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Taurus Flower: Birth Flowers for Taurus Zodiac Signs

As the second sign of the zodiac, those born under Taurus between roughly April 20th and May 20th have flowers that are said to reflect their persona. Legend has it that Greek gods bestowed symbolic flowers on the signs as representations of their talents and traits. If you or someone you care for celebrates a Taurus sun sign, we invite you to discover the special birth flowers for Taurus associated with their personality.  

Poppy Symbolism

Poppy flower arrangement

The poppy is considered one of the main birth flowers for those with a Taurus sun sign. Poppies have interesting symbolism and meanings. For starters, a poppy flower arrangement is commonly seen as a symbol of peace, rest, and death. In many cultures, poppies represent oblivion from life’s struggles and peaceful sleep or rest. Additionally, poppies have long been used as symbols of remembrance, especially for soldiers who died in wars.

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Other than being the Taurus zodiac flower, every year on Remembrance Day (also known as Veterans Day or Armistice Day), red poppies are worn to honor those who served and died in military service. This dates back to World War I, when red poppies grew abundantly in the battle-scarred fields of northern France and Belgium. The vibrant red color of the poppy also symbolizes death and sacrifice in war. So as you can see, poppies carry symbolic weight as flowers that represent both sleep and death in a peaceful way.

Poppy Varieties

  • There are over 250 varieties of this April birth flower. However, three main varieties are most commonly associated with being signs.
  • The first is the Shirley poppy, which has delicate petals that are various shades of red, pink, orange, white, or blue.
  • Next is the Flanders poppy or corn poppy/corn rose which is bright red with a black center and is the variety most worn to signify remembrance.
  • The last main type is the California poppy which has brilliant orange cup-shaped blooms and is the state flower of California.

Poppy History & Fun Facts

Taurus birth flower poppy has been grown as an ornamental flowers since at least the third millennium BC in the Mediterranean region. They first gained popularity as agricultural plants for issues like cooking oils and pastries. Later, morphine and opium were isolated from poppy extracts to be used as painkillers and sedatives. During World War I and II, the demand for pain medications skyrocketed which led to mass commercial poppy cultivation. Here are a few other poppy facts:

  • Poppies can grow in diverse climates from hot deserts to cool mountains. They thrive best in nutrient-poor soils.
  • All parts of the poppy, except the petals, contain opium which is a mixture of alkaloids like morphine and codeine.
  • Poppy seeds are commonly used as flavoring agents and toppings for baked goods thanks to their neutral taste and crunchy texture.
Taurus Birth Flowers

Other Taurus Birth Flowers

While the poppy reigns supreme, these flowers for the Taurus sign also represent Taurus’ qualities well:

Lilies: Known for their elegant whitish bells, lilies symbolize charm, fertility, and faithfulness. Perfect for online flower delivery, they resonate with Taurus’ tender, sensual nature.

Daisies: Cheery and delicate, daisies mean innocence and purity, they are also an amazing option for a birthday flower delivery. They connect to Taurus’s kind, honest approach to relationships and matters of the heart.

Apple Blossoms: Linked to new beginnings and temptation’s sweet rewards, these May birth flowers allude to Taurus’s enjoyment of the pleasures and tangible goods life provides.

Orchids: Prized for their lavish blooms, orchids embody grace, beauty, and luxury. They mirror Taurus’s fondness for finer things aligned with their devotion.

More About the Zodiac Flowers

Whether it’s poppies, roses, or daffodils, or any other birthday flower for the month of May flowers can provide additional guidance and insight aligned with Taurean qualities of enjoyment, stability, sensuality, partnership, and more. While not definitive, considering your zodiac birth flowers may offer another layer of self-reflection and guidance for expressions of your traits.


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