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Color Palette for Mother’s Day flowers

On the second Sunday of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day, and many people will be sending flower arrangements for their Mother or going to visit their moms with a bouquet. When picking out flowers for your mom, sister, or other important women in your life, it’s important to choose colors that they will enjoy. Different flower colors set different moods and expressions. In this blog, we will discuss some good color flower bouquets to send for Mother’s Day and color palettes to consider for your Mother’s Day flowers this year.

Mother’s Day Rose Colors

Roses are a classic choice for flower bouquets on Mother’s Day. Some good rose color options to consider are:

Red roses: It is the ultimate symbol of love and appreciation to give red roses. They will let your mother know she is loved and cherished.

Red Roses

Pink roses: Gratitude, admiration, and joy are conveyed by pink roses. They have all the meaning of red roses in a lighter, more delicate hue which makes them the best color flowers for Mother’s Day.

Pink Rose

Yellow roses: The color yellow represents care, friendship, and thoughtfulness.They are a wonderful choice if you want to express how much you care without a romantic meaning.

Yellow Rose

White roses: It is believed that white roses represent purity, innocence, and reverence. They are a classic, elegant option for Mother’s Day.

White Rose

Multi-colored roses: A bouquet of colorful flowers for Mother’s Day adds visual interest and variety to your message. Reds, pinks, yellows and oranges all combine nicely.

flowers for Mother's Day

Other Flower Arrangements for Mother’s Day

You don’t have to stick only to roses. Consider these other nice flower options:


Carnations come in a palette of lovely shades like pink, red, and white. Mother’s Day carnation colors are perfect for May.


An arrangement of daisy flowers is brightened by their frilly white petals with yellow centers. Their cheerful appearance says “I was thinking of you.”


Luxurious orchids make a lovely indulgent gift. Varieties come in white, pink, purple, and more.

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Spring flower color palette

Spring is all about fresh, bright colors found in nature. Use this spring flower color palette as your Mother’s Day inspiration:

Pink: Soft pink shades like ballet slipper pink and blush pink feel feminine and delicate. Peonies, tulips, and roses all come in lovely hues.

Purple: Lavender, lilac, and periwinkle purple tones lend an air of royalty. Pair them with pink for a whimsical combo. 

Purple flowers

Yellow: Sunny yellows lift spirits like daffodils, tulips, and ranunculus. Team it with whites for a cheerful bouquet. 

It is better that you stick to no more than 3-4 colors together – for the most cohesive, coordinated look that your mother is sure to appreciate.

Mother’s Day flower background

Mother's Day flower delivery

Once you have selected gorgeous blooms in complementary hues, consider the setting. A lovely flower backdrop will make the whole gift presentation extra special. Try these:

Pink Mother’s Day background: Opt for a blush pink tablecloth, paper, or basket lining to echo the pink shades of the flowers. 

Purple Mother’s Day background: Pair flowers with periwinkle or lilac accents for an enchanting look. Ribbons or liners in these hues frame the bloom beautifully.

Floral Mother’s Day background: Pick printed paper or fabric with floral motifs that pick up specific shades. For example, roses in blush.

Polka dots Mother’s Day background: Polka dots never fail to look fun and festive. Choose colors that match flower tones for a coordinated gift.

Mother’s Day flower delivery options to choose

Once you have chosen beautiful flowers in coordinating shades, it is time to get them delivered. Consider these options:

Online flower delivery Mother’s Day: Sites like SnapBlooms let you order arrangements conveniently from your couch. Just pick a date and we’ll handle the rest.

Local florist: Support small businesses by ordering from a florist near your mother. They can create custom designs with your Mother’s Day flower coloring in mind.


Send flowers online with FREE delivery in the USA and make someone special.

Grocery store flowers: An affordable last-minute option is flowers from the floral counter at stores like Trader Joe’s. Just be prepared for limited variety.

No matter where you send flowers for mothers, be sure to include a heartfelt card. Handwritten is best to really personalize your gift.

With the appropriate and best flower color combinations selected, your mother will be delighted by this thoughtful gift no matter how you send flowers for Mother’s Day! Pinks, yellows, soft pastels, and red roses are always a safe bet for a Mother’s Day flower background. But feel free to get creative too with bold seasonal shades or your mom’s favorite hues. 

We hope these color palette ideas give you inspiration when selecting the perfect color flowers to send on Mother’s Day. Happy flower shopping! Go order online flower delivery from SnapBlooms!



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