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Aquarius Flower: Birth Flowers for Aquarius Zodiac Signs

Aquarius is the zodiac sign for people born between January 20th and February 18th. Just like each sign has characteristics that represent people born under it, they also have birth flowers. This birth flower for February is thought to match the traits of that sign. Let’s take a look at the flowers for Aquarius and learn more about their meanings and histories.

Orchid Symbolism

Aquarius zodiac flower-Orchid

Orchids carry several symbolic meanings that relate well to Aquarian traits and personalities. Orchids are known to represent beauty, luxury, love, and strength. Aquarians have a unique and independent personality. They march to the beat of their own drum and enjoy eccentric styles. The beauty and rarity of orchids align nicely with how Aquarians see themselves – one of a kind.

This Aquarius zodiac flower also symbolizes refinement, wisdom, and spirituality. Aquarians love exploring philosophical and intellectual concepts. They have an innate curiosity about life and a desire to learn. The spiritual side of orchids speaks to their interest in expanding their minds beyond worldly concerns.

Orchid Varieties

Purple orchid flowers

There are over 26,000 different types of orchid around the world. Some popular varieties used to represent the Aquarius zodiac sign include:

Phalaenopsis orchid: Also called the moth orchid, it has beautiful clusters of flowers in a wide array of colors like pink, yellow, orange, red, and white orchid flowers. The elegant yet simple blooms suit the aesthetics of Aquarians.

Oncidium orchid: Characterized by their yellow and brown centered blooms giving it a wild tropical look. Aquarians enjoy nature and have an eclectic style, fitting the free-flowing vibe of the Oncidium.

Dendrobium orchid: Known for its long-lasting blooms that can stay on the stem for months. Just like Aquarians who persevere through challenges with determination.

Cattleya orchid: Cattleya orchid comes in white, yellow, red, or purple orchid flowers resembling a tropical bouquet. Creativity flows through Aquarians like the vivid colors of Cattleya blossoms.

Orchid History & Fun Facts

White orchid flower

Orchids have quite an interesting history and some fun details that speak to their symbolic connection with Aquarius:

  • One interesting fact is that orchids have been around on Earth for over 35 million years, surviving multiple mass extinctions through evolution. Their ability to adapt parallels the flexibility and resilience of Aquarians.
  • Ancient Greeks associated orchids with virility and masculinity due to their bold appearances, tying in how Aquarius challenges conventional roles.
  • Napoleon supposedly offered a large bounty to anyone who could successfully pollinate two orchid species, reflecting the innovative and ambitious spirit of Aquarius.
  • Famous artists like Van Gogh and photographers like David Littschwager have looked to orchids for inspiration in their creative works.
  • Even today, the illegal wildlife trade has put many orchid species at risk due to overharvesting. 

Other Aquarius Birth Flowers

While orchids are a very symbolic choice, there are some additional flowers that also represent Aquarius zodiac energy:


Chrysanthemum Flower

Represents joy, optimism, and longevity. Chrysanthemums are used in Chinese culture as a symbol of autumn and a long life. It fits Aquarians with forward-thinking positivity.


Jonquil Flower

A symbol of love, desire, affection, and sympathy. Its sweet perfume matches the caring soul hidden beneath an Aquarian’s quirky personality.


Carnation Flower

Meanings include fascination, distinction, and pride. Carnations are popular for their ruffled blooms in red, pink, white, and yellow shades, they are also used in birthday flower arrangements. Suits the progressive yet proud spirit of Aquarians.

More About the Zodiac Flowers

Flowers play an important role in many ancient cultures and traditions like Chinese medicine, herbalism, aromatherapy, and more. Associating certain flowers with each zodiac sign helps people connect with the traits represented by their birth month. This is why flowers for zodiac signs give a sense of symbolic meaning that can inspire self-reflection.


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