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What is My State Flower?

Every state in the USA has a designated flower that they have declared as the Official State Flower. These flowers have been carefully selected upon much consideration, and keeping in mind several factors. These factors include: the historical and cultural significance of the flowers, the widespread availability, the importance of these flowers in the economy and/or heritage of the state, etc.

Here in this article, we have discussed all about the 50 state flowers of the USA. Some of the states have more than 1 flower designated as the state flower, while some have selected a flower and a wildflower as their official flowers. Some of the states have also adapted a separate floral emblem as their official symbol, which are different from the official flowers. While we are on this subject, the national flower of the USA is Rose.

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Official 50 state flowers in America
Official 50 state flowers in America

List of Official State Flower for USA

  • Alabama: The state flower of Alabama is Camellia. The flower originates from East Asia and blooms typically in the winter season. Alabama also has a designated state wildflower which is Oakleaf Hydrangea.
  • Alaska: Alaska state flower is Forget-me-not. Forget-me-not blooms wildly throughout Alaska amidst the high mountains and rocky terrains. The flowering season is spring-summer.
  • Arizona: Arizona state flower is Saguaro Cactus Blossom. The cactus plant is native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The flowers are big and colorful.
  • Arkansas: The state flower of Arkansas is Apple Blossom. The flowers of common apple trees are found in shades of white, pink, and red.
  • California: California state flower is California Poppy. The cup-shaped flowers come in bright shades of yellow, orange, and red. California Poppy flowers are not only used for ornamental purpose, but they are also edible and used as garnish.
  • Colorado: Colorado state flower is Rocky Mountain Columbine. It is native to the Rocky Mountains and the blooms are mostly sky-blue in color, although, white and pink variants are also available.
  • Connecticut: The state flower of Connecticut is Mountain Laurel, which is also the state flower of Pennsylvania. The plants are shrubs in species, and the beautiful flowers come in white and pink, and in the form of clusters. Connecticut has a separate designated flower as the Children’s State Flower, which is Michaela Petit’s Four O’ Clock.
  • Delaware: Delaware state flower is Peach Blossom. Peach is native to China, and the blossoms come in beautiful shades of pink and white. 
  • District of Columbia: District of Columbia state flower is American Beauty rose. This species of rose comes in a bright shade of deep pink, and originates from France.
  • Florida: The state flowers of Florida are Orange Blossom and Tickseed. Orange blossoms are tiny white fragrant flowers coming from orange trees. The tickseed flowers, also known as calliopsis, are bright orange/yellow blooms that grow in the wild.
  • Georgia: Cherokee rose is the state floral emblem of Georgia, and Azalea or Rhododendron is the state flower of Georgia.
  • Hawaii: Hawaii state flower is the yellow Hawaiian Hibiscus. Although hibiscus is a tropical flower, the Hawaiian hibiscus is native to the state.
  • Idaho: The state flower of Idaho is Syringa or Mock-Orange, which is a shrub native to Western America, and the blooms are produced in clusters, in white.
  • Illinois: Illinois state flower is Violet or pansy. It is a tiny bloom found in shades of violet and purple. Illinois also has a state wildflower which is milkweed. 
  • Indiana: Indiana state flower is Peony. Peonies are lovely ornamental flowers widely popular all over the world. These beautiful pink flowers bloom in the spring-summer season and are very popular as cut flowers.
  • Iowa: The state flower of Iowa is Wild rose or Prairie Rose. It is a variety of the common rose native to Central North America. It is also the state flower of North Dakota.
  • Kansas: Kansas state flower is Sunflower. Sunflower is the most widely cultivated flower in the world. Not only as a cut flower, but sunflower is cultivated as a crop too.
  • Kentucky: Kentucky state flower is Goldenrod, or Golden Solidago. This flower is a member of the sunflower family, and wildly grows in areas with moist soil.
  • Louisiana: The state flower of Louisiana is Magnolia. These white or pink flowers bloom in spring. Louisiana also has an official state wildflower which is Louisiana Iris.
  • Maine: Maine state flower is white pine cone. Also known as the ‘tree of peace’, the white pine cone is native to North America.
