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Lavender Farms in the U.S. You Can Visit

The hot summer months are just beginning, and this makes us think of one thing, lavender flowers. Lavender fields in the United States? Yes, they exist! In recent times, they have started growing in almost every state. We have selected some lavender fields that we believe are truly special.

There is nothing quite comparable to walking through a lavender field filled with a strong pine-like floral scent. As your senses take in the deep fragrance of the beautiful purple-lavender flowers, your mind can drift away to think about the country of France in the south. So here are a few!

Luvin Lavender Farms LLC

Luvin Lavender Farms LLC which is located in Madison is a place that has six thousand lavender plants. Those plants come in twenty different types. A couple of those types are special sorts that are not usually grown in the Northeast area of Ohio. Two acres of the farms’ total of forty-eight acres are used for lavender gardens that people can look at. In those gardens, visitors will see lavenders that have many colors such as white to really dark purple. Moreover, guests can purchase fresh bundles of lavender from this lavender farm in Ohio.

Red Oak Lavender Farm 

Red Oak Lavender Farm is located on five acres of land in Dahlonega, Georgia. This lavender farm opens its doors to the public from the middle of February all the way to the middle of December. The farm has planted four thousand lavender plants. These plants will start to bloom beautifully in the months of July through October. 

In addition to lavender, the farm also cultivates dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, and some other types of flowering plants. Not only that, but the farm has put up a small cottage shop too. Inside this shop, they sell handmade products that have been made using lavender.

Lacey Farm, Texas 

Lacey Farm is located off the La Bahia Trail between Brenham and Burton. This Hill Country venue offers a peaceful setting on their working lavender farm. On this lavender farm in Texas, outdoor weddings are popular under the old oak trees. Their barn can host up to 183 guests and its porch overlooks the lavender fields.

Orchard View Lavender Farm

The private residence of this New Jersey lavender farm opens its gates to the public to share its peaceful setting among the purple blooms. Visitors can pick their own lavender flower bouquet. The farm also sells artisan products like bath, cooking, and household items. Guests are encouraged to bring a picnic and blanket to spend the afternoon seeing the 1,500 varieties in bloom throughout the summer. This lavender home is a popular place for professional engagement and wedding photographs. 

Lavender Bay, East Marion, New York

Lavender By The Bay is a popular lavender farm on Long Island on the East Coast. The farm has 17 acres of lavender with over 80,000 lavender plants of various types. Visitors love to purchase native honey which is sold on a first come first served basis. Photographers are encouraged to take photographs but if you plan to use a tripod you should inquire about the photography site fee. 

Indigo Lavender, Michigan 

July 5th is usually when the flowers are at their peak at Indigo Lavender Farm and locals can pick their own bunch and join a guided tour of the farm which lasts 30 minutes and covers half a mile. There are also various events throughout the year.

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm

The farm feels similar to a scene that you would see in the area of Provence, France instead of on Washington Island, which is located at the tip of Door County in Wisconsin. This lavender farm in Wisconsin grows the largest amount of lavender in the Midwest. They have twelve different types of lavender plants. The lavender blooms mostly from early July through early August.

Every single day during the summer time when lavender is blooming, people can go and visit the farm. However, during the peak season, you will need to pay a fee to walk around the lavender fields.

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Cape Cod Lavender Farm

This farm is located in Harwich, Massachusetts. It is owned by a family and takes up 12 acres of land. Surrounding the farm are 60 more acres that contain woods and walking trails. More than 7,000 lavender plants grow on the farm. Also there, a small shop can be found, along with tiny fairy houses. 

The public is welcome to visit this farm. Some people say it is a place you must see if you love flowers or nature especially if you find lavender flowers meaningful. The best time to go is when lavender is in full bloom. This happens just before or during the yearly harvest during the months of June and July. 

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

The farm is located about 8 miles north of the historic town of Chappell Hill. It is just off the Texas Independence Trail, nestled in the center of the bluebonnet countryside. The farm is a fun day trip from most places in South Central Texas. 

There are wide views that frame the landscape with rolling acres that lead to a gazebo and pond. This makes a peaceful setting for picnics or just relaxing with a cool glass of lavender lemonade. During the cutting season, which happens twice a year, you can casually stroll through the fragrant rows and pick your own fresh lavender. There is no fee to visit the farm.

Springfield Manor 

At this lavender farm in Maryland, visitors are able to come during the times that the field is open to the public to go to the field, choose their own lavender plants, or take part in planned activities that will happen in the lavender field. Springfield Manor gives you the chance to do yoga surrounded by lavender, have picnics located in the lavender field, and much more in addition to that! Their yearly lavender celebration will happen on June 22 and 23. This planned event includes art and craft vendors, food trucks that serve meals, and informational sessions to learn more and much more. 


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