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Orange Roses Meaning and Symbolism

Orange roses are so vibrant and refreshing. Although they are one of the newer members of the rose color family, orange roses have quickly become immensely popular among flower lovers. Most orange roses are cultivar, or created in labs by rose breeders. These charming roses are often included in bouquets that are used for expressing joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness.

Orange rose meanings are associated with such feelings of liveliness, youthfulness, new beginnings, and happiness.

History of Orange Roses

The orange rose is a quite new member of the rose family. Traditionally, rose was available in reds, pinks, and whites. Most of the orange rose species that are available today are cultivars or hybrids of rose plants that are genetically modified to become orange. This color of roses came into existence in the 20th century, but has become immensely popular ever since. Today, orange roses are available all around the world with any florist near you.

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What is the Meaning of Orange Roses?

Orange rose is the perfect blend of two of the classic rose colors, i.e. Red and Yellow. Hence, orange rose meanings and symbolisms are also related to these two hues. On the one hand, orange rose is an expression of love and romance, but it is not as intense as the red ones. Yellow roses express the feelings of friendship, and so does orange roses. However, it is mixed with more intense feelings of care, affection, loyalty, and the beginning of a new romantic relationship. So, orange rose meaning perfectly balances out the feelings of love and friendship.

Meaning of Orange color Roses
Meaning of Orange color Roses

Orange rose meanings also include joy, enthusiasm, and optimism. If you’re having a bad day at work, coming home to a bunch of orange roses (especially if it is a gift from your loved ones) will instantly cheer you up.

What does the number of orange roses mean in a bouquet?

The number of orange roses in a bouquet suggests a unique meaning for each number. Here’s a list:

Rose Flower NumberMeaning & Symbolism
1 countLove at first sight
2 countReciprocated love, mutual love
3 countI love you
4 countWe are meant to be together for life
5 countYou are special
7 countWe complete each other
10 countYou are perfect
12 countBe mine
13 countYou are all I need
15 countLong-lasting love
20 countWe are together forever
25 countCongratulations
30 countI am committed to you
50 countWe are together forever
70 countMy love for you is everlasting
75 countYou are my soul-mate
99 countI want to grow old with you
100 countCommitment, forever love

What do orange roses mean when combined with other rose colors?

The combination of orange roses with other colors creates beautiful and unique meanings.

  • A combination of white and orange roses mean: energy, desire, attraction.
  • A combination of pink and orange roses mean: you are amazing.
  • A combination of red and orange roses mean: love, affection, attraction.
  • A combination of yellow and orange roses mean: have a great day.

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