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Flowers Can Sometimes Be The Best Condolences

In life, there are always good times and bad times. While we hope that the latter never last longer than they need to, the former always seem to be over too soon. Of those bad times, many situations warrant sympathy flowers: hospitalizations, funerals, breakups, or the passing of a dear pet. Now it’s easier than ever to get sympathy flowers online, with little excuse for not hearing about the tragic event.

But with ease and accessibility comes the paradox of choice. With more than 400,000 flowering plant species, you certainly have a lot to choose from and might wonder what’s best. What you pick will be determined by what you’re trying to say, what culture you’re trying to honor (or are currently a part of), and what flowers are in season. Since many flowers are now grown indoors the latter concern may no longer be an issue, while the others might stay in the forefront of your mind.

Today, let’s look at how flowers for sad occasions can help turn a situation from bad to bearable. Not only just by ordering flowers online but perhaps including an inspirational note or greeting card with it as well. When you’re feeling down, every little bit helps and flowers are certainly no exception.

For Funerals And Somber Occasions

Funeral Flower Arrangements

While it’s not necessarily a joyful moment to go to your local florist inquiring about funeral flowers, it is sometimes a task that needs to be done. In this sad time, it can be hard to know what to choose and what may be appropriate. Whether you order Funeral Flower Arrangements online or at your local shop, there are some old standards you should consider.

Floral baskets are buckets (or vases) of flowers that have been arranged specifically for viewing at a wake, funeral, or mass. They typically consist of roses and other bright flowers that help “pop” and provide an atmosphere of calm. They look spectacular when grouped together, and can be a reminder that life still blooms even in tragedy.

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When Someone Is In The Hospital

People get ill, and there’s nothing we can do about it most of the time. Whether the illness is a passing phase or terminal, the effect is the same: people’s mood dampens and it would seem that all hope is lost at some points. It can be difficult to get through these times and feel like you’re coming out in one piece, but flowers sure do help. Especially if they’re more than just the regular cut variety.

In these cases, sympathy flowers can take on many forms: live plants, succulents, special varieties, and more. Live plants tend to be the most hopeful and inspirational in these circumstances because they will continue to grow and require little maintenance. In a way, this can be a big boost to someone’s self-esteem when they’re at a time when they can barely care for themselves.

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When Something Bad Has Happened

Sympathy flowers with a condolence message

If you know that someone is suffering through a breakup, has lost a job, or has had a health scare, ordering sympathy flowers online may feel like overkill. But rest assured, letting the person know that you’re thinking of them will always be welcome if you do it in the right way. For these situations that aren’t life or death, consider buying a single flower or alternative plant (such as a mint plant or something useful) that conveys the message while not being dramatic.

If Flowers Are Not Requested, Honor That As Well

In some cases, live flowers will be a burden to all involved and may cause more trouble than they’re worth. In these cases, you can either: buy alternative flowers (such as plastic or glass flowers), give other gifts (such as chocolate, coffee, or food), or honor their requests for other well-wishes.

Even though flowers are a timeless and perfect addition to helping somber occasions feel more joyful, sometimes people don’t want them. You may see sometimes that “in lieu of flowers…” with a request for a donation or contribution requested instead. In these instances, realize that sending flowers will be not welcomed and become a liability instead of an asset. It is your duty as a good guest and diligent friend to honor their request if they say no flowers.



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