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California State Flower – Poppy

Official State Flower of California

The Golden Poppy, a member of the Papaveraceae family, grows wild in California and was designated as the state flower of California in 1903. California Poppy Day is held on April 6 each year, while Poppy Week is held from May 13 to 18. Corn poppy (Papaver Rhoeas), Iceland poppy (Papaver nudicaule), and the Oriental poppy are all names for golden poppies (Papaver orientale) among all the united flowers.

Cultural Significance of State Flower of California

California state flower has a long history of cultural significance. Because of the calming properties of its sap, the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians associated poppies with sleep. The flower was associated by the Greeks with Morpheus, the deity of sleep.

The California flower arrangement was given a variety of meanings by Victorians, the majority of which differed based on the color. It was widely used to symbolise loss, excess, and deep sleep among the united flowers. The poppy, on the other hand, is seen as a symbol of passionate love in Japanese and Chinese traditions.

Poppy Flower Meanings

California poppy flower meaning is a well-known emblem that has been used to represent a variety of things, including peace, death, and even sleep. Poppies are used to signify eternal sleep on tombstones. This symbolism was mentioned in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, where a mysterious poppy field had the power to put the protagonists to sleep indefinitely.

  • Red poppies, in particular, are seen to symbolise respect and solemnity for fallen troops when worn in wartime commemorations.
  • Pink isn’t the most frequent poppy color, but it still has a lot of significance. California poppy flower meaning along with blue and pink, is associated with wealth, success, and creativity.

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Poppy Flower Facts

  • The Golden Poppy plant features fern-like leaves and a tall stalk with solitary flowers.
  • On lengthy stalks, golden poppy leaves are 3/4-4″ long and split into narrow segments.
  • Open regions and grassy or sandy slopes are ideal for golden poppy blooming.
  • From southern California to southern Washington, and east to Texas, the Golden Poppy can be found.
  • By distributing the seed in the fall, the Golden Poppy flower is employed in landscaping for a short spring display.
  • The Golden Poppy was prized by California Indians as a food source as well as a source of oil.
  • Although Papaver is the actual poppy genus, several Flowers in California from allied genera are also referred to as poppies.
  • Opium and numerous other related medicines, such as morphine, codeine, and heroin, are made from the milky sap of Golden Poppy’s unripe seed pods.
  • Golden poppy seed, also known as maw seed, is non-narcotic birdseed that can also be used as a flavor or garnish in baked goods.
  • The golden poppy seed is also used to make flour.
  • Poppy oil, made from the seeds of the Golden Poppy, is used in cooking and lighting, as well as in paints, varnishes, and soaps.
  • Since antiquity, the Golden Poppy has been a symbol of death and slumber.

One thing is certain: giving someone a California poppy flower arrangement is a definite way to make an impact. 


Which State Flower is the California Flower?

The poppy is the official state flower of California.

Why is the poppy the state flower of California?

The plant’s vivid orange blossoms are an unmistakable icon of California, perhaps as a flowery representation of the “goldfields” sought during the discovery of gold.

What color is the state flower of California?

Poppy flowers are magnificent cup-shaped flowers with vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues (occasionally pink).

When did California get its state flower?

The California poppy became the official state flower of California on March 2, 1903.

How do I send flowers to California?

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