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Capricorn Flower: Birth Flowers for Capricorn Zodiac Signs

People born under the zodiac sign Capricorn between December 22nd and January 19th, are represented by the hardy sea goat. Just as the goat is able to thrive in harsh conditions, capricorns are ambitious, determined, and committed to their goals. When it comes to choosing a flower for December or January, the pansy is the ultimate choice for this earthy zodiac sign.

Pansy Flower Symbolism

Pansy flower Symbolism

With its cheerful yet pensive face, the humble pansy flower meaning reflects Capricorn’s tendency to be serious and determined yet creative and whimsical.

Pansies have long symbolized:

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Spiritual wisdom
  • Introspection

They represent Capricorn’s innate thoughtfulness and wisdom that come from self-reflection. Much like the sea goat that represents this zodiac sign, Capricorn flower signs value taking time for inner thought and growth.

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Pansy Varieties

pansy flower meaning

Pansies come in a wide array of delightful colors, each with its own unique pansy flower meaning:

Yellow pansy meaning: Joy, optimism, warmth

Blue pansy flower meaning: Calm, relaxation, tranquility

Purple pansy meaning: Creativity, imagination, spirituality

Red pansy flower: Vibrance, passion, love

This diversity reflects the complexity of the Capricorn personality. Like their birth flower, Capricorns may seem dark and mysterious on the outside, but they have a vibrant inner life brimming with imagination, wisdom, and hidden talents. This flower is also suitable for those whose birthdays fall in the month of December, so you have the option to send flowers online as a gift!

Pansy History & Fun Facts

Pansy History & Fun Facts

Pansies have been cultivated since at least the 16th century. Their name comes from the French pensees meaning “thoughts.” Some other neat facts:

  • Pansies were one of the first flowers brought to the early American colonies. Their hardiness made them a ground favorite.
  • They bloom best in spring but new varieties now bloom all season long.
  • Pansies come in more colors than any other flowering plant – from solid to bi-colors and more. No two faces are exactly alike.

By ordering online flower delivery, you can send a cute bouquet or arrangement to brighten any Capricorn’s day and represent their zodiac vibes. This is a thoughtful December birth flower gift they will truly appreciate.

Other Capricorn Birth Flowers

Along with the multipurpose pansy, a few other flowers share the distinction of being Capricorn zodiac flowers:


Carnation flower delivery

Symbolizing pride, beauty, and affection, carnations match the Capricorn’s secretly soft interior hidden behind their proud, self-sufficient exterior, making it another January birth month flower. Their ruffled petals come in a variety of bright, happy colors, reflecting the sparks of joy and vibrance embedded in the Capricorn personality.


Cyclamen flower delivery

Represents resignation and goodbye, mirroring Capricorn’s practical nature and ability to accept life’s harsh realities.


Holly flowers

It symbolizes domestic happiness which is important to family-oriented Capricorns. Holly also signifies foresight with this future-focused sign.


January birth flower snowdrop

Representing hope and rebirth, the snowdrop blooms in winter, defying the cold to push through the snow and spread its gentle beauty. Like this determined flower, capricorns have incredible inner strength and resilience that help them not just survive but thrive in even the harshest conditions.

More About the Zodiac Flowers

Beyond only Capricorn’s birth bloom, other zodiac signs each correspond to symbolic flowers as well. Learning floral matches can offer fun insights or send gifts tailored to astrological charts. Many websites allow for online flower delivery straight to the recipient’s door wherever they may be. Perusing their seasonal bouquets is a thoughtful way to recognize January birthdays or December anniversaries in style. The language of flowers connects astrology and nature in a truly meaningful way.

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Whether you believe there’s a true celestial connection or not, knowing your zodiac’s birth flower makes for great birthday gift inspiration. Surprise your favorite Capricorn with a dazzling mixed bouquet from SnapBlooms featuring their flower arrangements for a present as exceptional and intriguing as they are. Order today!



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