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Blue Rose Meanings and Symbolism

Blue is one of the rarest colors found in nature, and there are very few flowers available in nature that is blue. Perhaps, this is why blue roses are so much appreciated and sought after today. Symbolic with rarity and uniqueness, blue roses add a different dimension to your regular floral bouquets and make them truly a sight to behold!

History of Blue Roses

Blue rose is one of the newest members in the rose color family, coming to existence in only as recently as 2004. Blue rose is a genetically modified cultivar species of rose plant created by scientists. Even after the continuous efforts of rose breeders and scientists, it is still very difficult to find true-blue roses. Most blue roses tend to lean towards purple or lilac in color. In 2018, a group of Japanese scientists developed a species of true-blue roses successfully.

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What does a Blue rose symbolize?

Blue roses symbolize secrecy, mystery, and uniqueness. 

Blue Color Rose Meaning
Blue Color Rose Meaning

For a long time in history, blue rose was romanticized as a concept, rather than an actual flower (which came into existence only in 2004). That’s why blue rose symbolizes many things such as:

  • Mystery and secrecy: Blue rose is the symbol of mystery. Blue roses are not found naturally in nature, and the creation of blue roses is a special and complex one. This attributes to their association with mystery and secrecy.
  • Rare and unattainable: Even though roses are genetically modified to appear blue, it is still extremely rare, and naturally, expensive. A blue rose thus stands for everything rare and unattainable.
  • Unique and romantic: These unique features of blue rose make it the symbol of uniqueness. Romanticism is also associated with blue roses because it evokes in us a sense of longing, and a thirst of discovering the unknown.

What do blue roses mean when combined with other rose colors?

When combined with other color flowers, blue roses mean different things, such as:

  • A combination of red rose and blue roses mean: mysterious love, or that you have a secret admirer. 
  • A combination of white rose and blue roses mean: serenity, peace, beauty.
  • A combination of yellow rose and blue roses mean: a platonic attraction towards someone.
  • A combination of pink rose and blue roses mean: a feeling of admiration mixed with the thought of uniqueness. In short, when you want to tell someone that they are unique and special, and that you love them, you can use this combination.

What does the number of blue roses mean in a bouquet?

The number of blue roses also means different things, such as:

Rose Flower NumberMeaning & Symbolism
1 countLove at first sight
2 countReciprocated love, mutual love
3 countI love you
4 countWe are meant to be together for life
5 countYou are special
7 countWe complete each other
10 countYou are perfect
12 countPeace, expectation and anticipation.
13 countYou are all I need
15 countLong-lasting love
20 countWe are together forever
25 countCongratulations
30 countI am committed to you
50 countWe are together forever
70 countMy love for you is everlasting
75 countYou are my soul-mate
99 countI want to grow old with you
100 countCommitment, forever love

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Blue Color Rose FAQs

what is the significance of a blue rose?

The blue rose signifies True love, associated with the unattainable.

What does a blue rose mean in a relationship?

The blue rose also signifies a fresh start

What does a blue rose mean in love?

The blue roses represent true love, or unrequited love, they are great for a sense of longing, and a thirst of discovering the unknown.

What does a dozen of blue roses mean?

A Dozen of beautiful blue roses, a symbol of peace, expectation and anticipation.

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