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Types of Exotic Flowers and Their Meanings

Exotic flowers or plants are a flower that grows in a specific region or ecosystem. These are pretty hard to find and are not available in the market. Some of the rare exotic flowers are Graceful Calla Lilies found only in Slovenia. Some beautiful exotic flowers are Brazilian pepper, Australian pine, Horseweed, Birds of Paradise and Bindweed. Some of beautiful exotic flowers in the world are orchids, tulips, Hyacinths, and many others.

Here is a List of Exotic Flowers:

Tropical Exotic Flowers

The flowers only found in the tropical regions are exotic tropical flowers. These flowers must have high temperatures and heavy rainfall to survive. These exotic tropical flowers need direct sunlight all around the year. Jasmines are one of the most beautiful tropical exotic flowers found around the globe. They are white. Jasmine symbolizes peace and calmness. So it could be an excellent gift for your friends, family, or loved ones. Jasmine requires sunlight along with partial shade to grow. Jasmine flowers can be as long as 1 foot in length. Jasmine grows in the tropical regions of Asia. If you are looking for top-quality Jasmines, you can always visit Snapblooms and choose an excellent Exotic Flower Arrangements for yourself or your loved ones.

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Blue Passion Flower

Exotic Purple Flowers

The blue passion flower, also known as Passiflora caerulea. It is one of the most eye-pleasing flowers you would ever see. It is bright purple and symbolizes peace and happiness. The blue passion flowers need sandy, well-drained, direct sunlight and a lot of water. The plant should be in partial shade for the proper growth of the flowers. This flower is native to Latin America and found in the valleys of Brazil and Argentina. A gorgeous bouquet of the blue passion flower would be an excellent gift for your loved ones. It is pretty rare, so it makes the gift even more special. It is also found in other colors such as white and blue.

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Showy Medinilla

Exotic Pink Flowers

Showy Medinilla is one of the most beautiful exotic plants you would ever see. It is bright pink with dark green leaves. It requires well-drained soil along with a lot of water to grow. It needs to be in partial shade and in proper sunlight to grow. The plant can grow as big as 10 feet in length. It is available all around the year, and it is native to the Philippines. It is also known as Philippines orchids in the nearby regions. The Showy Medinilla is also found in red color. It could be an excellent gift for your loved ones on any happy occasion.

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Anthurium close up

Exotic Red Flowers

The flamingo flowers, also known as Anthurium andraeanum. They are the most attractive and bright-colored exotic flowers. It requires partial sunlight along with partial shade to grow. It needs moist soil and a lot of water for proper growth. The Flamingo flower is found in European countries such as Colombia and Ecuador. The Flamingo flowers symbolize love and happiness. It could be an excellent gift for your loved ones on any happy occasion such as weddings or birthdays. If you are looking for bouquets for red flamingos, you can always visit our store and choose your favorite bouquet.

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Where to buy exotic flowers?

You can get exotic flowers from our store. Yet, you need to pre-order as they are not available.

What are exotic flowers?

Flowers which are only found in a particular region or ecosystem are called exotic flowers.

What is exotic flora?

Exotic flora means flowers and plants which are exclusive to some specific regions.



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