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17 Flowers That Means Friendship

Flowers are one of the most delightful presents that you can give to your friends. Some of the flowers that represent friendship are roses and lilies. Flowers with bright colors are the best friendship flowers. Yellow roses are considered a symbol of friendship. So we present you with some of the most appropriate flowers for friendship.

What is the flower color for friendship?

The flower colors of friendship are yellow, blue, and violet.

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List of Flowers that symbolize friendship

1. Roses 


Roses are considered to be a symbol of care and affection. So they are one of the best flowers to give to your friends on any happy occasion. Roses are very attractive so they would be loved by your friends.

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2. Alstroemeria


Alstroemeria symbolizes friendship and strong bonding of love between people. These are very exotic flowers, so they would be loved by your friends on any occasion such as birthdays or anniversaries. These flowers are usually found at high altitudes.

3. Chrysanthemums


These are some of the most attractive flowers that you would ever see. Chrysanthemums symbolize optimism, care, and love. They are perfect flowers to present to your friend on any happy occasion.

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4. Sunflowers


Sunflowers are one of those flowers that mean friendship. Sunflowers’ petals symbolize cheerfulness between friends. The bright yellow color of sunflowers looks very attractive. Sunflowers are available all around the year. An arranged bouquet of fresh sunflowers would bring a smile to the faces of your friends.

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5. Tulips


Tulips symbolize affection and good wishes. They can be ideal flowers for the birthday or anniversary of your friend. Tulips are available in various colors such as pink and white. A gorgeous bouquet of tulips would be perfect for any happy occasion.

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6. Daffodils


Daffodils are the native flowers of Northern Europe. They symbolize care and goodwill. The white daffodils are very soothing to the eyes. An arranged bouquet of daffodils would be cherished by your friends for a long time.

7. Zinnia 


Another exotic flower that you can present to your friends on any happy occasion is the Zinna. These flowers are available in Mexico. Zinnia is the flower meaning friendship. Zinnia symbolizes endurance and strong bonds. So they are the perfect flowers for your friends.

8. Mums


Mums are one of the brightest flowers you would ever see. They are available in various colors such as violet, red, white, and many others. Mums are the flowers meaning for friendship. Mums symbolize joyfulness.

9. Daisies


These flowers have a very attractive and robust aroma. Daisies symbolize care and calmness. So they are ideal for giving to your friends. A beautiful bouquet of daisies would be loved by any of your friends.

10. Campanula


These are some of the most eye-pleasing flowers that you would ever have. These are found in friendship color which is purple and blue. Campanula flower symbolizes care and gratitude. It has gorgeous textures so it would be loved by your friends at any party or event.

11. Pear blossom

Pear blossoms

These are some of the most eye soothing flowers. These are found in white and pink colors. Pear blossoms symbolize care. They are perfect flowers to give to your friends to congratulate them.

12. Ivy


Ivy is one of the most gorgeous flowers you would ever find. Ivy symbolizes love, affection, and care. They are the perfect flowers to congratulate any of your friends on their achievements.

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13. Geranium 


Geranium is one of the rarest flowers you can find. It is available in some parts of Northern Europe. The bright violet color of Germanium is very attractive. Geranium flower symbolizes good wishes and friendship. These flowers need a very cold temperature to grow.

14. Freesia


To sunflowers, freesia also has bright yellow colors. Freesia symbolizes joy & friendship. These flowers give a very positive and charming vibe. An arranged bouquet of freesia would be loved by your friends on any happy occasion.

15. Cymbidium


Cymbidium symbolizes pure friendship. These flowers are very rare and are only found in the Brazilian regions. A beautiful bouquet of these flowers would be an ideal present for your friends.

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16. Hydrangeas


The off-white colors of Hydrangeas give off a very positive and calm vibe. Hydrangeas symbolize care and calmness. So They are the perfect flowers for your friends.

17. Orchid 


One of the rarest flowers found around the globe is the orchids. Orchids symbolize friendship, new beginnings, and joy. A beautiful vertical bouquet of orchids would be loved by your friends.

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