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February Birth Flowers – The Violet, Iris, and Primrose

As the month of February marks the beginning of spring, it blooms with beautiful flowers, and Thank God for that! Being the last month of summer, as we stop snuggling in our blankets, it brings with itself the promise of longer days so we can prepare for spring. With Valentine’s Day falling in the month of February, it is often interpreted as the month of passionate romance. While that is obviously true, not all kinds of love are passionate and romantic and that’s where we’ve got you covered for all the times roses aren’t the answer. Be it a birthday flower delivery or any online flower delivery, you have us!

The onset of spring, which is all about blooming flowers, and so many options for each time you want to convey a special heartfelt message that says exactly what you want your loved ones to know. Read along to know everything there is to know about the Official Birth Flowers of February – the Violet, Iris, and the Primrose as they are an amazing choice to be given as gifts, bouquets or bridal corsages for each holds a special meaning and implication.

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What Are the February Birth Flowers?

The February birth flower of the month are the violet, iris and the primrose.

The Violet

With an amazing history background in mythology, violets are an adaptable February flower of the month that blooms in early spring and are native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere, along the East Coast from Maine to Florida. The blooms are believed to keep you protected from negativity and evil eyes. Stating another fact, more than 500 species of violets that belong to the genus Viola come in shades of blue, yellow and cream and are known as pansies.

The Violet – Meaning & Symbolism

Violets denote spiritual wisdom, humility and a promise of faithfulness.

The term “Violet” is derived from the Latin term “viola”, which signifies “violet flower/ color. According to Greek tales, violet was created when a maiden transformed into this exotic flower to protect her nymph from being pursued and has ever since become a symbol of modesty. They denote spiritual wisdom, humility and a promise of everlasting faithfulness and remembrance, like an oath to always be with them. Purple as color means royalty, power & confidence while the blue and white parts signify spirituality, intuition & chastity

Gifting this sweet-smelling flower to a loved one signifies watchfulness, loyalty, purity and sincerity towards them which is a perfect way to tell someone they’ll always mean a lot to you. Talking about nature’s perception, the violet February birth flower also believed to bring good luck or better fortune.

The Primrose

These multi-colored primrose February birth flowers do look like roses but aren’t related to the variant family. Both wild or cultivated members of the genus Primula, they have been famous for ages. They are believed as the new beginnings with new promises in spring. With over 400 primula species native to the Northern Hemisphere, primroses can be distinguishable by their basal leaves. With 5 beautifully blooming petals, they bloom in clusters of leafless stalks. Today they are prevalent in multi-chromatic shades of white, cream, yellow, red, blue, and blue-purple and are sometimes even bi-colored.

The origins of primrose as a February birth flower is rooted with Norse mythology, the sacred flower of goddess of love, Freya. According to the language of flowers, a tradition that assigns specific emotions to various types of flowers started in Europe in the 18th century.

The Primrose- Meaning & Symbolism

Primrose indicates teen or young love, the kind of passionate, head over heels affection that dictates “I can’t live without you.”

Although this type of young love is often misunderstood as summer love, it is much deeper and often signifies passionate love that you hope lasts. 

White is considered as a color of innocence and purity, cream primrose is a finer way of telling a special someone they are on your mind that works like a charm and is very rare to find which speaks volumes about the thoughtfulness you put behind getting them this exotic flower. Primroses come in all these beautiful shades and can symbolize femininity, so they also be particularly befitting when given from a daughter, or to celebrate an occasion special to your mother to appreciate her merit and serves as a wonderful reminder of loyalty, thoughtfulness and dependability.

The Iris

This beautiful early spring flower for February birth month traces its origin from temperate zones around dry, semi-desert, or colder rocky mountainous areas. In Greek, the name “Iris” translates as “rainbow,” or “messenger,” which symbolises the meaning of this flower. It is often believed that the iris definition of rainbow is cited to the many colors and hues this flower comes in, but the root of the meaning traces to the Greek goddess named Iris who would travel along rainbows to deliver messages.

The Iris- Meaning and Symbolism

According to folklore, the iris flower means eloquence and a sign of good communication and mutual understanding.

Composed with well-examined words, the messages embody it as a perfect gift for someone you want to talk your heart out to. In Japanese culture, the iris flower is revered for its purifying from evil energies and symbolizes purity

The petals of iris bloom beautifully mimicking the fluttering of butterfly wings. They have a buttery soft, smooth and skin-like scent, and its powdery caramel essence that is irresistible and can remind you of freshly baked summer bread. This February birth month flower represents faith, hope, strength, wisdom and immense admiration. Obviously, particular flower colors attach further meanings to the pretty blooms. Purple iris brings a message of insightfulness and compliments, while a bouquet of blue iris speaks of conviction and aspirations. 

Iris flowers of all colors have a symbolic meaning of adored friendship and an oath of faithfulness in affectionate relationships. Iris bouquets can be a perfect gift for your parents to appreciate their immense love and sacrifice as they are often used in the honor of Virgin Mary, who sacrificed her son and bore the sorrows of this world for a greater good.

February Zodiac Horoscope 

The horoscope for the month of February is Aquarius (January 20- February 18), the kind of person constantly devoted to making the world a better place, being progressive and irrevocably revolutionary wherever it is needed. Then comes the Pisces, (February 18-March 20) the sign shows the two fishes captured by a string, typically by the mouth or the tails representing the constant division of Pisces’ attention between real and fantasy. They are the most instinctive, sensitive, and compassionate beings always worried about the greater good. 

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February – Birthstone

Violet color is the official birth color for the month of February and Amethyst is the official birthstone which personifies relaxation and intuitive nature. This birthstone communicates the deep love, royalty and a promise of forever. It is often believed to strengthen the bonds and provide valor to the person wearing it. It used to be worn by kings and queens as a symbol of power and strength and nobility and is said to protect against intoxication.

February Birth Flowers FAQs

What is my birth flower February?

The birth flowers of February are Violet, Iris, and Primrose. Roses are not the natural birth month flower of February. But, when we closely look at the birthstone for February, the Amethyst, we can understand why violets are the birth flower for the month of February.

What is the birth flower for February 29th?

Violet, Primrose, and Iris are known as February birth flowers. And since the 29th Of February comes only after every four years, we can make it a remarkable one by giving our loved ones the unique birth flowers of February.

What is February Pisces’ birth flower?

The aristocracy of bluish-purple violet flowers exactly depicts the true nature of a Pisces, i.e. modest, graceful, endearing, and courageous.

What is the February Aquarius birth flower?

For an Aquarius, the birth month is February. It can be concluded that as an Aquarius has an “Aqua ” in its name, violet, which is a bluish-purple-hued flower, is the birth flower for Aquarius.

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