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How to Send Sympathy Flowers Online?

When someone close to us suffers a loss in their life, it can be difficult to know what to say or do. One meaningful way to show that you care at this time is to send sympathy flowers online. It’s even harder when we can’t visit the bereaved in person, whether that’s because we live abroad or due to social distancing. Sending sympathy flowers ensures we can still express our condolences, even from afar.

However, it’s crucial to know exactly how to send sympathy flowers, as there are some nuances to keep in mind to make sure you convey the right message and don’t add additional stress onto the recipients.

Let’s look at why sending sympathy flowers is one of the most meaningful things you can do for people suffering a recent loss and the most important factors around sympathy flower etiquette.

Why Order Sympathy Flowers Online?

Order Sympathy Flowers Online

There are a number of reasons why sending flowers to a grieving person or family is a thoughtful act that shows you care.

Being around flowers and plants is proven to be beneficial for people’s physical and mental health. Plants are natural mood boosters and can contribute to people’s healing due to their calming and stress-relieving properties. In one study where participants were tasked with repotting a plant, researchers found that people’s stress response was lowered after conducting the activity. In terms of physical benefits, plants and flowers can boost people’s health by purifying and humidifying the air, helping prevent conditions like common colds and coughs.

Not to mention, having plants and flowers around adds a splash of vitality and vibrancy into a room, and gives people something beautiful and aesthetic to look at throughout their day. This can be a point of relief for people suffering from a loss, and remind them of the beauty that is to be had even during dark times.

How Should I Send Sympathy Flowers?

How Should I Send Sympathy Flowers

It’s important to make the distinction between sending sympathy flowers and sending funeral flowers. A sympathy bouquet or plant is usually sent to the home of the bereaved person or family, and can be sent soon after the passing or later on if you prefer to give the family some initial space. It’s also wise to send a sympathy card with the flowers to add a personal touch, offer your condolences, or even share a personal anecdote.

Funeral flowers, on the other hand, are the wreaths and flower arrangements that are present at the service and are often left by the graveside afterward. If you want to send funeral flowers, it’s a good idea to consult with the family first, as they are usually chosen by those closest to the deceased. It goes without saying that these flowers should be sent directly to the funeral and you should coordinate with the family and funeral home first, especially if it’s a large arrangement.

Don’t be mistaken that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on sympathy flowers to show your condolences—many beautiful arrangements can be found for as little as $50.

Which Sympathy Flowers Should I Send?

Which Sympathy Flowers Should I Send

Different flowers can convey different meanings, so it’s vital to get this right at a time when sensitivity is paramount. Certain flowers are popular funeral choices, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional options as long as you consider what message they send

Roses are a reliable choice for sympathy flowers as they symbolize love, and can represent the compassion you feel toward the bereaving family. White roses exude purity to honor the recently passed, and darker red hues show deep sorrow and grief.

Orchids are also an appropriate option, as not only are they strikingly beautiful plants, but they are also long-lasting and don’t require an intense level of care. White and purple orchid flower delivery will add a sense of honor to any arrangement, while yellow tones will bring brightness and hope to the bereaved family’s home.

If you’d like to communicate hope and optimism with your sympathy flower arrangement, tulips are a good choice. Tulips represent new beginnings as they are the earliest to bloom in Springtime and come in an array of beautiful, bright colors.

These are just a few options—there are plenty more flower types that would be appropriate to send as a sympathy gift. If you’d like more detailed information on sympathy flower etiquette, check out our extended guide here.

If you’re choosing which sympathy or funeral flowers to send, take a look at our full selection and place your order with a local florist today.

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