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Top 4 Flowers to Send on Birthdays

Sending lovely birthday flowers says a lot without saying anything. From “I love you Flowers” to “ I miss you Flowers ” and “Happy Birthday Flowers!”…to convey that you want to share the wonders of the world with them today and every day. What other present comes close to that? However, if you’re anything like us, you might feel a little swamped when you walk into a flower shop or look at a flower shop online. There are so many options to choose from that it can be difficult to decide which birthday flower arrangement online is the best option to send. This guide will help you for each person in your life.

Let’s take a look at what are good flowers to send on birthday.

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Rose Flowers for Birthday

Roses aren’t just limited to Valentine’s day; their variety in shapes, colors, and scents make it the go-to cut flower to send your loved ones on any occasion, including their birthday.

Don’t rack your brain thinking about what kind of roses to add to the special birthday bouquet; here are some colors and what they represent:

1. Pink roses symbolize sweetness, happiness, and admiration, making them the perfect gift for your girlfriend or sister.

2. White roses speaks of purity, innocence, and youth. They can be a very thoughtful birthday flower to send to your grandparents or younger siblings.

3. Yellow roses represent joy and new beginnings – the perfect synonym for birthdays – so surely sending these special birthday roses will be a great way to surprise your friends.

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Orchid Flowers for Birthday

Beautiful, elegant, and exotic – this is the perfect definition of an orchid. This stunning flower comes in many different varieties and colors, making it very popular to send as a thoughtful and sentimental birthday flower delivery.

For instance, when looking for an ideal birthday flower gift for an in-law, you can’t go wrong with a purple orchid flower, representing respect and admiration above all, helping to strengthen relationships. If you want to surprise mom with a beautiful birthday flower bouquet, you might want to send her white orchids or those with a pink hue, which are often associated with fertility and help express grace and happiness.


Lilies Flowers for Birthday

Nothing says joy and conveys cheerfulness more than a bouquet of yellow lilies! This beautiful flower is the visual representation of positivity, and what better way to surprise a friend, colleague, or family member than with a striking bouquet of yellow birthday lilies flower.

If you’re looking for a creative way to let your mom, grandmother, or significant other that you’re thinking about them, then sending them purple lilies will definitely do the trick.

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Gerbera Flowers for Birthday
Gerbera Flowers for Birthday

It’s no secret that gerberas help brighten everyone’s days and that’s why they’re such a popular birthday flower. Coming in many different colors and sizes, the gerbera spreads their petals wide – very much like the sunflower – bringing life and overall happiness to whoever the recipient might be. Due to their bold, vibrant colors, gerberas bouquets are always a great addition to the perfect birthday flower arrangement gift for anyone, be it your aunt, sibling, or even husband.

If you are looking for a different way to say “Happy Birthday Flowers” to a special someone, sending flowers can always help express your thoughts and best wishes. Stay ahead of the game and help brighten their special day with one of our special birthday flower arrangements.



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