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What flowers bloom throughout the summer?

Summer brings a riot of color and texture to your garden, as well as attracts lovely butterflies and hummingbirds. Flowers in fiery magenta, bright yellow, and electrifying purple bloom in light to the scorching heat. From June to August—and possibly beyond, depending on where you live—we’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer blooms.


This garden standout, also known as rose-mallow and swamp hibiscus, was produced from wildflowers native to the East and South. Huge red, pink, or white flowers that come back every year and bloom all summer up to a foot across can be seen on stalks ranging in height from 2 to 8 feet, depending on the species. From late spring through frost, its flowers bloom and each winter stems die to the ground.

Profusion Zinnias

Profusion Zinnias

Although all zinnias flourish in hot weather, Profusion zinnias bloom well into the fall, regardless of the temperature. Profusion White, Orange, and Cherry have all received several garden awards for their daisy-like blossoms. The best flowers to plant in summer are Double Profusion variants in cherry, gold, white, and “fire,” an orange-red, which are the best for fluffy pom-poms.

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Evergreen Candytuft 

In the spring, little clusters of exquisite white blooms emerge in low-growing clumps and last into the fall. These all summer-blooming flowers’ glossy, dark-green leaves linger on all winter, making them beautiful all year.

Blanket Flower

The gaillardia has summer flowering bulbs, or blanket flower is a summer-flowering perennial flower that thrives in drought and hot climates with poor soil. It has a 3-inch breadth and a short life span and comes in red, gold, or brown.

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Joe Pye Weed

Despite its eerie name, this is a charming wildflower that attracts butterflies and birds to our Eastern meadows. E. maculatum ‘Gateway,’ for example, has wine-red stems that grow 5 to 7 feet tall and are crowned by dark rose nosegays a meter across. Because stems die down to the ground in the winter, use as a long anchor in a perennial bed or as a temporary screen.

Stella de Oro Daylily 

Stella de Oro Daylily 

Each of these summer wedding flower blossoms lasts only one day, whether in the yard or in a vase; after all, they are daylilies. However, each stem has a number of buds that open on different days. Stella de Oro, a low-growing daylily, produces new stalks with an abundance of golden-yellow blooms for up to 5 months, relatively longer than most daylilies.


These blooms grow across the 12 to 24-inch bushes with a 7-inch spike and red or blue blossom colors. In the Northern Hemisphere, the flowering plant favors the light, whereas, in the Southern Hemisphere, it prefers some shade.


These bright yellow or orange blossoms add a splash of color to any garden bed. Pests are deterred by the plant’s distinct odor. Marigolds are very lovely as cut flowers. Many other marigolds resemble daisies, with only one or two rows of petals surrounding a dark center.



It’s a decorative vine that can cover your entire fence, pavement, and other neighboring surfaces. Bougainvillea is a Brazilian native flower that blooms all summer and that thrives in hot weather. It grows quickly, but be mindful of its stinging thorns, which should be handled with caution.

Purple Coneflower

From mid-summer through autumn, this perennial is covered in daisy-like flowers that are about 4 inches across. The plant with late summer flowers is particularly hardy and fuss-free, and you can split clumps to get new plants after several years. The flowers attract butterflies and keep well when clipped.

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