  • Maryland: Maryland state flower is Black-eyed Susan. These bright yellow blooms belong to the aster family and blooms in the late spring- early summer season.
  • Massachusetts: The state flower of Massachusetts is Mayflower. These small white flowers come from a plant in the shrub family.
  • Michigan: Michigan state flower is Apple Blossom. The state also has an official state wildflower, which is Dwarf lake iris. 
  • Minnesota: Minnesota state flower is pink and white lady’s slipper. It is an orchid in white and pink, as the name suggests, and it originates from North America.
  • Mississippi: The state flower of Mississippi is Magnolia, and the state wildflower is tickseed. Magnolia blooms in the spring-summer season, and they are known as the earliest flowering plant ever.
  • Missouri: Missouri state flower is Hawthorn. It is a deciduous plant with white and pink flowers. Mistakenly known to be poisonous, in reality, only the seeds of this plant are dangerous to humans, and not the flowers.
  • Montana: Montana state flower is Bitterroot. It is a small perennial herb native to North America. This is a special plant that can regenerate from dried-up or near dead roots.
  • Nebraska: The state flower of Nebraska is Goldenrod. It grows naturally in moist soil, and also cultivated.
  • Nevada: Nevada state flower is Sagebrush. The plant belongs to the aster family and grows in cold, rocky environment.
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire state flower is Purple Lilac. The official state wildflower is pink lady’s slipper.
  • New Jersey: The state flower of New Jersey is Violet. It is a self-seeding plant that grows on its own very fast, and hence, sometimes classified as a weed.
  • New Mexico: New Mexico state flower is Yucca. It is a perennial shrub that has white flowers.
  • New York: New York state flower is Rose, which is also the national flower of the USA. Rose is the second most cultivated flower in the world, coming only second to sunflower.
  • North Carolina: The state flower of North Carolina is flowering dogwood. It is popular across the country as an ornamental plant seen in gardens, residential areas, and public places. The state also has an official state wildflower, which is the Carolina Lily.
  • North Dakota: North Dakota state flower is wild prairie rose, which is also the state flower of Iowa.
  • Ohio: Ohio state flower is Scarlet Carnation. Carnations are one of the top 10 most popular flowers in the world, and they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Ohio also has an official state wildflower, which is Large White Trillium.
  • Oklahoma: The state flower of Oklahoma is Oklahoma Rose, the state wildflower is Indian Blanket, and the state floral emblem is Mistletoe.
  • Oregon: Oregon state flower is Oregon Grape. It is an evergreen shrub with clusters of yellow flowers.
  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania state flowers are Mountain Laurel, which is also the state flower of Connecticut, and Penngift Crown Vetch.
  • Rhode Island: The state flower of Rhode Island is Violet or Pansy, which is also the state flower of Illinois.
  • South Carolina: South Carolina state flowers are Yellow Jessamine and Goldenrod.
  • South Dakota: South Dakota state flower is Pasque flower. It is a perennial plant with large, purple blooms.
  • Tennessee: The state flower of Tennessee is Iris. These flowers bloom in spring and summer and are famous as cut flowers or ornamental flowers. The state also has two official wildflower, i.e. Purple Passionflower and Tennessee Purple Coneflower. 
  • Texas: Texas state flower is Bluebonnet SP. The blue flowers resemble bonnets that women wear on their head. The common term includes multiple subspecies of plants and flowers.
  • Utah: Utah state flower is Sego Lily. It is a perennial plant native to the western US. They have large, bulbous white flowers.
  • Vermont: The state flower of Vermont is Red Clover. It is a herb of perennial nature, and the blooms are reddish purple in color.
  • Virginia: Virginia state flower is American Dogwood. It is also the state flower of North Carolina. This flower is famous as an ornamental plant.
  • Washington: Washington state flower is Coast Rhododendron. It is a large species of Rhododendron, and the flowers are pink in color. They are native to North America.
  • West Virginia: The state flower of West Virginia is Rhododendron.
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsin state flower is Wood Violet.
  • Wyoming: Wyoming state flower is Indian Paintbrush. It is a perennial plant with red flowers.

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