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January Birth Flower – Carnations and Snowdrop

Wondering what is the January birth flower? Carnations and snowdrops are the two flowers associated with the January birth month flower. When you want to treat your loved ones, friends, or family members born in January. Then you need to understand the language of the January flower. The January birth month flower is the perfect gift that truly symbolize them. 

Marking the arrival of New Year, January is a cheerful month falling amidst the festive holiday season. To honor people born in this beautiful month, you can gift carnation and snowdrop as they represent January birth flower. Exuding undisturbed charm and elegance, this is an ideal duo to celebrate the birthdays of your loved ones born in the month of January. 

So, let’s take a sneak peek into how these beautiful January birthday flowers live up to the spirit of the first month of the year.

What is the Birth Flower for January?

January flowers of the month are the snowdrop and the carnation.


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Birth Flowers for January: Carnations and Snowdrop

Being one of the peak winter months, flowering is expected to be sparse in January. Gladly, despite the fury of winter, some January flowers manage to have a promising bloom. Carnation and Snowdrop are two such flowers, considered as official birth flowers for January.

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The Carnation

January birth flower Carnation
January birth flower Carnation

Carnation is a small, multi-layered flower with a clove-like fragrance. Carnation flowers are gifted for the month of January Birthday. However, it is small in shape but is pretty strong to thrive in harsh conditions. The flower’s scientific name is Dianthus caryophyllus, which means ‘flower of the god’ in Greek. 

Carnation Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Carnation symbolizes strength, fascination, safety, love, and bravery. But due to its varied colors and types, it can have several meanings. Just like roses, different colors of carnation also convey different meanings.

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Meaning of Carnations Colors

  • Dark Red Carnations – Intense love. 
  • Light Red Carnations – Admiration. 
  • Pink Carnations – Affection, Mother’s love. 
  • Yellow Carnations – Rejection, Disappointment. 
  • White Carnations – Remembrance, Innocence, Pure Love. 
  • Purple Carnations – Capriciousness.

What Do Carnations Speak About January Born People?

January-born individuals are way practical and genuine. Additionally, they exhibit exceptional loyalty and love for their family and friends. A beautiful Carnations flower arrangement symbolizes and honors January’s birth people.

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The Snowdrop

January birth flower snowdrop
January birth flower snowdrop

Another charismatic January flower of the month is Snowdrop. This flower is named so because of its alikeness to drop snow. This flower features a bell-shaped appearance and has six petals arranged circularly. Apart from this, it has a captivating green spot at the tip. White color blooms grown from those days and is now known as the snowdrop January birth flower. The scientific name of Snowdrop is Galanthus which meansmilk-white flower’ in Greek. Moreover, in Latin, it is named ‘nivalis’, which means ‘resembling snow’.

Snowdrop Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Thus, Snowdrops are pretty small flowers with a droopy white appearance. Because of their color, this January flower of the month snowdrop is known to symbolize purity, hope, and sympathy. They emphasize that today is just beginning to a great life ahead. Moreover, this January flower can also be accorded to pacify someone going through great remorse or misfortune. 

Meaning of Snowdrop Colors

The white color Snowdrop flower is a symbol of innocence, purity, rebirth, and hope.

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What Do Snowdrops Speak About January Born People?

Snowdrops encapsulate hope and beauty, which imply that January-born individuals have an optimistic viewpoint. They aren’t afraid to appreciate even small things in their life. Plus, these individuals tend to exhibit great admiration for good aesthetics.

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Now that you know what is the birth flower of January, your gift-giving complications apparently fade away. Not one, but there are two January birth flowers, carnations, and snowdrops, courtesy of their beautiful representation. You can truly convey a personalized and memorable message to your loved ones with these amazing flowers. Get creative and order fresh flowers in stunning assortments!



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