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November Birth Flower: The Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum flowers, meaning the flower of gold or the golden flowers, are one of the prettiest blooms in the world. Originally native to East Asia and northeastern Europe, the popularity of Chrysanthemums is now legendary all over the world, especially in the USA.

Chrysanthemum is also known as the November birth month flower. Hence, it will make great gifts for people with birthdays in November. For a doorstep birthday flower delivery, visit SnapBlooms now and explore our range of hundreds of birthday flower bouquets and flower arrangements.

Chrysanthemum: General Information

Chrysanthemums are subshrubs or herbaceous perennial plants. They have several subspecies and hundreds of cultivars, and chrysanthemum flowers come in almost every color.

Scientific Name: Chrysanthemum Indicum

Order: Asterales

Family: Asteraceae

Subfamily: Asteroideae

Supertribe: Asterodae

Tribe: Anthemideae

Genus: Chrysanthemum L.

History of Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemums originated from China where it is speculated that it was first cultivated during the 15th Century BC. From there, it spread across Asia and then Europe. In the Americas though, chrysanthemums were pretty late to arrive, with cultivation beginning in the late 18th Century. 

How to Grow Chrysanthemums?

How to Grow Chrysanthemums

The November birth flower Chrysanthemums grow well in tropical and subtropical climates, or where the temperature is mildly cold to warm. To grow Chrysanthemums in your garden, you’ll need bright early sunlight for at least a few hours every day. Regular fertilization along with occasional watering helps them thrive.

The best time to plant Chrysanthemums is during the spring or early summer. Grow the stems in pot with soil and compost till they grow up to 6 inches, and then transfer them to the flower bed in your garden. They thrive well in pots too.

Chrysanthemum Meanings and Symbolism

Chrysanthemum November birth flowers are associated with many symbolisms, myths, and legends all over the world. While some cultures put this flower on a high pedestal and associate it with positivity, some other cultures consider it as a bad omen.

In Chinese culture, Chrysanthemum is highly regarded, and is one of the ‘Four Gentlemen’ in cultural arts, just like the cherry blossom or the bamboo shoots. Chrysanthemum flowers symbolize happiness, joy, and good life. Chrysanthemum tea is drunk by the Chinese people on the ninth day of the ninth month for health and happiness.

Other meanings of the Chrysanthemum birth flower include- long life, joy, warding off evil spirits, new beginnings, and more. In some European cultures, chrysanthemums are considered to be the bearer of bad luck, and gifting Chrysanthemum is not socially accepted.

Chrysanthemum flowers are available in numerous colors and each one of them has a special meaning attached to it.

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Chrysanthemums symbolism associated with its different colors:

Chrysanthemum type & its symbolize
  • White Chrysanthemum Meaning: They symbolize loyalty, spirituality, innocence, and honesty.
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum Meaning: They used to be considered bad omen earlier, but in modern times, they are symbols of joy and peace.
  • Red Chrysanthemum Meaning: They symbolize passionate love, intense feelings, and long-lasting bonds.
  • Violet Chrysanthemum Meaning: They are the symbol of good fortune and are often used to congratulate someone.

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What does the Flower Count in a Chrysanthemum Bouquet Denote?

Flower Count in a Chrysanthemum Bouquet

The flower count in a bouquet of Chrysanthemum flowers has a special meaning attached to it. Here goes:

Chrysanthemum Flower CountChrysanthemum Flowers Count Meanings
1 CountLove at first sight
2 CountBe mine
3 CountI love you
5 CountYou are special
10 CountYou are perfect
13 CountI love you for time eternity

Chrysanthemum Uses

Apart from gifting and decorating uses, Chrysanthemum also has medicinal use such as:

  • Chrysanthemum tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is consumed by many people to relieve stress, get an energizing boost, reduce internal pains, and just for their intoxicating taste.
  • Chrysanthemum is used in the development of drugs that are effective against diabetes, chest pain, high blood pressure, and headaches.
  • Chrysanthemum also boosts immunity and protects against common cough and cold.

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And just like any other beautiful flowers, Chrysanthemums are widely used in decoration, creating floral wreaths, hanging décor for parties, including in floral bouquets and flower arrangements, gifting on many occasions, etc.

Occasions Where You can Gift Chrysanthemum:

Gift Chrysanthemum

You can gift Chrysanthemum in various occasions including:

  • Birthdays: Since Chrysanthemum birth flowers are associated with long age, happiness, joy, and new beginnings, Chrysanthemums make the perfect birthday gift. Plus, it is the November birth flower, so people with November birthdays are perfect to be gifted with this flower. Order birthday flower delivery from SnapBlooms now to get it delivered to your doorstep.
  • Anniversaries: These delicate beauties are also great as anniversary gifts. You can include them as fillers in your normal rose or tulip bouquet, or just order a huge bouquet solely made of Chrysanthemums.
  • Get well soon: It is also appropriate to wish someone good fortune, luck, and health with Chrysanthemums. Use pink, yellow, purple, or white Chrysanthemums for this purpose.
  • New Baby: Chrysanthemums are also the symbol of purity and innocence, the things that we associate with babies. So, wishing someone for their new babies with Chrysanthemums is also a great use for this flower.
  • Sympathy: You can also use Chrysanthemum flowers in a funeral bouquet or a memorial flower arrangement.

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