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Lilac Flower: Origin, Meaning & Symbolism

The lilac is one of the most beautiful flowers found around the globe. It is pale violet-toned in color. Lilac is one of the most gorgeous flowers and it would be the appropriate flower for any happy occasion. Flowers are loved by every individual, irrespective of gender. A neatly arranged bouquet of gorgeous lilacs would surely be loved by your friends, family, or soulmate. The lilac originated in England however it is quite popular in the United States of America. It is the state flower of New Hampshire. So we are going to provide you with more details about the white lilac flower. 

The Origin of Lilac Flower

Lilacs are the native flowers of Asia and Europe. It was first discovered in England. However, the travellers of the United States of America loved the flower and brought some of its samples to New Hampshire, where it was accepted as the official state flower. It was brought to the United States of America around the 1750s. The lilac flower grows in slightly cooler regions and does not need a lot of water to grow properly. Lilacs have been found in western European regions as well around France and Spain. The beautiful colors and lovely aroma of the lilacs are loved by every individual. Lilacs are one of the most eye-pleasing flowers you would ever see. 

Lilac Flower Meaning

The lilac flower meaning is purity and innocence. White and purple are the original lilac flower colors. The lilac is very visually pleasing and it can make the ambiance very happy and charming. The purple lilac flower is also considered to be the first sign of love in the European and American regions. The lilac flower could be an ideal choice for a first date or proposal as they have gorgeous textures along with attractive fragrances. 

Lilac Flower Meaning

We can guarantee you that your partner would love a lilac flower arrangement. Flowers are one of the most suitable ways to express our feelings and emotions. If you are looking for gorgeous lilac flower arrangements for your loved ones, you can visit our store or website. We are also providing lilac flower delivery in the nearby regions.

Lilac Flower Symbolism

The lilac flower symbolizes innocence and purity. These beautiful flowers are also considered to be the symbol of initial love in the Asian, European, and American regions. In New Hampshire, many loves tend to give their partners a bouquet of beautiful lilacs on any happy occasion. It is the official state flower of New Hampshire. However, it is originally found in European and Asian regions. Its seeds were taken by American explorers as they were mesmerized by the beauty of these flowers.

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Which state flower is the purple lilac?

The purple Lilac flower is the state flower of New Hampshire, USA. Lilac is usually found in purple and white colors. The lilac was accepted as the official state flower of New Hampshire in 1919. A very amusing fact about the lilac is that it can live for hundreds of years. There are over a thousand varieties of lilacs found around the globe. Lilacs could be one of the best flowers for your friends, families, or loved ones on happy occasions such as a birthday or anniversary. We can guarantee you that your loved ones would cherish a lilac flower bouquet.  Our store also provides Lilac Flower delivery in New Hampshire.

Few Facts About Lilac

  • Lilacs only grow for around three weeks during the springtime. In these times people from all around the globe visit New Hampshire as the growth of lilacs is celebrated there.
  • A few varieties of lilacs can survive in as low as -60°F. The flower generally grows in colder regions.
  • There are more than 1000 varieties of lilacs found around the globe. It is the native flower of Europe and Aisa and the official state flower of New Hampshire.

Thus lilacs are some of the most gorgeous flowers found around the globe. They are the pride of New Hampshire and we should ensure that we can protect these flowers for the future as well. Get it from best flower delivery in the USA.

Hope this blog has helped you to get the proper acquaintance about lilacs flowers and why they have a special position in the flower world. These flowers bring in a sense of happiness and positivity into the atmosphere which is ideal for such occasions.


What does a lilac flower look like?

The lilac flowers are tall upright shrubs with pale violet flowers.

Is lilac the same as lavender?

The primary difference between lilac and Lavender is that lavender is purple while lilac has a tint of pink.

Where to buy lilac flower bouquets?

Visit SnapBlooms, the Best Online Flower Delivery it has some of the finest bouquets of lilacs for you.



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