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Pink Roses Meaning

Pink roses are one of the most popular and widely available rose colors in the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is surely the pink roses meaning, the symbolisms, and associations that we, the humankind have attached to this exquisitely beautiful flower. Giving pink roses as gifts are a very common norm for us today. Pink roses are offered to show someone you admire their refinement, grace, or femininity. However, in order to make the gifting more meaningful and impactful, knowing about the pink roses meaning is necessary.

What Do Pink Roses Mean?

In this article, we have covered pink roses meanings, symbolism, and history in detail. Keep reading to know more.

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Pink Roses Meanings and Symbolize

Pink roses symbolize femininity and tenderness. The meaning of pink roses is associated with the tenderness and the delicate nature of femininity. Pink roses meaning is also associated with fertility and motherhood. A pink rose also denotes these qualities, and represents new beginnings, growth, and affectionate love.

Pink Rose Meaning and Symbolize
Pink Rose Meaning and Symbolize

Pink roses symbolize love and romance too. While red roses lean towards the fiery passion and intense feelings, pink roses mean the affectionate and delicate side of a romantic relationship. Pink roses perfectly represent the sweetness and charm of the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Pink Roses History

It is believed that rose flowers were once originally found only in the shades of pink and white. Rose fossils discovered by scientists suggest that the wild rose species in pink color was around us 40 million years ago. Back then, the rose used to be a wild flowering plant and the pink rose had only 5 petals.

Time has evolved significantly, and today, rose flowers are available in almost every color imaginable, that too with thousands of varieties, both natural and cultivar species. The roses color meaning are different for every available rose color.

What do the Different Shades of Pink Roses Mean?

Pink roses meanings also depend on the shade of pink in a rose flower. Different shades of pink roses mean different things, such as:

  • Pale pink roses mean admiration, grace, class, and style. Pale pink rose means sympathy and condolences too.
  • Bright blush pink roses mean gratitude, happiness, congratulations, and joy. Bright pink rose means celebration and cheerfulness too.
  • Dark pink roses mean appreciation and thankfulness.

Stems and numbers of Pink Roses Meaning:

There are also several other connotations attached to pink roses. The physical properties such as the shape and look of a pink rose attributes significance to its meaning. For example:

  • A single pink rose means love at first sight.
  • A bouquet of pink roses means many a different things. A bunch with 3 flowers means ‘I love you’, 10 pink roses mean you’re perfect, while 12 pink roses is a sign of commitment.
  • A thorn-less pink rose means love at first sight.
  • A budding pink rose means purity, innocence, youth, and beauty.

Pink Roses Meaning in Combination with Other Colors:

The meaning of pink roses also varies based on how it is used in a bouquet combined with other rose colors.

  1. The combination of white and pink roses mean: happiness, joy, and union.
  2. The combination of red and pink roses mean: love, respect, and a long-standing relationship.
  3. The combination of yellow and pink roses mean: congratulations, appreciation, and gratitude.
  4. A single pink rose in a bouquet of white roses means: I love you.

What Does it Mean to Gift Pink Roses?

The meaning of pink roses also depends on how you use them for gifting, and to whom do you gift them. There are several occasions where giving pink roses are common, such as:


When it’s the birthday of your partner, parents, or someone you’re really close with, a bunch of pink roses will make a great birthday gift. In a birthday flower bouquet, pink roses mean joy, happiness, affection, and love.


This goes without saying that pink roses are extremely romantic. So, it is the perfect anniversary present for your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. In fact, you can also gift a bunch of pink roses, or a combination of pink and other color roses for others’ anniversaries too, including your family members, or close friends. For anniversaries, pink roses mean love, romance, and a long-lasting relationship.

First Date: 

Pink roses signify the beginning of relationships. A bunch of pale pink roses will be the perfect accompaniment for a first date with your crush.

I miss you: 

Pink roses also mean affection and love. Send Pink Rose Delight to your loved ones and express how much you miss them.

New Baby Girl: 

Since pink roses symbolize femininity, it is associated with newborn babies, especially girl babies.

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