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October Birth Flower and Their Meanings

As October arrives, so does the happiness and cheerfulness of the fall and arrival of winters. It’s the transitional time of year when the season is changing towards winters. The October birth flower is marigold. Another October birth month flower is cosmos. These are the official October flower names. October also brings in the arrival of Autumn. The trees shed their leaves and make way for new leaves. Marigold is considered to be the October flower of the month.

Let’s move ahead and see what this month has to offer with flower arrangement online. Everything enters a state of renewal. Autumn is considered to be the season of renewal. Autumn marks the arrival of winter. It is also known as the orange season as most trees shed their dry orange leaves. The month of October reminds us of fresh beginnings. It also reminds us that the old things need to be replaced so that new things can take their place. So, you must be wondering what’s your birth month flower.  

Marigold- Meaning and symbolism

The marigold flower meaning is despaired and loved. Marigold is the native flower of the Asia and pacific regions. Well, that’s the name that comes from “Mary’s Gold! Even in today’s world, marigold is offered in the worship of mother Mary as well as in worship of some of the Hindu gods. The early Victorians coined Marigold as coins as they had similar appearances. It was also related to riches and aristocratic cultures. Many English Nobel women used to carry marigolds as a symbol of aristocracy and luxury. They often carried one in their handkerchiefs as they looked like gold coins.

Another notable fact, that the marigolds were used as a  sacred symbol and it occurred in many cultures like Hindu, Buddhist, and Aztec. Keeping their appearance in mind Marigolds were often related to the sun gold as they were dark orange and yellowish in color. The flower is connected to the sun. In the Hindu cultures, marigolds were used to worship the sun god. It was a mythological belief that the sun god loved marigolds because they had a similar appearance and color to the sun. Even today marigolds are used in the Konark temple for the worship of the sun god.

The marigold symbolism is despair or lost love. In ancient times marigolds were considered a symbol of rejection as well. The Blooms connect with the sun and have been believed that it helps spirits to get peace from the cemetery. The marigolds are one of the most beautiful and divine flowers as they are used for the purpose of worship by many religions. Even in today’s world, the marigold flower is extensively used in worship and they are considered to be as divine as the lotus. They also represent remembering the dead. Bringing marigolds to a grave or funeral can be a great choice as they are considered to be symbols of rejection and sorrow. The different marigold meanings are-

  • The yellow one symbolizes positive feelings.
  • The red one symbolizes love and care.
  • The orange one symbolizes strong emotions.

Cosmos- Meaning and symbolism

The word “cosmos” is actually derived from Spanish. The name of the flower was given by Spanish priests who initially grew the flower. The priests were really fascinated by the petals of the flowers. Cosmos is very visually attractive and also has a very decent fragrance. It comes from a Greek word “kosmos,” which means world order. According to the Greeks, the natural world and universe exist in total harmony and the whole universe is part of a cycle.

There are over 20 known species of the cosmos flower. The cosmos flower means harmony and peace. The cosmos is an October flower. It usually grows during the autumn season. This flower can be found in various parts of Latin and North America. It is an October month flower as it grows in Autumn

During this time of the 1500s. , the Spanish priests casually cultivated their gardens with the cosmos flower. The seeds were then properly spread through Latin and Northern America which made the cosmos flower widely available all over the continent. It is an excellent flower for October as it grows around this time and it is also widely available. You can give a beautiful bouquet of cosmos to your friends, families or loved ones. This is an excellent flower for October, which is the autumn season as it symbolizes purity and harmony. In the ancient times cosmos flowers were kept on dinner tables as they symbolized harmony among the family members.

October zodiac horoscope

The horoscope for October is Libra (September 23 – October 22). The people who are born with the libra zodiac are usually diplomatic, idealistic, social and fun loving. They are never unfair in their lives whether it be their professional or romantic life. A librarian is always fair and does their work with great honesty. They are very innovative and outgoing. As the flower cosmos presents the purity side of libra. A person of Libra zodiac will always love a neatly arranged bouquet of the cosmos flower as it compliments their personality.

The other zodiac sign of October is Scorpio (OCTOBER 23- NOVEMBER 21). Scorpio is one of the most determined, brave and honest people. They may be rude sometimes but they will always tell things to your face. Scorpios are extremely determined and would go any length to achieve their objectives. Scorpio partners get jealous very easily so you should always keep a watch over them. A bunch of beautiful flowers can always help in freshening up your relationship.

October- Birthstone

The ideal birthstone for October born is opal. It is a shiny white color stone which is moderately costly. The stone shines brightly symbolizing the inner fire and desires of the person wearing it. It looks very attractive and provides a person confidence and determination. The opal also helps in controlling anger and helps the person to be calm and collecting in every situation. It boosts the overall energy of the person to work towards their goals. The opal can be worn as a ring or as a pendant as well. The stone can be used in a wedding or engagement ring as well as it looks very attractive. The stone signifies good luck and grace.

October Birth Flower FAQs

What is the flower for October?

The flowers for October are marigold and cosmos. Marigolds symbolize despaired love and rejection whereas, cosmos symbolize purity and harmony.

What do these flowers signify?

These special october blooms signify faith and modesty. It is specially meant for libras as they are known for their friendship.

What is October Libra’s birth flower?

The birth flower of an october libra is marigold which symbolizes desperate love and rejection.



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