Yellow freesia flowers signify friendship
  • Blue freesia flowers represent calm and relaxation
  • Purple freesia flowers symbolize spirituality

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, encouraging someone, or brightening a mundane day, Freesia’s uplifting vibes are perfect for any occasion

Care and Cultivation of Freesia Plants

Care and Cultivation of Freesia Plants

Unlike some finicky blooms, freesias are pleasingly easy flowers to grow in the garden. They perform best in zones 8 to 10 with full sunlight and sandy, nutrient-rich soil. Give them space, providing 8 to 12 inches between bulbs.

Water a freesia flower garden thoroughly without letting the plants sit in wet soil. Too much moisture can cause bulbs to rot. Once freesia flower plants become established, they only need weekly watering unless the weather is severely dry.

freesia flower garden

Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly once green foliage appears to nourish the freesia flowers and promote continual blooming showcases. As each stem fades, snap it off near the base to encourage new growth. With this simple care, freesias will keep your garden graced with cheery color for months on end!

For growing gorgeous container arrangements, plant freesia bulbs in a well-drained potting mix 6 to 8 weeks before the last expected frost. Move pots to a sunny spot indoors or outdoors in a space protected from harsh weather. Water when the top few inches become dry and fertilize every two weeks with bloom-boosting plant food. Soon, you’ll have eye-catching displays!

Benefits and Uses of Freesia Flowers

Benefits and Uses of Freesia Flowers

Beyond their stellar good looks, freesia cut flowers offer a variety of benefits and uses:

Freesia flower bouquet

Grouped together in centerpieces, freesia flower arrangements, and even miniature nosegays, freesias infuse their sweet scent and dainty charm into any space. The long-lasting cut flowers also combine beautifully with roses, lilies, and spring blooms and do not need freesia cut flower care as such.

Freesia Essential Oil

Extracted from fragrant freesia, the essential oil promotes relaxation with its fresh, citrusy aroma. Add a few drops to your diffuser, bath water, homemade candle, or body care products.

Potpourri & Air Fresheners

Once the blooms fade, dry the freesia flowers and use them like potpourri. Or add the petals to potpourri blends and sachets. Their lingering sweet fragrance will gently scent any room.

Freesia flower fact

Did you know you can eat freesia too? Use the tangy petals to garnish desserts, salads, and drinks for a burst of flavor and fun.

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