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Flower of the Month: Orchids

Orchids are a true classic and one of the most striking flowers around thanks to their vibrant colors and uniquely shaped blooms. These beautiful plants mostly thrive in tropical climates across the world, but can also be found in other geographies like North America. Orchids have more than 25,000 species and an astounding 100,000 varieties, and offer a wide variety of beautiful and easy-to-care-for plants for your home.

Let’s take a look at why orchids – March’s flower of the month here at SnapBlooms – are so special and a perfect gift for any occasion.

What Do Orchids Represent?

The symbolism of orchid Flowers has been prominent in cultures across the world since ancient times, with the plant representing love, beauty, fertility, and charm. The ancient Greeks were in fact so certain of the flower’s connection to fertility that they took orchids with longer, thicker roots to represent a male child, while those with smaller tuberous roots symbolized female offspring.

In Asia, the Chinese have been cultivating orchids for over 3,000 years, and within traditional medicine, they are used as a herbal remedy for coughs and lung diseases, as well as kidney and stomach deficiencies. Orchids have also been historically used in Ayurvedic drug preparation in Sikkim, India, with many species having proven medicinal and therapeutic values. Aztecs in the Americas are thought to have combined the vanilla orchid with chocolate to create an elixir that helped them channel power and strength.

Be aware that the specific meaning of an orchid can change depending on its color. While blue-tinted orchids represent rarity, pink orchids symbolize grace, joy, and femininity and white ones are known to signify humility, purity, and innocence. Yellow orchids represent joy and new beginnings, and orchids with purple hues denote dignity, royalty, and admiration.

How to Take Care of Orchid Flowers

While orchids are relatively straightforward to care for and can last a long time, there are some elements of their care that are fairly unique. Successful orchid flower care is dependent on a good soil base, proper watering and potting, and the right amount of lighting.

First of all, make sure that your orchid’s pot has plenty of drainage holes so excess water can escape completely. The soil should be fast-draining, so going for moss-based or bark-based soil will be best. Note that bark-based soil drains water more quickly than the moss variety, so you’ll have to water it more frequently.

The ideal temperature for orchid growth is fairly moderate at around 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit (or 16 to 24 degrees Celsius). This kind of environment, combined with a lot of indirect sunlight and a little air circulation, will help your orchid plant to grow big beautiful flowers. Try to place it by south or east-facing window if possible, in order for it to get the right amount of sunlight.

Orchids should be watered every few days, but beware not to overwater them as this can cause their demise. You can avoid this by testing how wet the soil feels: If you feel the moisture on your fingers when you push them into the soil, then you don’t need to water the plant. Or if you’re using a clear pot, simply wait until there is no condensation. Orchids located in dry climates or in air-conditioned homes will also benefit from misting on a daily basis.

Which Orchid Should I Gift?

Orchids are an ideal gift for any occasion and person as they come in many varieties and carry an array of different meanings. For your significant other on their birthday or your anniversary, this beautiful double stem orchid plant with pink hues will go down a treat.

For a friend or colleague celebrating a new beginning – be it a new home or professional achievement – this elegant yellow orchid flower arrangement will be sure to put a smile on their face. In fact, in Japan, orchids are traditionally given as business gifts.

If someone in your life is expecting a new baby, this graceful white orchid plant will make a perfect gift, while nothing quite says “I admire and respect you” like this imperial purple orchid – ideal for the in-laws or other family members. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that orchids are reserved only for women. Tropical orchid flower arrangements are an excellent gift for a man in your life – whether that’s your other half, friend, or family member – as their strong and bold colors signify vibrancy and vitality.

Still not found the right orchid plant to celebrate a special occasion, gift to a certain someone, or simply brighten up your home? Check out snapblooms.com and search “orchid Flowers online” to see the full range.

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