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Scorpio Flower: Birth Flowers for Scorpio Zodiac Signs

Scorpios are passionate, loyal, and mysterious people who were born between October 23 and November 21. Just like every zodiac sign has its own unique attributes, Scorpios also have flowers associated with their vibrant and emotional personalities. Some of the most popular Scorpio flowers are chrysanthemums, peonies, geraniums, and illicium plants. Read on to learn more about the meanings of these Scorpio zodiac birth flowers!

Geraniums are one of the most strongly associated flowers with Scorpios, as they are said to reflect the meanings or qualities of the Scorpio birth flower most closely. Geranium flower symbolism includes soul healing, friendship, and positive thoughts. The name “Geranium” comes from the Greek word “geranos”, which means crane, as the fruit capsule of the plant resembles a crane’s bill.

Geranium Symbolism

Scorpio Birth Flower- Geraniums

The geranium flower is symbolic of friendship, a soothing presence, and soul healing. Its meaning reflects many of the positive and high-vibration characteristics associated with the Scorpio zodiac sign. A Scorpio can be a loyal and nurturing friend, an insightful soul guide, or a powerful healing presence for others.

Other meanings also relate to:

  • Grace and elegance
  • Optimism, Joy, and Positive Thoughts
  • Comforting, Soothing Energy

In this way, these November birth flowers make a meaningful and good match as the Scorpio zodiac flower. The soothing, upbeat energy of geraniums helps balance some of the more intense Scorpio traits.

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Geranium Varieties

Geraniums flower

There are over 200 species of geranium flowers. Some types include:

  • Scented Geraniums – These geraniums are valued for their fragrant foliage. Popular scents include citrus, mint, rose, coconut, chocolate, strawberry, and more!
  • Zonal Geraniums – One of the most popular types, zonal geraniums produce bright red, pink, white, or purple blooms from spring to fall.
  • Ivy Geraniums – Cascades of beautiful blooms trail from Ivy geraniums. Great for pots, baskets, and window boxes.
  • Martha Washington Geraniums – Vibrant, ruffled blooms in two-tone color combos. Named after Martha Washington due to resemblance to her frilly dresses.

Geranium History & Fun Facts

Geraniums flower delivery
  • Geraniums have been grown as cherished garden plants since the 17th century. They were first brought to Europe from South Africa in the early 1600s.
  • Scented geraniums played an important role in Victorian times. Ladies would scent their stationary and handkerchiefs with pressed geranium leaves.
  • Geraniums can protect against mosquitoes and wasps. Some geraniums smell like citronella, which can repel mosquitoes.
  • The scent of rose geranium oil is said to have uplifting and mood-enhancing effects.

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Other Scorpio Birth Flowers

In addition to geraniums, some other flowers said to be lucky or symbolic for those born under the passionate Scorpio star sign include:


Chrysanthemums flowers

Chrysanthemums, sometimes called “mums”, are one of the most popular choices for sending flowers online. In fact they are the flower allotted to the month of November when most Scorpios are born.

In the East, chrysanthemums symbolize longevity, rejuvenation, and nobility. The mum’s positive energy is a good match for Scorpio’s determined and loyal approach to life.


Peonies flowers

Scorpio’s birth flower, the peony holds deep meaning in Eastern cultures and makes a dramatic statement in the garden with huge, lush blooms in late spring.

In China, peonies have been revered as bringers of good fortune, prosperity, and honor for over a thousand years.

As one of the Scorpio zodiac flowers, peonies bring positive and lush energy to match Scorpio’s intense yet soulful nature.


Illicium plant

Illicium plants, also called “star anise”, are beautiful shrubs or small trees grown mainly for their star-shaped fruits and fragrant foliage.

Some types have pink to deep red October birth flowers, coinciding with some of the bold colors associated with the Scorpio’s zodiac sign.

The sweet, spicy aroma of Illicium’s star-shaped seed pods connects to Scorpio’s associations with mystical subjects and the magic of nature.

More About the Zodiac Flowers

In astrology, it’s common for each zodiac sign to have certain flowers connected to the personalities and energies of that sign.

Finding and working with your zodiac flowers is a great way to honor your place in the cosmos and the positive qualities that make you shine!

Zodiac flowers can be displayed as decor that lifts your spirits, added to gardens or planters, infused into teas, used to create essential oil blends, and more.

Flowers aligned with your star sign are also thoughtful birthday gifts or tokens to share with other zodiac signs you care about. Those born under the intense water sign Scorpio may especially appreciate receiving calming, uplifting geraniums as a gift.

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