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Most Popular Funeral Flowers for Expressing Condolence

The beauty of flowers is that they help express any emotion and sentiment; loss is no exception. We mainly relate blooms to the celebration of milestones and special occasions, but good sympathy flower also heavily used to express grief and help celebrate and honor the life of someone. With appropriate flowers for funeral, subtle fragrance and delicate petals, there’s no better way to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to a bereaved family or friend.

Either in funeral wreaths or any other skilled artistic flower arrangement for sympathy. Flowers are present for sympathy, condolences, and respect. Historically, flowers have been used in funeral services to adorn the space surrounding the body of the deceased and the air around and will most likely still be around for many years to come.

Let’s face the inevitable; at some point, everyone will need a funeral or Sympathy Flowers Delivery. So why not give a proper send-off and token of respect with the most popular funeral flowers to accompany the mourning period.

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List of Funeral Flowers and Their Meaning

Lilies Suggest Rebirth

White lilies are one of the most popular funeral flowers, often associated with innocence restored to the soul upon death. These blooms are a solid choice to help express purity for the departed individual and sympathy for the mourning family, making them the perfect flower to send as a sympathy gift.

Lilies Funeral Flower Suggest Rebirth
Lilies Suggest Rebirth

Dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times, Sympathy Peace Lily beauty and elegance represented the soul of a deceased returning to a peaceful place. This comes as no surprise as the first thought that pops into our heads when we think of lilies is purity and simplicity.

Carnations for Remembrance

These long-lasting flowers are ideal for funeral services because they can last for several days. Often sent in white and very subtle pink, carnations are believed to stem from the Virgin Mary’s tears in Christian and Catholic religion.

Funeral Flower Carnations for Remembrance
Carnations for Remembrance

The carnation’s popularity for funeral and Sympathy Floral Arrangement also lies within its soft fragrance, which is slightly uplifting and resonates with the sweet emotion of love and deep respect.

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Heartfelt Hydrangeas

These blooms are widely known to help express deep feelings of love and grief. Sending a hydrangea, either in a bunch or in a bouquet accompanied by other flowers, symbolizes sincerity and gratitude. No matter the color, these flowers bring a little tranquility and calm to a dark day, making them a popular choice for sympathy Flower arrangements.

Heartfelt Hydrangeas For Funeral
Heartfelt Hydrangeas For Funeral

Picking funeral flowers to send to close friends to help them cope with a loss isn’t such a simple task. When trying to convey the right level of consideration and sympathy, you can never go wrong with the help of professional florists, especially those here at SnapBlooms. For more valuable tips on what to keep in mind when choosing the right bouquet for your friend, relative, or loved one, read our “How to choose the right funeral sympathy flower” blog.

We can help honor your loved one’s memory and offer an expression of hope with flowers.

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